Thursday, April 9

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The sun rise this morning was pretty beautiful, the weather is a bit windy though, low fog on parts of the island. It feels chilly, but the thermometer says 47F. We let the dogs out to do their thing, they ran around and we played some fetch with them, then we put them away and headed down to the office.

I got down to the office and there was a line of people waiting to cash their checks, and my mom taking care of someone else who was standing at the desk. I relieved her and finished cashing everyone’s checks, and then I got the charge slips entered in from yesterday. The furnace is acting up again… so we have no heat, so I ran back home and grabbed my space heater so I don’t have to freeze in the office.

Sharon and Christine happened to stop by my office for a quick visit, it’s always nice to have people stop by our office, wish we had a better seating area for people! My dad happened to be walking by to his office, popped his head in our office and saw the girls sitting here, so he started to BS with them. Then Keith, who runs the Krenitzen Island Cattle Company, called for Sharon or Christine so he can do a Story Corps session – he stopped by their room but no one was there because they were up here seeing if we can rally up any more people. I’ve been working on practically begging people to go in, I would even go in with them… but they are really hesitant… and Darryl thinks it’s hard to get people to go to the clinic!

We have our original door back, yay! All the guys have left to do is finish putting up the trim and they should be done. So I went and hung most of the posters back up on the walls. I have to wait for them to put this one quilt that was made like 10+ years ago, back up on the wall before I finishing finding space for the remaining posters.

At lunch time I split the rest of the chili we made last night and gave it to my mom and Eva. We had microwave food for lunch, nothing too exciting :P

On my way out my front door, getting ready to walk back down to the office, my neighbor from a couple houses down was driving by on her 4-wheeler, stopped and asked me if I wanted a ride down to the store/corp. office. I said yes! Then I jumped on the bike, she wanted me to drive so I did – she’s older and it’s harder for her to control the bike when she has a passenger so it’s easier for the other person to drive and she just holds on J. Once we got there, I helped her into the store and put her diet Coke on her bike for her then went up stairs to the office (which is finally warm!)

It’s about 52F out, but still not sure if the weather is nice enough for a plane today, looks like there are snow squalls out towards the pass (to the East). I know Sharon and Christine wanted to leave on the last flight today, but we still haven’t had the first flight come in yet…. By the way my mom said my chili was awesome and she wished she had more, but I gave her and Eva all that was left!

We bought some cash off the post office and made Kay a check for it, she came up and exchanged me the cash for the check. I had a couple people come up to cash their check, but because the door is closed they didn’t think we were open – Even though I have this big sign that says “YES!! WE’RE OPEN! COME IN!” Right on the door… like I said I don’t think some people either can’t read or they don’t understand English when it’s written down… I don’t know… but I would hear Eva down in the store tell them that we were open and to just go in the door. Eventually they understood and would make their way back up stairs. It’s hard sometime to try to explain and tell someone something when they don’t understand a word your saying. I always say that if I’m going to another country I expect to speak their language, just like I expect them to speak English when they come to our country!!

Well the hubby decided to cook steam bath up again. I invited Sharon to take a bath, so hopefully my in-law’s don’t forget to call her tonight! I was down in the store getting us drinks for bath, when Sharon and Christine happened to come in to shop for dinner tonight. Hopefully they make it home before Easter! They are scheduled to fly back tomorrow. They let me know that Akutan is right up in the percentages with the rest of the country that did Story Corps according to population numbers. I believe they were able to get at least 6 stories recorded. I know that we could have gotten 6 in a day, but people around here “wimped” out and didn’t want to actually go thru with the recording process – which was super easy and fun and I’m excited that I get to keep a copy! I didn’t want my copy to be put up at the library, but everyone else let our library have copies of their stories. I was hoping for more people to speak up and get their stories documented - doesn’t matter what the story is about – I talked about when and where I was born and where I grew up and what it was like. How I was like as a kid, how my relationship with my parents and siblings, what kind of student I was in school, memories of school trips and the pilots that flew us on those trips, pretty much a little background on who I am and where I come from, and what I like to do kind of thing. I guess you can say I could have sat there for a couple sessions and just kept talking and finding stuff to talk about…. But I figured one session would be good for now, I had to literately drag my hubby up with me. After convincing him that he was just going to be asking me questions and that he wasn’t going to be asked anything back, he finally agreed to come up with me. I think after we were done he was pretty happy that he was able to be the one to question me, at the end I kind of embarrassed him and asked him about our first kiss back when we were 12 turning 13, but he shared his feelings – which I thank him greatly for doing!! I know he didn’t want to do anything but ask the questions…. But I figured it was the end and I was going to sneak on up on him!! :D

Oh I got a call last night, well my hubby answered and talked with his best friend in the whole world (other than me :P) his cousin lil Joe for like 45minutes, then my hubby told me that Joe’s girl Francine, who is prego with their first child (they are waiting until the baby’s birth to find out the sex), wanted to talk with me. I kind of giggled and though she’s probably like ‘what, I want to talk too.’ So I grabbed the phone and BS with her for about 30 mins, then she got to the point over why they called. I guess she was supposed to call me first but didn’t want to so she had Joe call my hubby, then ask for me. Well I felt honored when she asked me to be Krusnamom(godmother) to their baby!!! I couldn’t hold my excitement back as I told her “YES OF COURSE” as fast as she had asked. They had already asked my hubby to be Krusnadad back when they found out they were prego! They hope to come down on the ferry sometime this summer, they live up in Port Heiden right now (where Joe’s mom lives). I am super excited to have a second godchild, my first is my niece Kadance. Their baby will be my hubby’s second godchild too, his first is my niece Aaliyah! I think they really want to have a boy so they can name him Joe the 3rd, I forgot the girl name they had picked out, but that was a couple months ago – never know if they picked another name by now or yet. I always get excited to spend time on the phone catching back up with people that I haven’t seen in a long time! Always funny when we’re both talking and trying to listen to each other at the same time! We’re both saying “what... no you go a head..” LOL!

Well this afternoon seemed to go by ok – my heater kept the office warm at least! I don’t know what I’m going to make us for dinner tonight… I’m lazy to want to cook again… plus Hell’s Kitchen is on tonight (I wonder who’s getting kicked off tonight!) and I have steam bath to look forward to after work.

I took a pic this morning of the sun rising, it seems nice out, until you zoom in and see the small waves in the bay!
2 eagles flying way up in the sky… surprised I can zoom in on them and see them clearly!


  1. Wow, never expected the round trip to Dutch to be $230.00 for a 20 minute flight. OUCH!!


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