Sunday, May 3

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a beautiful day it is today!!! Sunny, warm, blue skies and barely a breeze fluttering through the air! The temps today stayed in the 50’s, the weather station on my porch recorded 69.1F as our high!

We enjoyed the day sitting on the porch in the sun and playing catch with the dogs until they didn’t want to play catch anymore!! They love it when it’s nice out! Dante was actually enjoying just sitting on the porch in the sun next to me as we watched Roscoe and Tug chase the ball and bring it back!

I cleaned my all my dogs ears out today with their ear cleaner. Just to make sure that they are clean, I noticed Tug itching his ears – but his ears were pretty clean when I checked them.

I played a good amount of Guitar Hero – both Metallica and Aerosmith!

We ate cereal for “brunch”. I had Lucky Charms and the hubby had Frosted Flakes. For dinner I fried up some battered shrimp and baked tater tots in the oven.

I had a pretty good Saturday! I really enjoyed the weather today! Oh and I forgot to write that last night we had a bunch of sea gulls behind out house on the hill! YAY, they are picking nesting grass!! I hope I’m home when they are laying eggs so I can go pick some – really hoping they don’t lay early this year… it’s usually end of May beginning of June when they lay eggs and we can go pick them. It’s best to pick them as fresh as you can get them – don’t want baby sea gulls growing in the eggs!! I LOVE making custard pies out of sea gull eggs. A lot of other people like them boiled or scrambled – I prefer them in pies….

Well until tomorrow, TTFN!

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