Wednesday, April 1

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Woke up to the beautiful sounds of sea gulls serenading each other, eagles screaming and rock ducks whistling. The day is beautiful once again. There isn’t a breeze in the sky, the temp is about 34F. They sky is blue with low laying clouds near the island. The dogs ran out and enjoyed their morning outing… Hmmm April Fool’s Day today… beware and be aware!! I don’t think I’ll do any pranks today… but I’ll watch for people who are doing them!! Oh and it's garbage day today too!

I got down to the office and my mom was just finishing up entering yesterday’s charge slips in the book. Today is going to be a busy day, the first of the month is always busy. I have to get another store order out to another vendor, then price up what we have coming in this weekend. Then I have to get hotel and store billing done up. We have a couple people who are supposed to be checking out today on the first plane, which arrived at 11:16AM, we had another plane at lunch time too. I heard a handful of mail on each flight and some people and their bags. I guess Trident is getting ready to start shipping people back home… We had to find some paperwork for the Insurance Company, and get some quarterly paperwork out for IRS.

I cashed at least 7 people’s checks today, mostly town people. I had about 3 people pay on their store accounts. We had 2 check-outs today. We are also in the process of getting all the new supplies for the hotel ordered up. That should be done tomorrow. This morning I was able to get a small order out to one of our vendors, and priced up what we have coming in this weekend.

I’m also trying to get people to sign up for Story Corps. They are like “yeah it sounds pretty cool” then when it comes to actually signing up to do it, NO ONE wants to do it… I am having such a hard time getting people to sign up….

For lunch we went to the cafĂ©, I had my last usual, since they are closing for a couple months for vacation starting on the 4th. So I figured today would be our last day going down for my French dip… guess I have to cook a roast some time to make my own French dip at home!! Last night we went to my parent’s house for a turkey dinner with all the fixings! Was really good!

Went back to work this afternoon and got all the store billing entered, printed and enveloped and ready to be handed out to everyone. I then got the hotel billing done up, and then ran over to the Post Office to drop all the bills out in the mail. I heard there is going to be another late plane after 5PM. My hubby decided to cook steam bath again today… yay, gives me something to look forward to after a busy day!

I was excited to get some of my eBay purchases in the mail today!! I got my niece some stuff too… so once all the clothes I got her comes in I’ll wash them and send them off to her! I love surprising my sisters with stuff for their girls (they only have girls at the moment)!! I don’t have kids yet… so they are the closest I get to having “my own”. Since my older sis Shannon’s lil girl Kadance is my godchild, and my younger sis Ivy’s lil girl Aaliyah is my hubby's godchild!

Oh and I called a friend who I haven’t talked to in ages last night!! We spent over an hour and a half on the phone catching back up. I can’t wait to see her at her wedding this summer… it’s been since 2003 since I last saw her! Always great to catch back up with old besties!! Especially college besties!!! :D

Well today was a super busy day, but that’s ok because it seemed like time was just flying by again today. I like when the day goes by fast… but then I hate how the days are just flying by… it’s already the 1st of April already!!! I can’t believe my 26th bday is sneaking up on me!!

Well I hope everyone had a great April Fool’s Day. I hope I wrote down all that happened today… I was so busy I didn’t even have time to write quick notes of what I was doing :P but at least I got everything I needed to get done today done! Yay… now to look forward to tomorrow! Until then TTFN!

I have pix to post later too!

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