Wednesday, April 22

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Woke up to a beautiful morning! There is no wind, the fog is lifted but the skies are overcast. It’s about 37.5F outside with no wind. The boardwalk looks wet but I haven’t heard any rain hitting the house. We took the dogs out, then I went down to the office. Today is also garbage day, but we forgot to put our out - opps....

Today was a very busy day working with our auditors, answering their questions and making copies for them. That’s practically all I did today. I eventually got the charge slips entered in by this afternoon. But other than that today was mostly working with the auditors. Mostly information I can not disclose on my blog.

I was busy on the phone with our auditors and was late for my lunch break, so we didn’t really have time to make or eat anything.

This afternoon my hubby decided to cook bath. So that’s something to look forward to.

We had our 2 scheduled flights today, and I got my birthday present in from my older sis and her family! Thanks a lot, I love what you got me! Also sometime today, someone got a seal and my hubby brought some home. So after bath I cleaned it up and threw the scraps to the eagles. I will post a video of me feeding them in our front yard.

I don’t know what we are going to eat for dinner today, probably munch on the brisket we cooked up the other day, that or PB&J….

Hopefully tomorrow isn’t as busy as today was! So until tomorrow, TTFN!



  1. Great video, was that Dante barking in the background?

  2. Also, what kind of texture does seal meat have. For some reason I am imagining liver but then again they constantly swim so maybe it is more like beef. Does their diet of fish make the meat fishy? Can you eat the flippers? I think that is the part I would go for- like chicken wings-


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