Wednesday, April 8

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well today is a prety nice day, garbage day. Temps in the mid 30’s, a small breeze blowing thru the air. Today is the day I do my Story Corps session, I called the girls last night and let them know I would be coming in first thing this morning. So after walking the dogs and grabbing the questions I picked we headed down to where they are recording and got my 40 min recording done, it was super easy and harmless!! I hope other people go up and do stories too! I know a couple people have done it so far!

Wow, so during my recording session, we noticed the first flight of the day coming in for a landing 5 minutes before 10AM!! Wow, they are early today… they usually aren’t at the airport until 10! Guess Trident must have a good amount of people to be moving out! We had one plane almost every hour of the day today starting with the first flight at 10, and the last flight came in around 3:30PM. Around 4 the winds started to pick up a bit and I don’t think the plane will be coming back.

After my morning recording session I went home since it was 11:30AM, I showered up and cooked us up some grilled cheese for lunch. I took this morning off so I can get my Story Corps session done up, luckily there isn’t anything too important for me to be getting done today (other than cash people’s checks now that we have cash!)

This afternoon at the office seemed to go by quickly. We got in some payments for hotel and store bills, so I wrote up the receipts and mailed those back out to the people who paid on their accounts. We had a couple people rent a room, but they only used it for a couple hours and returned back to the office before closing hour to check back out…

We didn’t make our chili last night because we ended up going to steam bath, and when we got out it was way too late to be trying to cook up a big dinner, so we ate on some chips and dip for dinner last night, I’ll make our chili tonight. Good thing I didn’t make my bread dough! My dad found new tubs for bath up in the recycle bin up at Trident and he cleaned them up and figured best way to test them would be to cook bath. Bath was super hot, and the new hot water tubs worked great! They hold a good amount of water in them too!! I wasn’t expecting bath, so that was really relaxing and wore me out good!

Well not much else going on... the temp is 37F at 4:10PM, the sky is clouded over, but it’s clear out. Feels really, really cold with the wind chill…. The wind is blowing a good 25MPH+.
hmmm… 12 more days until my 26th bday…… well until tomorrow, TTFN!

I took a picture of the moon and the clouds last night, I thought it was pretty looking outside!

Roscoe and Dante in their “corner” – Dante is smaller so he gets the smaller side!

Pic of my house and the corp 4-wheeler parked in my “drive way” -
My hubby locking the deadbolt!
One dayI'm going to paint our house white with light blue trim like back in the old days!


  1. loved the sky, animal and home pictures April Dawn.I would love to hear all the stories being recorded this year

  2. beautiful pics April Dawn.

  3. I am still in awe over your conversation with your husband this morning. You are a good, strong Unangan woman.

  4. Am curious as to how much a round trip ticket to Dutch costs and are all passengers limited to how much baggage/weight they can bring on? Do the prices fluctuate due to "high season" vs "off season"? Pics of the pups sre adorable.
    Glad to hear Story Corps went well.

  5. I meant round trip from Akutan to Dutch. Just clarifying.

  6. round trip right now according to from dutch to here is $230.00 - I'm not sure if that's refundable or not...


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