Monday, April 6

Monday, April 6, 2009

Woke up to a clear but overcast sky today. Looks like we’ll get a plane today, Story Corps is supposed to be in today! The temp feels a little chilly in the low 40’s, there is still a low laying fog out in the pass when you look out towards Akun Island (looking East). The dogs ran out and enjoyed playing around in the yard, then eventually did their thing. We put all our garbage out for pickup, garbage day today!

We headed down to the office, my hubby has to get the rooms situated for our expected arrivals today, and we had those 3 people check out over the weekend on that one plane we had come in. I got all the charge slips entered into the book from over the weekend. Today the guys told us that they are taking some of the doors and paining them, starting with the bathroom door today, tomorrow will be our office door. The halls are starting to look really nice and bright! We are out of cash, I am cashing checking with the last of our 10’s! I had 4 people put money on their store accounts though! My mom was finishing up payroll by the time I was finishing up entering the charge slips in the book.

Sharon and Christine from Story Corps came in on the first flight, which arrived at 11:30AM. I walked down to the plane and welcomed them. Then went on up to the office to get them checked into the hotel and grab their keys, and then I walked with them to their rooms. I then ran back to the store and got us some egg rolls for lunch. I heard they are going to try to have a get together for Story Corps at 2. Then we’ll see who’ll be recording the first session over here, probably going to be me!

After lunch, I got back down to the office and started to finish up some of the paperwork into the spreadsheets. There are a lot of Trident employees trying to come up and cash their checks, we have no cash though… Then they try to use the bathroom, and there is no door because the guys are painting it today! I have to make a “bathroom out of order” sign I guess… but seeing that they come all the way up to my desk and set their checks down and I have to tell them “no cash” when there is a NO CASH sign hanging off my desk where they can see it – guess they can’t read English……

I got my arrangements for the APICDA conference next month. I love being able to go to the conference every year and see everyone from all the APICDA communities! Now I just have to make my hubby’s ticket (mileage ticket), then let the airlines know I’m traveling with my pups (so I have to pay for their “tickets” too!). Pretty excited to be able to see my sister and niece again!! Plus I have to get my pup’s vet appointments for their annual exams set up, then get car reservations done up (which isn’t hard at all…:P)… yay, spending my hubby’s b-day in Anchorage!! Email me if you’re going to be in Anchorage next month and maybe we’ll be able to get together (maybe we can all go out on my hubby’s b-day!!!)… Let me know!!!!

So the plane came back in around 4:10PM. Not sure what’s coming in or what’s going, I got a little bit of mail in on this morning’s flight. I didn’t hear back from Sharon or Christine about when I come in for my recording… so I’m guessing in the morning… they know where I work and where to find me!

Today seemed like a pretty good day, not to busy but busy enough to have the time move by quickly. We got a little bit of cash from the Post office, but that didn’t last long. I heard that there is going to be another flight later today, I guess the one that’s here is a charter for Trident, so that pushed the scheduled flight a bit later. My mom is supposed to be leaving for meetings and be back in a couple days or so and they said she’s on the later flight, not the one that’s here right now….

I figured we’ll eat left over spaghetti that we have in the fridge for dinner tonight. Other than Story Corps, I have nothing big planned for the rest of the day other than go home and relax and maybe take our lab Tug out for a swim later since it’s nice out. It’s been in the low-mid 40’s all day, clear out with over cast skies, a slight foggy haze out towards the pass… well I guess I heard that last plane just cancelled.. So only 2 flights today… my mom is SOL (shit out of luck) and has to go tomorrow not… if the weather is nice enough….

Ok well until tomorrow, TTFN!! Have a great Monday night!!


  1. Have fun in Anchorage next month! hope the doggies fly ok!

  2. BTW, you look great as a blonde. You'll have to post a pic in the red wig lol. Since the restaurant is closed can you and your hubby go to Trident to eat or is that only for workers? And it's time for some new Dante and Roscoe pics.


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