Wednesday, April 29

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Woke up early this morning, figured I can get up and jam out a bit on Guitar Hero: Metallica. That game ROCKS! I love it! Any time I get time to play I’m on it! We took the dogs out and the weather is pretty nice and clear. There is about less than half an inch of fresh snow/slush covering everything, making it look wintery and white again… What’s left on the boardwalk is slowly melting, making it really slippery and it gets your shoes/feet wet, and it’s about 34.5F out. Today is garbage day so we put our garbage out, then I went inside and I played on my game for a good hour before getting ready for work.

I brought down a box full of clothes that I won on eBay for my niece Kenzie. I wrote her a letter, then wrote my sister Shannon a letter and put them in after folding all the clothes neatly in to the box. I then sealed it up, addressed it and got it in the mail before the first flight came in. It was right on time, around 11:30AM. The office was pretty quiet this morning, I got a couple orders out to some of our vendors for the next shipping, which is May 8th.

For lunch we got beef cup-o-noodles and I made a red salmon spread that we had on pilot bread crackers.

Got back down to the office and had a couple people come up to cash their checks. Other than that pretty slow and quiet. So I watched our Video Professor DVD on the computer learning about bank reconciliation and some of the end of the year tax paperwork that has to be filed. About time I get this down! I will get more training next month from our auditing company. My mom does it great by hand, but she isn’t too great when it comes to putting it all on the computer. So I have to learn how in order to be able to help and hopefully just be able to do it myself and have her overlook it. So I’m excited about that!

The weather is starting to pick up and the wind is starting to blow pretty good from the southeast. The sky is overcast but it’s clear out. Temps have been in the high 30’s most the day. I don’t think the plane is going to come back this afternoon. I think the weather is supposed to be crappy for a couple days, and the plane is supposed to fly out for its “check-up,” so I don’t think we’ll have a plane for a bit. Which sucks because I think the school kids are supposed to come home today from their trip, so hopefully the weather is nice enough for a plane tomorrow!

After work I went home and jammed out more on my game! My hubby pulled out some halibut for me, I decided that I was going to pan fry up some halibut and have some white rice on the side. So that was dinner. After dinner I took a nice long relaxing bubble bath. Now we are watching The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (we saw him live twice!!!), then off to bed!

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday, I can't believe tomorrow is already end of April!!!! Well, until tomorrow- TTFN!

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