Wednesday, April 15

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another snowy cold wintery day in the Aleutians again today… come one summer bring on the warmer weather and let the plants start growing so it can be beautiful lush green here!! I am getting tired of the snow and the cold already… winters just seem to like to drag on year after year! We let the dogs out and they didn’t like anything to do with being out in the blowing snow, but they had to do their thing, so they hid behind the porch out of the wind!

I got down to the office and my mom was just finishing up entering the charge slips in the book. She told me that the internet was still out… wonder what GCI is going to do and when they are going to fix the internet… I feel lost not being able to contact anyone – plus I was waiting for an email from the auditor, so that’s going to have to wait a bit. I ended up faxing him the rest of the paperwork he needed instead of scanning and emailing them – because the internet wasn’t working yesterday afternoon either… L

Well I called the Alaska State Ferry Reservations desk and asked about the requirements of how they let pets come on board and travel. They told me that all pets have to travel in the cargo hold… I really don’t want Dante’s first boat ride to be by himself… and I know Roscoe has gotten sea sick once before (well it was a really, really shitty ride!!)… And I DON’T want my babies to be taking that trip alone in the cold… I love them way too much to just leave them alone for 4-5 hours in unfamiliar, uncomfortable settings! Not unless it’s the only choice I have and this trip was just going to be for fun… so it’s not necessary for me to put my pups under that kind of stress for no reason. Now when I travel this summer, I will do anything to make sure they come with me! I’m sorry; don’t be expecting us on the ferry to Dutch this weekend, although it sounded like a great idea until I heard where my babies would be traveling! I have no one to babysit them here at home for us either, since Dante doesn’t really trust anyone except my hubby and me, and he likes my neighbor (our store manager) Eva -probably because she has a female min-pin, she’s fixed though L… Damn here I was kind of looking forward to coming over since CB should be home on the 17th and the ferry is the 18th!!! Oh well… I can wait until next month I guess!

So this morning in the office went by pretty slow. It feels super cold outside… The temp outside is right around freezing, but colder with the wind chill and the office feels a bit cold this morning even though the heat is on and pumping. It should warm up hopefully by after lunch. My mom realized when she got in this morning that our heat in the office was turned down, so she turned the heat back up.

Well we had chicken nuggets for lunch… I fed a good amount of mine to our pups! I’ll eat chicken nuggets and chicken strips once and a while… as long as I don’t really have to deal with a bone… but I rarely eat chicken at all anyways… but I’ve decided to slowly add it to my diet as long as I’m not eating it all the time (like my bro-in-law!)

The weather after lunch seemed to have calmed down a bit, the sun is coming out and the sky is clearing up showing patches of blue. The temps warmed up to the mid 30’s. In the clear weather you can see the fresh coating of snow on all the hills, all the way down to the water line! When the sun shines its blinds you making your eye’s close and start to water! Luckily I have my snow goggles (like sun glasses with a band) so the sun doesn’t bother me too much!

Well once the internet comes back on I have plans to order Guitar Hero Metallica… I really miss playing Guitar hero ever since my bro-in-law took his games back… so it’s about time I order our own, I think I’m going to order it for my Wii instead of the xbox360! I also want to get Guitar Hero Aerosmith and the Wii Fit – I heard it’s really cool! So those are on my game wish list… lol!

This afternoon went pretty slowly, nothing much going on for a Wednesday. Today is garbage day so I put all my office garbage down to be picked up. My mom checked the corp. mail the other day, and left one of the incoming boxes down in the store. I found it unopened, so I opened it to find some of the inventory that was missing from one of our orders we received via freighter. We have a new stock person working for us, his name is Travis (he’s one of my cousins), and he was the only one signed up for the job so he got it! Yay, the shelves down in the store are looking sorted and filled once again! He’s doing a really great job! Hopefully he keeps up with Eva on what we need up in the stock room so we can get everything ordered from our vendors.

My great-uncle Chris, he turns 79 next month, came up to the office and gave me an Easter card! He’s so sweet that way, always makes sure at almost every holiday to pass out cards to everyone! I guess it helps give him something to do. Back in his day when he was younger he used to be a pretty mean tap dancer! He used to give lessons, lol! I think old people are cute with their old school dances! I was thinking that when I was finishing up a book I was reading last night. When these two older people (in their 60’s-70’s) wanted to go out to a place to go dancing, and they were like they do the foxtrot, tango and a couple other ones… I always think back to my childhood days of watching my aunts trying to teach me to dance – doing the shoulder “wiggle” and stuff like that… there is a beauty in watching people who know how to swing dance, ball room dance and all that fancy stuff though!

Russian Good Friday this Friday, I wonder when they are going to put the church schedule up… I love our Easter Services – they bring back so many good memories of growing up and all the elders who also loved this time of the year. I love thinking about all them. I swear over my almost 26 years I have sadly seen at least over a quarter of the people who have lived here pass away and be buried in our church cemetery. There have been a lot of circumstances by which all of them passed too: cancer, heart attack, by drowning, burned in a house fire, asphyxiated from the smoke of a house fire, during child birth, some committed suicide, and a lot are natural from old age. Lately it’s been cancer that’s been eating at our people, I swear out of the last 10 funerals – at least half were due to something health-wise, mostly cancer! Most can be linked to tobacco related illnesses, but not all of them. This scares me a bit because as a teen I didn’t have the best of judgment… and I can admit I was a pretty heavy tobacco smoker from about 14-19. I don’t know but I do know kind of thing that it was stupid but “everyone was doing it”… stupid peer pressure to “want to fit in”… the rebelling and hiding from the parents doing something “forbidden”… The year I turned old enough to actually buy them I quit. There were always ways to find someone to buy them for you when you’re a teen willing to pay some pretty good babysitting/allowance money for them – just to turn around and sell/share them with friends for a dollar a piece… and make that money back… There also were a lot more kids around back when I was a teen then there are now. I swear there were at least 14 boys to the 7 of us girls who are all around 3-4 years apart from each other! With only like 3 of those 21 that didn’t smoke cigarettes at all!! Half the time kids would know who had them and who didn’t… and when you approached the ones who had some, they would automatically say “a dollar.” I am not proud that I smoked, but I can admit that it was a mistake that I made and I hope not to fall down that road again! It’s going to be 7 years since I quit, you get the urge every once and a while – especially in stressful situations – but you just have to over it. Mind over matter… it just scares me the fact that I smoked for that long a time during such a crucial growing period in my life………… can’t rewind time and take back all the stupid things we’ve ever done...

Well the internet decides to come on when it wants. Hopefully it’s on long enough to post my blog!!

Well I don’t know what we’re going to cook up for dinner tonight... I’ll go look around in the store and see if anything interests me… if not I guess we can have cereal tonight :P Hmmm, federal taxes are due today! I already did ours so I don't have to worry, but there are people scrambling to get theirs done and postmarked today!

Well I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

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  1. Is there any way Eva can babysit the 2 pups? And I bet Darryl would love to hang out with Tug. I hope you change your mind and take the ferry over. Sounds like it would be a blast.


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