Sunday, April 19

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well we stayed up pretty late last night. So we slept in a bit today. Woke up around 10AM, walked the dogs… The weather is beautiful today. No wind, sea gulls gathered in front of town sound beautiful. There is a low fog hanging in the bay, but it’s warm in the low 40’s. The sun feels like it wants to burn through the fog. There was nothing on TV and we were still a bit sleepy, so at noon we lay back down and took a “nap”. I got a call from my younger sister saying Happy Easter.

We got back up around 2:45PM, and my mom called at 3PM and said Easter dinner was ready if we wanted to come down and eat. So we headed down to my parent’s house and ate turkey with everything on the side! It was really good! After we ate we went over to my in-law’s to see what was up with the plane. I guess it’s foggy in between.

On our walk back I snapped some pix of the sea gulls in front of town, and recorded their sweet sounds! I love how sea gulls sound!! I guess there is a bunch of krill on the beach and the sea gulls and eagles are gorging themselves on it.

Today we are just going to relax and maybe play our video games and watch TV. I have to call my older sister sometime today. My sister-in-law I believe was supposed to fly home today from meetings/classes, and seeing that it’s foggy out she’s probably going to get stuck in Dutch. I don’t know if there are any boats going back and forth this time of the year either.

Well I might work out again today… I’ll see how I feel later tonight… Tomorrow is my birthday, and I am spending the day at home relaxing. I have nothing really planned except sleep in and hang out with my hubby and the pups!

Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

Video of Seagulls:


An Eagle sitting on top the school with the bluff in the background
My babies, Dante and Roscoe

Looking at town while walking home.

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