Thursday, April 16

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well the weather man is actually right on with the weather today. We are having northerly winds blowing about 25-30MPH, definitely no planes today. The temps in the high 20’s. No snow falling from the sky, but the wind is blowing what’s on the ground. Patchy cloudy skies, the sun was actually out all day – drying off the boardwalks. We took the dogs out and they enjoyed running around in the yard for a bit before doing their thing then finally coming inside, we take them out about 3-4 times a day!

I made my way down to the office, didn’t really see anyone on the whole ride down. My mom had already entered the charge slips for the day. She was having problems with the fax machine, it wasn’t sending out faxes for her. So I checked it and they went through good for me, not sure why she couldn’t get it to fax out. This morning seemed to go by fast since I was busy trying to get the internet working, cashing checks and answering the phones! The internet at the office isn’t working, but my internet at home is working… and they are on the same system… so I don’t know why the internet isn’t working at the office – thinking we might have to climb up on the roof and hit the reset button on the antenna.

I didn’t know what to make/get for lunch… so I got the hubby a Dinty Moore beef stew and grabbed a Rice a Roni in beef flavor for me. On my way home my mom told me she made some alaadikax last night and that I can stop by and grab some if I wanted… I surely didn’t pass that up and went straight to her house before going home and grabbed about 6 – I’m going to save those for dinner tonight! I’m going to cut them in half and put pizza topping on them and broil them!! You have to try it, I think it tastes great!!

I got back down to the office this afternoon… nothing much happened for the first hour. Then the phone seemed to be ringing off the hook. Mostly people canceling their reservations for the hotel, since they can’t make it in and they don’t want to wait in Dutch any longer. I had a couple town people come up to cash their checks, a couple of them putting money on their store accounts. Most people are closed tomorrow for Russian Good Friday, but I will be at work. Don’t be expecting me to come in on Monday though! Not only is it the day we observe Russian Easter, but it’s also my 26th birthday!!! The store will be closed this Sunday, but will have regular hours on Monday. The Corp office is supposed to be closed on Monday, but our auditor is supposed to be here this weekend, so we might have to go in for a bit in case there is anything they need help with. But I don’t think we’ll be fully opening the office, we might be there but we’re closed!

Our corp. president contacted me today about a order he was getting done for the parts we needed to get ordered for one of the dryers – I guess the button to turn it on with wasn’t working anymore – and he was ordering it from the same place we order the small laundry supplies to fill our laundry “vending” machine – it’s one that you put quarters in the slide push and it falls in to the tray on the bottom, kind of like those sticker vending machines you find when you walk in/out of most grocery stores (not ours though). So I let him know we needed to order more Tide and Bounce since I put the last of them in the machine the other day when I stopped down at the corp. building. So he let me know not to worry about it and he would order them for me, I let him know we should have a credit with that company – which he wasn’t aware of until I told him.

We happened to get the fax in from one of our vendors on what they shipped to us on the freighter, which is supposed to be in on Saturday. So I got that ready and started to price it before I noticed that it was already 4:30PM, Eva had called me and asked if I was going to shop or not because the store was going to close and I hadn’t shopped yet. So I ran down stairs and got some pepperonis since I already have pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese and those alaadikax from my mom! After rushing to get my one item, the store closed and Eva did up the paperwork and brought it up to me, where I finished up my paperwork. Then I made my way home, picking Eva up on the way and dropping her off at her house (she lives next door!).

Tonight there is an all new Gangland on history channel, and then on Fox Hell’s Kitchen is on once again! YAY!!! Wonder who’s going on the chopping block tonight… I don’t know… none of them seem that great… but they are way better than I am!!

Well, my brother-in-law said he’s not going on the ferry, and he’s one of the only people I trust with my babies – well Roscoe loves him, but Dante is still “iffy” around people and likes to run and hide and bark… but if we do go over on the ferry, I want to get some kulich baked up, but I have to round up some cans from someone, get them baked, frosted and boxed up so I can bring them… not sure how many to bring… I know I have to bring one for Irene, Alvin B, Kathy McG, CB, Alena, Sharon, and Cookie Dough! If I’m missing anyone please let me know ASAP!!!! I need to get these baked up tomorrow at the latest!! Kulich is Russian Easter bread, and at Easter time we make them and share them with friends and family. I need to find out the true background on it and why they do it. I just know I’ve loved this time of the year, both my younger sister and I do!! And making kulich was just something we always looked forward to making and handing out every year!! I can’t wait to have kids and pass that on to them, I hope to show my nieces too since I don’t believe either of my sisters make kulich anymore since they moved out of the village. Most people who move away don’t seem to keep up their traditions… I said most not all… there are still a good amount of people out there who do make it (and I think we all make it different depending on what part of Alaska you’re from)… and I know there are all those like my sister’s, in Anchorage and Valdez, and my grandma, from Washington state, who will wait for someone to send one in the mail (hoping it gets there quickly so it’s still fresh!). I know my mom mails a lot out to people! It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth sharing with your family and friends!! I love getting kulich from other people and trying theirs, since everyone’s recipes are different they all have their own signature tastes, not to mention frosting techniques!!

Well today seemed pretty busy! At least the day went by quickly!! Well until tomorrow, TTFN!!

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