Tuesday, April 21

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today is my dad’s birthday! I love him lots and wish him the very best today and always!

Well we woke up early and went to church this morning. We were told last night that the Father came in and he was having church, we didn’t know they had church last night around 6PM. So last night we decided we’d go for the morning service. It is just pouring down rain outside, so I decided to wear raingear before stepping outside! I didn’t want to get soaked! It’s also blowing pretty good from the south, and the skies are overcast. We made the dogs go out in the rain, even though the little ones hate the rain, I don't think there is anything about getting wet that Tug don't like! You can definately tell he's a water dog!

So we walked down to church, where there were no more than 7 people including us. Which is really sad, what happened to the days when we didn’t have any room to fit any more people inside??? Church started at 9AM, and was over by 11. While I was in church my mom came up to get me to go run to my house and get the hotel keys because I guess one of our guest locked themselves out and our second key in the office wasn’t working on the door for some reason. So she let me use the 4-wheeler and I ran home and got the keys for her, then finished up church. After church I went to work.

Our auditors are here, and I guess everything is looking pretty good right now! This is really great and takes a load off both my mom’s and my shoulders, knowing our book work is correct. I hope that they can get everything they need done, done and be able to fly out when they want to. Hopefully the weather starts to warm up, clear up and summer finally makes its appearance! I got all the charge slips entered in the books, and then went down to check the mail since there was a plane yesterday. I was excited to see my shoe order had some in!! Other than that one box, all I got was mostly junk mail and bills.

For lunch we had Marie Calendar Pot Pies, I had a turkey and the hubby had chicken. It’s still raining hard out there!

I got back down to the office, where things went smoothly and quickly. We had problems with the furnace again, well that’s what we though. When here I guess we were just out of fuel. So I am happy that I still have my space heater up at the office! I helped my mom and the auditors with some paperwork, cashed some checks, a couple people put money on their store accounts, and in the mail we got a hotel payment in – so I wrote the receipt up and faxed it off to them.

I don’t know when it stopped raining, but by the time I got off work it was dry out. So no need for my rain gear anymore! Instead of wearing it, I just carried them. I got a ride home from my mom on the 4-wheeler. We didn’t have any planes today.

After sitting around for a bit, we decided we’d do a 50 min yoga work out, get showered up and then cook us hamburger meat with onions and gravy over rice. After dinner, we’re going to sit around, relax and watch TV then off to bed! I hope everyone had a great Tuesday!!

Until tomorrow, TTFN!

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