Friday, May 1

Friday, May 1, 2009

Well today is a wet, cold and windy day! It’s raining pretty good, blowing about 20MPH from the southeast; the fog is lying pretty low. The dogs didn’t’ like going out in the wind and rain, but they eventually ran out and did their thing and ran back in. I can't believe it's already the 1st of May!!

I made my way down to the office, I got cold – and the office is still out of fuel so it’s still cold up there too! So as soon as I got in I turned my space heater on then entered the charge slips in. The phone was pretty busy, vendors calling seeing if we needed anything and people making hotel reservations.

For lunch we had cream of mushroom soup over toast. Quick and easy.

The weather was still crappy after lunch. I got back down to the office and got a call saying a couple of our “painters” were going to come up and paint the Fisheries office. I let them know that I moved it around and cleaned it up the other day, so it would be easier for them to paint. They are finally getting rid of the ugly neon yellow/green paint and covering it with fresh white paint! The offices are finally looking a little more professional painted white instead of these other eye sore colors!

I had a couple people come up to cash their checks, but other than that the office was pretty quiet this afternoon (and cold, we finally got our fuel around 2 and our heat was pumping soon after!). I got some paperwork entered into my spreadsheets and started to make my video for the community conference.

My hubby decided that he was going to cook steam bath this afternoon, so that’s something to look forward to after work! My cousin Kay came up to the office, she was asking me about pizza sauce recipes since we didn’t have any down in the store. She made pizza sound really good, so I got everything to make pepperoni pizza tonight, I have some pizza sauce in my fridge still! That’s what I’ll make for dinner tonight after bath!

No planes today, the weather was still raining and blowing when I got off work. Steam bath felt really good and relaxing. On my way home I picked up a kulich from my mom, I LOVE her kulich!!!

Well it’s Friday, and I don’t have to be up early so I’m going to stay up and watch Jay Leno then maybe jam out on Guitar Hero Metallica!! I hope everyone has a great Friday night!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

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