Friday, April 3

Friday, April 3, 2009

What a cold and windy morning to wake up to… well I should have known that it wasn’t going to be nice out, the weather started to pick up last night around 7:30PM or so the winds were coming straight out of the East last night. This morning it’s blowing a good 25-30MPH from the North, super cold feeling at 27F without the wind chill! The dogs didn’t seem to want to leave the house this morning, but they eventually went out and did their morning business.

I got down to the office this morning, my mom and I were dealing with rent payments from some of the office space the Corp. leases out. We both had to figure out where they came up with their totals before we just write them a receipt. So after both of us looking it over then agreeing, we wrote the receipts out and deposited the checks.

Since the weather is crappy today, the planes obviously aren’t flying here today! So that means the 3 people we have in the hotel are stuck for another day. I guess the TV in one of the rooms went out, so we are scrambling around trying to find another TV for this lady’s room. That’s next thing on our list of stuff to order for the hotel… all new TV’s… I wonder when they painted it last up there, I know they re-did all the carpets last year… wonder if they painted too?? Next thing to order is all new beds and frames… I know they were talking about the refrigerators’ too since the ones that are up there are the ones that are like built into the wall with the stove and sink… I think the only way to explain is how they look in motor homes and boats. But those have been up there for as far as I can remember back, and in one of the big rooms I guess we had a person who broke one, so my hubby moved another fridge the Corp owned up into that room. At least we’re fixing them up and getting all new stuff and “renovating” all the time, makes the rooms that much more nicer for the people visiting our village!

I cashed a couple checks this morning, we’re getting really low on cash, going to have to put up our “NO CASH” sign here soon…. That’s to let people know we can’t cash their checks. There is a lady’s “tea party” tonight at the Safe Harbor Church (Trident’s church) at 7:30PM. Marylil made these really cute yellow and pink invitations! If I’m not too busy tonight I might make my way to that end of town (their church is located on the other side of the plane ramp.). Guess they are supposed to have a pink chocolate fountain!!

For lunch today we had Marie Calendar’s Turkey Pot Pies for lunch. I like to share the veggies with Roscoe and Dante after we are done eating. I don’t like to feed them anything while we are eating, they have to wait until we are done!

Just after lunch it was still blowing pretty hard out today, definitely not going to get a plane anytime today. We got all of our bank statements and everything that the auditor’s need to get our audit done packaged up and ready to Express Mailed off to them. That was a lot of work getting all the stuff we needed packed into one box!

Around 4 PM the weather started to calm, the skies turned blue with barely any clouds and the sun came out, warming it up to right around freezing. Not sure if the plane is going to try or not, probably not.

So we ran out of cash in the office, and I have to turn people away looking to cash their checks. Kind of sucks for everyone when we run out of cash. Well we have enough to keep the store running, but it isn’t enough to be cashing big payroll checks. So hopefully we get a ‘cash’ run done up here soon….

So Story Corp should be here Monday. I have almost everything figured out for them, except I don’t have ANYONE signed up yet… all I know is my hubby and I will be one of the first, and I know my uncle D and whoever he’s bringing is going to compete with who’s going to get recorded first… LOL… but hopefully they should be here Monday, weather permitting. Hopefully the people stuck in our hotel now can find a way to get off the island if the weather doesn’t clear for the plane…. I took a picture out my office window at 4PM, looks like it’s getting beautiful out!

I got us everything we need to have spaghetti and meat balls tonight…. Heartburn to me… ever since I got ulcers it’s hard to stomach some of the greasy foods that I never had a problem with before… but the hubby has been begging me for spaghetti… so I’m breaking in and making it tonight! I love spaghetti the next day!!! Yum yum!! Warmed up of course!! :D

Ok well I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

Pic out my window at the Corp Office:

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  1. wished i could be there for your story telling times, we had so much fun growing up! playing kick the can in the fog where we hid all over town. cleaning the village together, easter base ball games with our parents who some of us saw run like hell for the first time going for first base...was so cool. hope you find people to tell their stories


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