Monday, April 27

Monday, April 27, 2009

Today is another beautiful day in the Aleutians! I love when it’s starting to smell like spring/summer and the weather is warming up!

Well last night was a pain in the ass. We have these 2 super cute foxes hanging out down our end of town, and they love getting into everything they can. Last night it was ripping my garbage, the same garbage we had to pick up off the yard yesterday!!! Now at like 1AM these 2 little misfits had all my garbage spread out over my front porch. I would open the door and they would just look at me, and not even run! I would yell at them and try to throw stuff, but they would only go so far then come back. Ohhhh I was pissed, not something I wanted to deal with at that time of the night. The only reason we knew they were out there was because Roscoe was barking like hell. Dante doesn’t really bark unless there is someone he doesn’t know in the house. So we had to bag it all back up and try to rig up a bunch of stuff on our porch to stop them from getting back into it before garbage pick-up in the AM!!

We got up this morning and hosed the porch off before letting the pups out. I don’t want them trying to eat anything that the foxes left behind! So we cleaned our porch and let the pups out. It’s a beautiful day today, the water in the bay is pretty flat calm. The skies seem mostly cloudy with open patches where the sun pours its bright warm rays thru! The temps are in the mid 40’s, and you can smell the sweet smell of the ocean and kelp with the serenading sounds of sea gulls playing with each other as they gather eating krill on the beaches. A handful of eagles joining the small feast lining the beach. I hate letting Roscoe out when there are a bunch of eagles around, we always say he’s “eagle bait!” Dante only goes out on a leash, he won’t come back inside if he’s loose. I will have to play the “I’m running away from you, better catch me” game. I never chase him… I let him chase me… then he feels all happy when he finally “catches” me! They are like a bunch of little kids with no ears when they are outside! They just want to run and play and chase each other or play fetch with a ball! Dante is slowly learning what “inside” means. Roscoe will hang his head and make his way towards the door, like “do I have to?” look on his face! Tug is pretty well behaved, other than the fact that I think he thinks’ he’s an overgrown Chihuahua!! He thinks he can jump in our laps or try to have us hold him and get loves like the little guys do! This sucks because I really don’t want him to be thinking he can just jump on people, he’s like 80lbs, not 10lbs or less! Oh I weighted both my little babies!! Roscoe is exactly 10lbs, and Dante is 7lbs 2 oz!! They don’t seem that big, but the scale doesn’t lie!

So I got down to the office this morning and finished working on the Corp’s fuel billing. The City had send me revised billing, so I went thru it all and entered into the QuickBooks the rest of the fuel billing that hadn’t been paid. After printing out the check I went down and hand delivered it to the City Office just before lunch. The first scheduled flight came in on time this morning, landing around 11:12AM. I went down and took a picture of the plane on the ramp! I happened to get my Guitar Hero Metallica and the microphone in today!! Oh yeah, I’ll be rockin’ out tonight!! I also got in some of the clothes that I bid on eBay for my niece in today! So I’ll get those washed up and send off to her tomorrow! I hope she likes them! Gee, L/XL in little girls looks bigger than some of my Medium sized shirts I own! I was looking at the cute shirts I got in for her and was thinking I could easily fit all the clothes I got her! I should go thru my closet and send her everything I don’t wear anymore!

For lunch I cooked us up grilled cheese sandwiches and my hubby had his with a beef veggie soup. I jammed out a bit on GH: Metallica. I can’t wait to get off work and go get a good jam session in! OMG, for Medium difficulty it was pretty challenging! I can’t wait to go work on my “career” mode and start opening up stuff and making “money”! On my way back down to work, one of those pesky foxes was sitting on my porch, like it was waiting for me to bring it something. I tried to shoo it away and it ran down the bank then sat in my neighbor’s yard. I took a couple pix of it, super cute looking fox and it didn’t even move as I got off the 4-wheeler and snapped a couple pix, then I took a good one of me pointing at it! (hard shot to get, but I’m getting good at it!)

I got back down to the office, and Sandra May came up with the check I took to her at the City office and she told me that I somehow over paid them and we went back over billing. So I went back into QuickBooks, voided that check and finally got them the check for the right amount. So now we should be zeroed out on our fuel bill until this month’s billing is done up! Yay, I’m happy to get that done and over with, and I know Sandra is happy we got it all cleared up. I guess billing got put off for a bit when she went off to school and her temp tried to do the best job they could do with it… but I guess some how someone messed it up and Sandra had to fix everything back up and explain to us. So we’re both happy that is out of the way! What a headache, at least now we have it squared off and everything is starting from a zero balance. See what happened is my mom got the fuel bill in, paid it – but they over charged us on accident and after they fixed it we ended up over paying and we had a credit with them. And the way we enter it in the computer, the computer doesn’t know when or even if we have a credit. So I had to put lots of notes into QuickBooks explaining the credit and what totals went to which buildings fuel bill (since we take care of about 5 different buildings each with their own fuel account). Hopefully nothing like that happens at the City again, and billing should go smoothly now… well as long as Sandra is doing it I know it will be done right! Thanks a lot for your help getting that figured out Sandra!!

I got all the charge slips from the weekend entered in the book. My mom had payroll done this morning by the time I got to work, so I’ve been handing out payroll checks to our employees all day. I have also been cashing a pretty good amount of local’s checks. I had about 4 people put money on their store accounts and we bought some cash from the Roadhouse!

I love the nice weather we are having today! The sun feels great, giving off some heat that can be felt even with the little breeze! I almost need to start keeping my jacket at home and store my DC shoes away for a rainy day and pull my flip-flops and heels out for the rest of the summer!!

Doc Borenin brought my mom up some “bidarkies” – gumboots or chitins. I used to eat them back when my maternal grandma was alive, but I haven’t really eaten once in over 15 years now, and I sadly think I won’t ever eat one again. I can’t get myself to do it, when I was a kid it was something grandma fed me… but once I found out what it was I didn’t want to eat it any more. Doc brought my mom up a pretty good amount, I held a couple and took some pictures of them. They seem to not get as big as I remember them getting, that or they just decided to take as many as they could off the Reef so everyone can get some and didn’t worry about how big they were. The salt water on them smells good, I love living near the ocean, and I love the smell of it, the taste and smell of fresh ocean water being sprayed from a skiff! The only thing I probably don’t like about it up here is how cold it is… In Hawaii it was hard to keep me out of the water – until I thought of sharks!

I don’t know what we are going to be eating for dinner tonight. I might just get us some Hebrew National Kosher hot dogs and some chili. Oh wait, my mom just told me that my brother is making beef stew and we’re invited over for dinner! Yay, don’t have to get my kitchen dirty tonight!!

Around 4:35PM the second flight came in. Well I hope everyone had a great Monday!! Until Tomorrow TTFN!!

The Goose making is way to the plane ramp.

The Goose on the ramp, everyone going over to meet it.

Fox running from my porch to my neighbor's yard.

Cute Fox

Me pointing to the fox! I didn't want to get any closer, it might bite!

My Dante winking (for CB)

My little baby boys!

Bidarkies in a grocery bag, my mom's going to eat these later

Me holding a couple, showing the top and bottom sides!


  1. Goose Photos..Great!!!
    Fox Photos.....Cute!!
    Dante and Roscoe Photos...ULTRA CUTE!!!
    Bidarkies Photos...OMG WHAT THE FUDGE IS THAT?

  2. bidarkies are these little "creatures" that you find in the tidal areas, on rocks and reefs. Almost similar to China Caps, which are also edible. You cut out the "tounge" and clean it and slice it and eat it sashimi style. The black part is also edible. Our Unangan ancestors ate them and we still do today (well I don't any more). Locals from around this area consider them a delicacy!

  3. Awesome pictures thanks for sharing them. Hee Hee your foxes remind me of naughty children playing in the mud. Thanks for explaining what Bidarkies are they look a little like the mussel you can get at the beach here.

  4. Great post. The bidarkies sort of remind me of abalone. Why not make a chowder out of them?

  5. Your babies are adorable! Great photos and story today!


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