Tuesday, April 7

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well today seem like a nice day, a little cold with a dusting of snow/frost on the boardwalks. Mid to low 30’s, overcast with patchy blue sky, the sun is already starting to come up before I get up (before 9AM!). We let the dog out to do their thing, I think they like when the weather is calm and they can just run around and chase each other in the yard without the wind blowing them around!

I got down to the office and my mom was just finishing up entering the charge slips in the book. This morning seemed busy with all the phone calls, my mom leaving and the guys painting the doors. They took my office door today to paint it, hopefully should be back up by the end of the day. The first plane came in today around 11:30AM, on schedule. My mom took off on the first plane, today is a beautiful day to be flying. I heard Trident has a lot of people to be flying out, so we’ll probably be getting flights all day today, hopefully they bring mail!

Sharon and Christine stopped up by my office. I let them know I was waiting for them to call me for my Story Corps session. They said they were waiting for me… so I guess we were all waiting for each other to contact each other! LOL… so hopefully if my mom makes it back in time today I will go in and get my session done today. If not I will make sure to schedule a time tomorrow for sure. I would do it today but I have 2 excuses… one we don’t have a door on our office and #2 my mom isn’t here so there isn’t anyone to watch the office if I’m not here. So I have to be here today. Sharon and Christine both brought me gifts: a Story Corps Gift Collection from Christine and some totally awesome sea salt caramels from Sharon…. You do not know how special I feel to be able to get any of those delicious chocolate covered pieces of heaven with a dash of salt! I shared some with my dad, since my hubby don’t care for chocolate or caramel (he used to have braces-so he hates caramel, and he just don’t like chocolate, he says it’s too much for him!) Thank you thank you thank you Sharon!!! OMG I never thought I’d be able to taste her homemade goodies, I must have wished hard!!! :D

Well for lunch today we had Stouffers Meatloaf with mashed potatoes (microwave food again) for lunch. Not that bad, portion controlled so you get full off a small amount – I like that part.

I got back down to the office. I was so nervous leaving my office unattended without a door over lunch hour… there should be only 2 other people who have access to the downstairs door that I locked – the door to the stairway heading up to my office. I brought Dante down to the office with me this afternoon, trying to get him used to being out of the house and around people – he’s still really timid and shy around people when we get out of the house. But when he’s in the house, he’s the boss and will bark and defend his territory, but he hasn’t tried to bite at anyone or thing yet other than Roscoe when they are playing.

At 1:15 PM we had another plane come in then take off, then an hour later around 2:20 another flight in and back out. It only takes 20 mins one way to get from here to Dutch, so when Trident is flying people out it’s pretty normal to have flights every hour. But we’re only really supposed to have 2 normal scheduled flights a day.

People are still a little disappointed knowing we don’t have cash yet to cash their checks. Hopefully my mom makes it back with the cash so that we can start cashing checks once again. I swear I had about 8 or more people come up and ask if we have cash yet or not. I keep telling them to come back tomorrow and we should hopefully have it counted and ready by then. I still had people come up and pay on their store accounts, since they didn’t really need any change back. Then at 3:17PM I heard another flight either landing, then I got a call from my mom to come down and pick the cash up from her down at the plane. So I went down and she told me the bank didn’t have any big bills, so we got all our cash in 20’s, 10’s and 5’s…. looks like people are going to have big wads of cash when they cash their checks now since it’s all going to be in small bills… but cash is cash! Don’t like it then don’t take it right?!?!

Well I think Sharon and Christine have people set up for the later sessions tonight, so I will see if I can come down at 10 and go see them first before heading to work. I can always work thru lunch hour if needed. I want to get my session done, I heard my dad said 40 mins wasn’t long enough for him, so he’s going to hopefully do more than one session. I think I’ll just be able to get that 40 min filled!

We are officially supposed to be closed in observance of Easter on the 13 (Monday) and we’re supposed to be closed on both Russian Good Friday and Russian Easter – the 17th and 20th, but I think I’ll come to work on all those days except my birthday (the 20th)! I have to make our signs for what our hours are going to be, so I have to get a hold of our store manager and see what she thinks- whether or not to open the store or not and if we do what hours do they want to be open for. The freighter should be getting ready to leave Seattle here soon – usually on Friday’s- and will be here the week the ferry comes in. Aww man, the ferry is already going to be coming in here soon, starting up the summer runs down from Homer. The school kids start their trip by heading up on the ferry, so that’s exciting. I can’t believe how fast this year is already moving by…. American Easter already this weekend… I have to find tin coffee cans to make kulich in – hopefully I can find some… if not like I said I’ll make mini ones in regular size canned food cans….

I think I am going to make a homemade chili for dinner tonight. Throw in some canned kidney beans and red beans, brown up some hamburger and chunks of steak meat/onion and throw it all together with tomato sauce and seasonings topped with shredded cheddar sounds great to me. I think I might make some alaadikax to go with the chili!!!

Well today seemed busy, but I like it that way! Hoping the new stuff for our hotel makes it in here soon, priority mail is pretty fast here, first class mail is pretty quick too…but parcel post is the super slow boat to china way to get mail here! The plane is back again at 4:35PM… not sure how many flights they are going to have... I heard they are going to have flights until at least 7PM because my cousin who came over on the first plane is leaving on the last plane and they told her that she’s on the flight around 7. So Trident must have a lot of people to be moving out, once again….

My dad happened to see some nice looking metal tubs that we could use for steam bath in Trident’s recycle pile, so he grabbed them out and brought them down, hopefully can get them cleaned up and see how they fit on the stove. The tubs we have right now have holes in them, so they don’t hold water for long, but long enough for it to get hot and scoop it into your water bucket! Hopefully cook bath tomorrow and see if Sharon or Christine would like to get fit into the rotation of people. We’ll see….

Well I hope everyone has a great Tuesday night! Until tomorrow, TTFN!

I will try to get pix of Dante and Roscoe later today and hopefully post them tomorrow!!

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  1. Those are supposed to be MY sea Salt Caramels!!!
    Just remember to include all your "kids" in your story sessions and you will have more than enough to talk about!!
    You are heading out for vacation in May right?
    Anyway, as always give Dante a Kiss for me!
    Much Love from PA


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