Monday, May 4

Monday, May 4, 2009

Well it’s another nice day, but with low fog, but the sun is still out. The temps today aren’t are high as they’ve been over the weekend due to some cold Northerly winds – blowing about 15 MPH. The dogs ran out and enjoyed playing in the yard before eventually having to go inside so I can make my way down to work.

I got down to the office this morning and my mom had already entered the charge slips and was now working on payroll. I guess she was having a bit of trouble, so I went on her computer and checked it out. I guess she let someone use her computer and they were trying to print something and they paused the printing on the printer. So there were like 10 things queued up to be printed, with the payroll checks being last. You don’t know how many checks she was voiding because it wasn’t printing what she wanted on them because she didn’t realize that the person before her jammed the printer up with multiple print queues! So after cancelling everything but the checks to be printed, I put new checks in the printer and payroll eventually got finished by 11AM! My mom was happy that I was able to figure out what was wrong with it at least!

After dealing with the computer and payroll, a couple of the guys told us that we have about 13 boxes that came in on 2 pallets on the freighter over the weekend. They are addressed to Akutan Bayview Housekeeping! YAY, all the new stuff for the hotel is here!! They brought all the boxes up to our office, where I went through everything to make sure that it was all there. My hubby came up and grabbed all the new sheets, pillow cases, mattress protectors and shower curtains to be washed and put in the rooms. First he’s going to grab his little crew of workers and make sure they remove all the old stuff and store it somewhere for us. The Corp will sell all the old bedding (pillows, sheets, blankets and towels) and all the proceeds are going to the School Kids Travel funds for any trips they might plan next year! So the office is pretty much filled with new bedding sets, towels sets, blankets and shower mats right now! You wouldn’t believe how many people would come up and ask if any of it is for sale. They seem disappointed that it’s all for the hotel… I’m happy we finally got all new white bedding! Another thing, people are asking me “Why white bedding?” What other color are we supposed to use that can get sanitized with bleach? I can see not wanting white bedding at home if you have pets or because you just don’t like/want it. But not in a hotel!! Everything has to be white so it can be properly cleaned between guests!!

So for lunch I whipped out a couple grilled cheese sandwiches with some beef veggie soup. I don’t think we’ll get a plane today, it’s blowing a little harder now – still from the North. The sun feels good, but the wind is cold!

This afternoon at work I got all the store billing done up. This took a while because I had to deal with the phones ringing and customers at the same time. This afternoon seemed to go by pretty fast, next thing I knew the store was closing and it was time to do paperwork and go home!!

Tonight we’re cooking up spaghetti with Pepperidge farm’s Texas Toast – garlic flavored! I love that stuff better than just bread with garlic powder on it! Tonight is the finale of I Love Money 2 on VH1 and the premier of New York goes to Work! I can’t believe I missed Daisy of Love yesterday!! Oh well that should re-run sometime!

Ok well until tomorrow, TTFN!

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