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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Well the weather today is still cold and blowing from the north at about 20MPH. Definitely no planes today. So last night I decided to bake up my kulich, cool them and put them in a box and see if someone who’s going over on the ferry can drop the box off to CB at the Grand for me, since we decided that we weren’t going to go over on the ferry. I baked up about 12 kulich, we kept 3 for ourselves, sent 7 to Dutch Harbor, gave one to my cousin Kay and one to my hubby’s Uncle Paul, he’s from King Cove and it’s always great to be able to see him when we can, and he decided that he’d take the first ferry trip down! So we frosted up a kulich and sent it home with him when the ferry came back from Dutch. I thought it was funny to get a call last night from Alvin telling me that he knew that I was making and sending him kulich, when I didn’t tell him yet. And I thought it was so cute when he asked me if I knew how he knew. All I could think of was “Who reads my blog that you talk to….?” Because I didn’t tell anyone but my hubby that I was going to make them and send them over, and I posted it in my blog! He let me know that a friend of his in King Cove called him and told him! I thought that was super cool!! I love knowing lots of people are reading my blog! I hope you all enjoy it!! :D

So we woke up around quarter to 4AM, so we can run up to Trident and find someone to take my box to Dutch Harbor for me. I swear I wasn’t even up yet wrapping up my unfrosted kulich and boxing it up! Then we took the very cold and slightly snowy ride up to Trident dock. There wasn’t very many town people who wanted to take this first trip since they were docking up at Trident instead of City dock, but I guess Trident had 120 people that they had to send over. I found my childhood BFF Karen who was going over and she said she’d take care of my box and deliver it for me. I was so thankful that she was going to do this for me last minute, she thought we were going until we told her we weren’t and I need that box of kulich to go over. After the town people loaded the ferry we rode back home and went back to bed. Around 5:30AM we heard the ferry heading out the bay.

We didn’t really do much today, sat around and cleaned up the house a bit. We ate a lot of kulich for breakfast, then frosted some and had that for lunch!! For dinner I opened a can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs and the hubby micro waved up a Marie Calendar’s Sweet and Sour Chicken.

Around 7 I talked my hubby into working out with me, since I was doing a 30 min yoga session. I told him it’s mostly stretching and not really aerobics. So he agreed and I think he was pretty happy afterwards that he did it with me. He said it felt good to have all your muscles stretched out then relaxed! Once we got done we showered up, by this time it’s getting close to 8PM, and we noticed the ferry coming back from Dutch Harbor, so we got ready and headed down to the City dock.

We decided to bring Tug with us down to the ferry. They didn’t really let people off for long but at least they let them off! I got to see my hubby’s Uncle Paul, and I got to see Cody (his mom used to live here, actually in the house I live in now & I used to baby sit him and his bro and sister when we were all younger!!). Cody is now an 18yr old young man who recently enlisted with the Marines! I am proud to see him decide to go down that lane! I have a cousin who is going to be 20, this year I believe, who is in the Marine Corp right now, and our family couldn’t be happier and proud of him. So I feel the same way towards Cody, I think I was the only person who recognized him! I saw him, yelled his name, and people were like “Whoa, no way Cody?!?!” Uncle Paul was really happy to receive a Kulich; you wouldn’t believe how many people were trying to take it from us saying, “He doesn’t need it.” Gee huh?!?! Also all the school kids were down with their parents and all of their stuff they need for their trip. I believe there are 8 of them all together including the chaperones. While the ferry was docked my in-law’s pit bull/mix pup got off his line and made it out of his pen and decided to greet the ferry too! His name is Brutus – but I call him my Boo-tus. He knows me and likes me, so I ran and grabbed him and put my Tug’s collar on him and leash and controlled him around all the people. Tug is a very good dog and listens pretty well, so I knew I could take him off his leash, he just gets too happy around a lot of people and sometimes becomes a handful! Worse than a little kid!!

Well the ferry took off, and we watched it take off with all the kids waving to everyone as they were embarking on their week long journey through the state. My mother-in-law wasn’t sure if my 11yr old bro-in-law was even going to go, but he was excited and ready to go; although he cried a bit as the ferry was pulling away from the dock, which made my mother-in-law start to tearing up. After the ferry was out the bay we headed back home. We were cold, but Tug couldn’t be happier running around and playing catch with his ball. We too Brutus back home and put him away. He’s like a little pulling machine, nothing but muscle and close to the ground. I would guess he’s about 50-55lbs, about half the size of my lab Tug. I’m lucky the leash I have is rated for a 220lb dog!

I was happy that CB received my kulich and was going to pass them out for me to everyone. I hope they frost them… I like them frosted… but like I said a lot of people like theirs different.

Well we had a small get together with some friends and hung out and played guitar hero over at their place. Talk about feeling guilty, no one reminded any of us that there was church, until church was over with then they called. WTF?!?! How come no one said anything to us earlier? I don’t know how we spaced it off… I feel so bad… I can’t explain how bad I feel. I want to crawl under a rock and not come out… I heard that only 14 people went to church, just enough to hold everything. And the weather was so windy that no one could keep their candles lit… I feel so bad L but can’t rewind time. I remember 10 years ago when so many people went to church we couldn’t fit everyone in the hallway and we’d be like burning each other with our candles because we’re so close to each other, and the body heat after a couple mins would start to get uncomfortable. But like I said can’t rewind time, and I can feel as guilty/bad as I want I guess, but I guess I’ll have to get over it.

Well today seemed like a pretty good day for a Saturday! So, until tomorrow, TTFN!

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