Sunday, April 26

Sunday, April 26, 2009

OK, so we woke up really early this morning, couldn’t fall back asleep so we stayed up for a couple hours watching TV. Around 8AM I decided that I was going to go fall back asleep since I didn’t want to be getting up around 5:30AM on a Sunday!! I wanted to sleep in, so I went back to sleep. I woke up to the sound of the Goose flying over the house, landing in the water in front of my house, at this time it was noon and we had way over slept. So we got up and took the dogs out again, we took them out this morning but it was still kind of dark out. It has been getting light earlier and earlier every day and it doesn’t start to get dark until well after 11:15PM!

The weather today is pretty nice. It’s in the mid 40’s, no really any wind-just a breeze from the south, and it’s dry out. Overcast skies and the water in the harbor has very small waves in it. So I was very pissed to go out this morning and find my garbage had not been picked up yesterday and the contents of the two bags were strewn across the boardwalk and my yard. I was not very happy seeing all my garbage spread out with eagles and foxes helping themselves to anything edible. I grabbed a pair of gloves and my hubby and I started to pick up and re-bag all the garbage that could be picked up. Definitely not something you want to be waking up and doing first thing in the AM! I know I stuck my garbage out early enough!! It was way before noon when we stuck it out, and on the weekend noon is the time they usually pick it up. So I don’t know what’s up with that…. That seriously ruined my morning…

Today is my hubby’s mom’s birthday! So we called her and sang happy birthday to her!! After calling her we called my bro-in-law to see if he was down helping my father-in-law with the plane, and he told us that he was already down there. He then told me that my UPS package from Amazon had arrived and he was going to deliver it to me! I was super excited and the feeling from this morning’s incident was replaced with sheer excitement as I waited for my package. My hubby ordered me Guitar Hero Aerosmith for my Wii and I had been waiting for it to come in!! YAY!!! I think I spent about 7 hours playing it!! I worked on Career mode and passed it in Easy and started to work on Medium. I am looking forward to Hard! I’m not good enough to do Expert yet! I am waiting for my Guitar Hero Metallica to come in now! I hate Parcel Pool shipping though, sometimes Amazon used them and I seem to never receive my packages. But if they use UPS or USPS I never have a problem. So we’ll see how long it takes, that’s if it gets here!

Today around 4:50PM we ate tacos and I had mine with my Taco Bell Fire Sauce!!! I love that stuff, I’m happy I have a good amount! We watched that new show, Daisy of Love on VH1, not really what I expected but yet a bit… where the hell did they pick those guys out from??? OMG, I don’t see her really being with any of them… but whatever floats your boat I guess… We munched on some chips and candy and freeze pops for dinner – I know not healthy… but my weight has been holding steady and dropping slowly. I think I got my hubby a believer in the benefits of yoga and how it makes you not only physically stronger/fit, but it calms you and makes you feel better. Like you enjoy life and everything that’s given to you – it gets you in that peaceful state of mind that just makes you feel good, smile and be happy! I find him now asking me when we’re going to work out next! I’m happy to have him there to help motivate me and work out with me! What’s that saying “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!”….

Other than playing my game and watching TV, we just hung out at home and enjoyed the weekend together with our pups! Other than when we went to pick up the garbage, we didn’t really go outside at all today. My hubby went down to the store for us to get pop and the stuff for our taco dinner, but other than that, we were home bodies today! Which I don’t mind some days, it’s nice to be able to just sit and not worry about what’s going on and just relax! Today was a well needed day! Our auditors told my mom that they would like to send one of us out for some training in excel and QuickBooks, so we can do more than we already do, which will make auditing smoother. I would like to learn how to put almost all our stuff on the computer so that the auditing process can be easy and fast to go thru; well at least better than having to go through boxes of paperwork!! So that’s kind of exciting, but I know it’s just going to mean a bit more work, but once it’s done I won’t have to worry about it! Just make backup copies of everything on CDs and store those!

Well I enjoyed my weekend and I hope everyone enjoyed theirs!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

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