Tuesday, April 14

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well it looks as if winter doesn’t want to go anywhere anytime soon. Woke up to blowing snow, a fresh 2-3 inches built up on everything (it can’t get any higher because it’s constantly being blown around). We made the dogs go out in the crappy weather to do their thing, and then I got ready to go down to the office.

As I made my way down to the office on the 4-wheeler, the snow/hail stung on any exposed skin. The reverse button was frozen up so I can only drive forward, if I want to back up I up the bike in neutral and push it to where I need it to be. I tried to park the bike in a good enough spot where I can get footing to push it later at lunch! I got up to the office and my mom had already entered the charge slips and was running around getting paper work ready for the auditor. I helped her find some paperwork and get it scanned into the computer and emailed off to our auditor. Then I went to help my hubby re-arrange one of our hotel rooms. He didn’t know what way the furniture was supposed to go. We rented the big room out to a couple different construction companies who used them as their office, so they had no use for the beds and other furniture in the room. So they piled everything in a couple different corners. So I went up and helped put everything back to where I remember where it always used to be (I used to clean those rooms for a good 2-3 years when I was back in the last years of high school!).

For lunch today I ate a bowl of Lucky Charms and the hubby had a Marie Calendar Sweet and Sour Chicken microwave meal. I didn’t feel too hungry so a bowl of cereal is good enough. Don’t know what to make for dinner tonight…. I get lazy to have to cook… but if I don’t then we don’t eat… so I have to find us something!

Back at work this afternoon seemed really busy and seemed to have blown by pretty quick. After some running around trying to find out what one of our bank accounts were, we finally found out that that account was supposed to be closed back when our café closed back in the late 90’s! But I guess no one did it (it was way before my mom and I started working in here), so we didn’t know what this one account was, we just knew we got the statements in for it. So after playing phone tag with our president, vice-president, the auditor and the banks; we finally found out what was what and got copies of all the bank statements out to our auditor!

Then I guess we were having problems with our GCI business phone card. So I had to call GCI and spend over an hour waiting listening to their boring music waiting for someone to come on the phone, just to be told that I wasn’t authorized on the account and had to pass the call on to my mom, who didn’t know what I was doing. So I had to fill her in while they were on hold before she let them know why we were calling. I guess we haven’t gotten in the billing dated March 6, 2009. The last bill we got in the mail from them was back in February. So we had to pay our bill up current over the phone and our calling card was working again. Makes me wonder if that’s why our internet was so slow or not? Because if they cut off the phone card why was the internet was still working?!?! Well at least I know we got them paid up and the phone card is working once again. Our president works from home, but doesn’t like to use his home phone for business calls so he uses the phone card. And he was getting stuff done for the auditor but couldn’t call him back because the phone card wasn’t working. So at least we got that figured out.

Then to add on top of everything, I got a new fax in from Coastal Transportation for their freighter schedules… and I happened to notice that the freighter that left last week with our store order on it, all the sudden isn’t scheduled to come here… So I had to call the company and see what was going on. Because our harbor master told me that on his manifest he shows that we have at least 4 pallets of stuff on that freighter… and if they aren’t coming here… they why did they put it on the freighter then??? I think it might just be a typo on their end hopefully… They are scheduled to come here every 2 weeks… and this week was one of the weeks that they were supposed to stop by here… so I’ll wait for their call back and see what’s going on. Like I said, we have stuff on that freighter, so it better decide to pull into our harbor and drop everything off either on its way to or from Dutch! Ok so they called me back and apologized for the mistake on the schedule and they changed it online too! So yah, we do have stuff coming in this weekend like I thought we did!! :D Good thing I’m on the ball all the time!!

Well, the internet isn’t working today, and when it does it’s slower than molasses on a cold day!!! So I don’t know when my blog is going to get posted, hopefully today!

I helped my bro-in-law get his taxes done up. He had some self employment wages and wasn’t sure about how to file his taxes and I have to deal with that with mine. So I told him to bring them up to me and I got all his taxes filled out for him and he got them mailed today… well postmarked since the weather isn’t nice enough for a plane. Oh I heard that they got the part in for the Goose and flights are going to start back up once the weather allows!! Yay, that’s a good thing!! Parts for that plane are getting really hard to find I guess!

Hmmm….. I ended up getting us everything to make chili dogs again tonight… I might just have a hot dog on a bun with ketchup, mustard and relish!! Yum yum!! Ok well I hope everyone didn’t have as busy a Tuesday as I had!!!

Until Tomorrow, TTFN!

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