Sunday, May 24

Pix from our trip...

My sister wanted Chocolate covered strawberries for Mother's Day.... so I went out and got a big bag of milk chocolate and white chocolate and a very large assortment of fruit to be dipped. I told her I didn't want to get her the ones already covered and not being refrigerated (and probably soggy and soft). So we went to the grocery store and I hand picked out all the fruit we were going to eat. Then we went home and covered it all in chocolate and ate it for dinner!

The drive from Anchorage up to Talkeetna (we're on the road between Eagle River and the Valley {Palmer/Wasilla}) at about 6AM.

The Talkeetna Alaska Lodge

View from our room looking at Mt McKinely

Kisses!! Me and Mt. McKinely

APICDA Community Conference - Waiting outside to take the group photo
We went out to Koots (Chilkoot Charlie's) for my hubby's 26th Birthday with my sister and her b/f. I was designated driver and was enjoying Shirly Temple's while we danced a bit and enjoyed the music and each other's company!
My Hubby sitting down smiling hard for the camera! (well for me!)

My hubby and Me at Koots...

My beautiful little sis and me giving her luvs!!

My beautiful sis and her boyfriend J
Shrimping in Valdez, AK on my older sis and her hubby's boat (I don't think they named it yet). My hubby holding a fresh shrimp from Prince William Sound!

Me sitting pretty in the "boat" (it's a skiff with a cover!)

The very beautiful Williams Family in their "boat" taking us shrimping!

Looking out the doors of the "house" of the "boat" at the stern, nice engine and our shrimp pots and buckets filled with shrimp!

My Hubby and the Valdez oil terminal in the background!!

The Alyeska Valdez Oil Terminal - "across the bay"

Our beautiful rental car parked in my older sis' drive way... doesn't it look like we're towing their camper!!! LOL!!! A red Dodge Charger with grey leather interior!

Gun Sight Mountain near Eureka, AK on the drive back to Anchorage.

Entering the Palmer Mt's, I think this shot is beautiful!

The Matanuska Glacier as seen from the HWY
My lil sis had this cute "fenced" off area in front of her house and it was all over grown with grass. So I went to some stores and picked up some gardening tools and some supplies (top soil, mulch and plants). Then went home and ripped up all the grass, dug up a good portion of the soil that was there, then mixed in the top soil I bought, planted a blueberry bush, 2 raspberry bushes, and some petunias and pansys, then covered it all in cedar mulch. I was very proud of the small gardening job I did and so was my sis and her b/f! Here is a pic of what it looked like once I was done! Hopefully they take care of them and have some berries next year!
The Trooper Vessel Stimpson sitting at our dock, and our little boat harbor full of small boats and skiffs! Took this as soon as we got off the plane!

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