Tuesday, April 28

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well today started as a foggy cool morning, the tide making its way back in, the smell of kelp and all the new plants growing makes it smell so good! There is fresh snow on the boardwalk!!! OMG it must have gotten pretty cold for it to freeze over and turn to slush! The dogs all were slipping on the boardwalks trying to chase each other to their potty spots!

I made my way down to the office, I thought I had the bike, and then I remembered my mom dropping me off last night! So I walked down, sliding down the boardwalks in the slush like a little kid! I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to wear my coat anymore, oh well… I got the charge slips entered in, and we had a couple Trident employees come up to cash their checks.

My mom and I got in a “Spring Cleaning” mode and started to clean and move the office around a bit. The guys want to paint our office; I asked my mom if they can do that when I leave here soon! So, instead of prepping for paining, we vacuumed up and moved some of the furniture and electronics around. The office looks pretty organized and clean now.

The weather this morning was too foggy for a plane this AM, but at lunch time it felt like the sun was trying to burn all the fog away, so we might get a plane later if it clears up. I got us some Stouffers Meatloaf and mashed potatoes for lunch; I added some frozen sweet white corn to it to make it a complete meal! I love how it’s the right amount of food, portioned just right!

I got back to the office this afternoon and finished up getting some paperwork into the computer. Then I went on to cleaning and moving the Fisheries office around. The guys want to paint in there too! Right now that office is this putrid ugly neon greenish-yellow color that hurts your eyes! I don’t know who picked that paint color out back in the day, but I don’t know what they were thinking!! It took me about an hour to get everything moved around, vacuumed, dusted and put back in to place! We fixed up the old IGAP office (the one we let our auditor’s use) and turned it into our break room. My mom and I are going to get some “munchies” to put in there; we have a coffee maker in there and a couple desks and chairs. We usually use that office for just storage, but we figured since its set up now, we can use it as a break room/meeting room! I am thinking of brining up my little fridge and putting it in there so I can store myself cold drinks for my break so I don’t have to go down stairs and hope that what I want is in the fridge down there! I am happy we took the day to clean up, rearrange the posters on the walls and to take away more the clutter!

My hubby decided that he’s going to cook steam bath this afternoon. So other than playing my game, I have something else to look forward to after work. We are working with our auditing company to get me trained up to do bank recs and some other stuff they want on excel and in QuickBooks. So I will be staying up in Anchor-town for a little longer than I was expecting, it’s all good as long as my hubby and little pups are with me!! I feel so lost without them! Not a good thing to do to get yourself depended on having someone around you all the time! We’ve never really been away from each other the whole time we’ve been together, only maybe a couple times when we both had something medical where we had to fly to the hospital and the other person couldn’t go, other than that we’re always together! I love it that way; I wouldn’t want it any other way! So I called the airlines, changed our tickets, and then changed our car rental. At least all that can be changed easily!

Well for dinner I got us everything for either chili dogs or just regular hot dogs. Something quick and easy. Today is a work out day, so I’ll get a 50 min yoga session knocked out later. Oh and the weather cleared up around 2:30 and the plane came in around 3PM. Its blue skies a little bit of scattered clouds and lots of sunshine!! It feels so good! The grass is starting to grow, the salmonberry bushes are pushing small buds out – spring has sprung I think… I just want the weather to warm up and stay that way!! Not sure if the plane was going to come back or not, I think it is because we have a couple people who were supposed to be coming in today for the hotel and they weren’t on the first flight. I think they are supposed to be here only over night. I heard that the Goose is heading out for its 50 hour check up – they fly it to Anchorage and do a complete over haul on it. So we won’t be having any flights from May 1st until May 6th, or until the replacement Goose makes its way down. So that’s going to suck… if it isn’t the weather then it’s something else!! As long as it’s back so I can get out of here, I don’t think there are any boats going back and forth…………

Well I had a great Tuesday. I know my hubby is patently waiting for the new episode of DC to come on. I have a story to tell everyone about that… but maybe I’ll save that for tomorrow! Ok well much luv to all! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!


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