Thursday, April 2

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Woke up to a warm 45F and rain this morning. There is a fog covering the mountains, but it’s kind of clear under the fog, I can see Akun which is over 7 miles away… but with this fog I doubt the plane will even try today. Feels like spring today! The dogs enjoyed running around in the rain, and sloshing thru what’s left of the snow. Tweety birds singing away in the morning rain and the fresh smell of the ocean, I love this paradise I call home!

I got down to the office and got the charge slips entered into the books. The rest of the people in the hotel should be checking out today if the plane ever comes in. They called and were worried about check out times, I told them not to worry about it and if the plane does come in to just lock the key in the room. Billing isn’t an issue, since we take credit cards, we can always charge their card for them and fax/mail them their receipt copies. If they aren’t paying with a credit card, we mail a bill to the address they leave with us when they check in. I’m still struggling to get anyone to sign up for Story Corps. L I helped my mom and Uncle Darryl figure out the plot number of some people’s houses from our maps we have on our walls that we got from McClintock Land Associates.

For lunch I went to the store and got a box of frozen mozzarella sticks and got the hubby a can of Dinty Moore Beef stew (I think it looks like dog food… so I won’t eat that stuff at all…. I like homemade beef stew though!).

Well this afternoon wasn’t too busy. Got some paperwork done up for several businesses, I had another hotel reservation come in for next month, and another for later this month. I am going to get the hotel stuff ordered today. I got an invitation to a Ladies Tea Party this weekend, a little “party” held by the lady who is running Trident’s non-denominational church with her husband.

This afternoon seemed to drag by just a bit… probably because I caught up on almost everything and didn’t have anything too important to be rushing to a deadline to. So that made the day slow right down to a snail’s pace. Not to mention the internet is having fun cutting in and out, constantly kicking me offline. So I’m worried about getting the hotel order done, and right in middle of paying for it have it kick me off because the internet shut off. I’m having the same problem at home, so it must just be GCI internet. There is another kind of internet that the City office and VPSO uses and “rents” out to people around that area. I’m not sure exactly what system they are using, but they have satellite dishes on their buildings… I think the Post Office is on the same internet because the VPSO was down there hooking them up one day….

We had hamburger helper last night for dinner. The hubby wanted me to make cheese burgers tonight, but I get tired of eating hamburger after a while :P So I don’t know what to cook for dinner tonight…

Story Corp is supposed to be here Monday. I guess they want me to be the first one to go in, so that I can help explain the process to everyone. I heard they want to do a little presentation on Story Corps Alaska and announce when they are going to have the presentation on the VHF radio when they get here so that people can have an idea of what it is. Then maybe people here will open up and come down and sign up! I’m hoping this isn’t a waste of their time and people open up and spill their stories… they have to realize that they get to keep a copy for themselves!! Hopefully it goes well….

Well by 4PM I got everything new ordered for the hotel. We have all new pillows, blankets, comforters, shower curtains, mattress pads and towel sets coming in. I guess we’re going to sell the old hotel stuff for like a dollar a piece or something once all the new stuff comes in, and we are going to probably give all that money we make from the old hotel supplies to the school for their future travel funds. They need to start doing fundraisers early and have money saved up, like lots so they know they can do stuff if they already are prepared. We used to be that way when I was in school!! I don’t know what happened to our student government and the checking account we used to have. I don’t deal with the school, not since I graduated. But I do like to help them once and a while when they ask for it, or if I know they need it!

The people who are supposed to leave today got stuck due to no planes… so hopefully tomorrow is nice enough to let them travel. They came up to get some toilet paper for their rooms… guess they ran out. Easy to get a hold of us here at the office and we’ll quickly get some up to whoever needed it!

I guess I can make cheese burgers again on my George Foreman grill… they are quick and easy to make and doesn’t seem to get much dirty in the kitchen… so that’s what I got… I’m going to go on a hamburger strike here soon!! I’m seriously getting tired of eating the same crap over and over again….. yawn…… it stayed 45F out all day! Rained off and on, with low fog all day.. no planes….

Ok, well I hope everyone had a great Thursday!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

Pix are from yesterday in the AM....


  1. Is story corp a "living history" project that collects verbal stories of a family, tribe etc.???
    As a teacher, kids LOVE these historical stories actually told by someone who was lving through the experience. Holocaust survivor stories presented via living history story are just high interest to teenagers. I provide a script as the accents are thick.

    It is a really great way to preserve a cultural hisroty.

  2. no they do just 40 mins of recording of anything... just 2 people talking and sharing any kind of story about anything. I will find the list of sample questions that Story Corps. gave me and post them. I am still learning what they are and what they do. I will learn more once they get here. Ask Alena from "The Real Unalaska" or her mom Sharon from "Unalaska From My Point of View" since they have dealt with them in Dutch Harbor.

    I still don't know what I want to do mine about...... I have until Monday to think about it!

  3. I love the pictures April!!!! they are beautiful!!!


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