Thursday, April 30

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well we woke a little late, got up and took the dogs out, it looks like it didn’t rain/snow all night, and the board walk is pretty dry. The fog is laying low and the temps are a bit chilling in the mid 30’s. Doesn’t look like we’re going to get a plane today unless the fog lifts, there isn’t really any wind at all. The dogs ran out and enjoyed the snow-free yard! Dante is starting to love going outside, he gets so excited when he sees the halter and leash!

I got down to the office and entered the charge slips in. I think we’re out of fuel again, the office is pretty chilly. We’ve only been ordering small amounts of fuel because we’re supposed to have our new drum put in sometime here soon and we really don’t want to be sticking a large amount of fuel in the tank we want to move! But it seems that we’re burning thru it faster. So I’ve had my little space heater plugged in pumping heat into the office so I don’t freeze! Had a couple people come up to cash their checks, had 3 people put money on their store accounts. Not too bad a morning!

For lunch we decided on having salmon spread again, since it was sooooo good yesterday! Plus it’s super good for you! The fog seemed to have darkened and it looks like it wants to maybe start raining, so we’ll see what the weather wants to do later… I was hoping the fog would lift and the plane would come in. Oh, and to my surprise, the school kids and their chaperones snuck home on a boat last night, arriving sometime after midnight!! So welcome home kids!!

This afternoon I went and emptied out all the quarters out of the washers and dryers, took the cash from the change machine, and filled the soap/fabric softener dispenser and emptied the quarters from the little collection bin. Then I brought all the quarters and cash up to the office to be counted and put away. I will have to go back down and put quarters back in the change machine to replace the cash I collected out of it. My hands turned almost black from counting all those coins, how gross and dirty!! I made sure to wash my hands good!! Outside now it’s raining and pouring out there! I had a feeling it was going to rain!

I am looking forward to jamming out more on my game and watching Hell’s Kitchen tonight. It’s getting really close to being the final show, already! I can’t believe all the shows I got used to watching every week are all ending or have already ended and all new shows are starting back up! I can’t wait for it to warm up and the fish start to run and I get to get out and get some halibut fishing done and just being out on the water and enjoying the natural beauty of my home. I can’t wait to start cutting my lawn and put my sprinkler out, lie out in the sun and read a book or go up the bay for a picnic! I can’t wait to go sea gull egg picking and make some custard pies! I love the summers here!!

I don’t know what to get for dinner tonight, usually cook a small dinner on the nights that Chef Ramsey is on! So I’ll search the store shelves and freezers for something I can whip out quickly. I think my hubby’s has been wanting cheese burgers… sounds good to me… I think I’m going to send home a new bbq when we go to “town” since my old one didn’t make it this winter. I think I might turn my old one into a cute planter and put strawberries in it. We have these cute little strawberries that grow on a couple spots on the hills here and there are some out on Akun – but the cows usually eat the flowers before they can turn to berries!

Like 10 mins after the store closed a couple Trident employees came in knocking and banging on the door. I let them know the store closed at 4:30PM and will re-open at 10AM in the morning. They asked if there was another store and I let them know this was the only one. I guess someone had told them that the store closes at 5, whoever gave them that info was incorrect. I told them sorry, as I was already counting the cash and getting the paperwork ready for tomorrow!

I am trying to go thru all the pictures I have and make a short video for my presentation at the conference I am attending in a couple weeks. It’s just something small showing pix of town and some of the new buildings that have gone up or came down over the last year. I have been getting pretty good with my verbal presentations, so this year I wanted to add a small video! OoOo, I also get to do a reading at my friend’s wedding this summer! I am pretty excited, I let her know that I’ve been getting pretty good about getting in front of big crowds and still being able to talk and keep my composure. I told her I might cry a bit, but I should do great. It doesn’t scare me at all the thought of talking in front of a bunch of people I don’t know. I just smile, hold myself up straight and breathe and do what I love doing – talking! I am one of those people that is really kind of hard to shut up once you get me going. Some people complain about not being able to get a word in because I don’t take a break! LOL!! I think I got my great communication skills from my dad, I am almost just like my dad, personality wise!! I love my dad and I think he is a great role model – he’s full of wisdom that I wish I could soak up as fast as a sponge – well I should say I wish I could squeeze that wisdom out and soak it all up like a sponge!

Well I hope everyone has a great Thursday!! Today is end of the month already; I can’t believe it….. So sad how time is just flying right by us…… oh and I don’t know if I’ll be blogging when I’m traveling… If I have time I will make sure to check in! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!!

Oh I have been labeling my blogs on days when we get a plane. For the month of April, we had 13 flyable days out of 30!

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