Saturday, April 4

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Well we happily got to sleep in today! Woke up to the sound of a plane flying over the house at 11:46AM… got up and looked out the window and thought “what the hell are they doing here in this weather?!?!” It’s about 48F out, blowing a good 20+MPH from the southeast, good sized waves in the harbor. We let the dogs out to do their thing, they slept in with us... We stayed up pretty late last night… The plane ended up getting stuck here for a bit, the weather went to crap, the fog fell to the water and it was blowing pretty good out still. But at 1:30PM or so the plane took off from here anyways, the weather wasn’t anything I would want to be flying in. We took a couple pics. I heard the people from the hotel checked out and made it out on that plane. Actually I heard it was a plane load of people!

We ended up going back down to the café for the last time until this June, instead of my usual we had breakfast. They are having their closing “party” tonight at 7PM, so we’ll probably make our way back down for that. I heard the plane brought nothing but mail… so we went down to see if we got anything. I was happy to see a couple more of my eBay items had arrived! I got a blonde wig in today, the closest I will get to cutting and dying my hair is a wig! I have a red one, but this blonde one is better looking – has bangs.. lol.. I wore it down to the “closing party” down the café. People were doing double take, wondering who my hubby was with. They thought someone came in on the plane… LMAO!! There was a pretty good amount of people who showed up, the café was pretty much packed full! Always good to get out and mingle with everyone!

For dinner tonight I made pizza. The freighter came in so we have some new stuff down at the store, including everything you need to make homemade pizza. So I made a half Hawaiian-half pepperoni pizza, and fried the rest of the dough up to make alaadikax!

I ran down to town a couple times and got my Wii and my lil bro-in-law’s Wii registered with each other as friends, now we can send messages on the message boards!! If anyone else has a Wii please register me as your friend, my email address should be found on my profile page- email me your Wii number and I will send you mine! Then we can send messages on our Wii’s!!!

Ok I hope everyone has a great Saturday night!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

What the weather looked like when the plane landed.. I tried to get a shot of how big the waves are....

The plane taking off.....the wind calmed a bit, but the fog is low!
Me - at the cafe for breakfast :)

Me walking to the store....
Pix from the "closing party" at the cafe (came out kinda blurry, I was moving :P )

Me as a blonde.... and with bangs... lol..... I would never do anything to my natural hair.. that's what wigs are for ;)

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