Thursday, April 23

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today is my Brother Tommy’s 34th birthday today! Love ya lots bro! Hope you have an awesome day!!

What a beautiful day to wake up to! The skies have patches of blue peeking out and the sun is already up and shining. There is no wind and the water in the harbor is flat calm. The temps are in the high 30’s to low 40’s. The dogs definitely loved their outing this morning. My chi’s love the sun! I think Tug wanted to jump in the water for a swim!

Well another busy day at the office again. I feel that I am going to have busy days until the auditors are done doing what they are doing. A lot of finding paperwork and receipts and figuring out what went to what account and why. So far everything has been going smoothly, which is great!

We had our first scheduled flight come in on time, right around 11:30AM. The sun is shining, it’s about 45F out with no wind and it feels great! The skies are almost fully blue, with small patches of clouds in spots. The sea gulls singing their sweet songs to each other, I love the way they sound!

For lunch we had grilled cheese and my hubby has soup with his. I felt the weather was nice enough to ditch my DC brand skater shoes and put on my cute pair of heels that my older sister got me for my b-day!

I got back down to the office and continued to work with the auditors. I’m happy that so far I am finding and explaining everything they hand to me. I keep looking at the weather outside and just can’t wait for summer to finally appear. I can’t wait to wear my heels or flip flops and put my shoes away until a rainy day, I also can’t wait to start leaving my big coat at home and wear just my sweaters! The weather today is a tease of what’s to come! And here I heard that the pilot said it’s snowing in Dutch Harbor…. I really hope that weather doesn’t make its way here until late tonight!

I felt very accomplished at work today, for I seemed like I was never able to take a break from what I was doing: let it be looking up something for the auditors or making them copies. I didn’t get anything really exciting in the mail. I ordered my sister-in-law this really cute corset (I liked mine so I got her one) – I am trying to get her to embrace her feminine side and love her beautiful curves like I do with myself! So I asked her what color she liked more between red and blue and she picked red. So I got her a medium and took it over to her. Hope she likes it… I know her man’s going to have to like it, what guy doesn’t like their woman dressing sexy for him?!?!

Well today was another super busy day, which made the time fly right by! I am hoping the weather stays nice until tonight so that I can enjoy it after I get off work! I hear people saying its feeling a bit cold out and the wind is starting to pick up a little bit, not much, but a small breeze.

I so do not know what I am going to cook up for dinner tonight. I am at a loss of what to cook anymore. I get tired of eating the same stuff and I get tired of having to cook… I wish we had more food choices – like order out pizza or go through a drive thru really quick!! :P I don’t know what sounds good anymore. I have that seal, but I don’t know how or when I want to cook it. Seal is kind of tough if you don’t cook it right… you have to soak the meat out over night to get all the blood out of it. When you cut into a seal the meat looks so dark red it literately looks black/purple, until you soak it out then it looks like any other cut of red meat. If done right, you can ferment and age the blubber to make what we call “stinky blubber”, which renders down and gives us the seal oil that we eat dry fish with, the blubber is still edible. I think it has a sweet taste to it. But like I said, when you hear that something is a “delicacy” you know that it probably has an acquired taste to enjoy or like it. I know I would be scared to eat some of the stuff other natives eat! But I grew up eating seals and sea lions so it’s nothing new to me! No it doesn’t taste fishy, its “gamey” tasting, I am guessing since I have never tried any other 4 legged animals except cows and pigs…. But you can definitely tell it has a “wild” taste to it. The smell of the seal’s blubber, meat and blood is super hard to get off your skin too, no matter how much you wash your hands! I had fun feeing the eagles all the non-edible scraps! I was just hoping that none of them would hurt each other coming in for “the kill.”

I took a pic of the cute shoes/booties that my sis got me for my bday. I think I might “model” my shoes and take pics of them and post them… LOL… well I’ll at least post them on my MySpace account!

Well I hope everyone had a great Thursday. The second flight came in on schedule. I heard that there was a handful of mail that came in. Hell’s Kitchen tonight, it’s getting close to the end, which really sucks. I am kind of leaning towards that Paula chic, she seems the best out of all them right now… but we’ll see…. All new Gangland on History channel too!

Well until tomorrow, TTFN!!!
My new cute shoes my sister Shannon and her family got me for my b-day!


  1. It was beautiful in Unalaska/Dutch today....sunshine snow...where did you hear that?

  2. Duh, the pilot told you that....LOL I swear I'm losing my mind sometimes....

  3. Thanks for the info on the seal meat. And you need to get a grill as summer is right around the corner.


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