Monday, April 20

Monday, April 20, 2009

Today is my 26th birthday! I thought we were sleeping in, for I had felt like I had slept all night and some! The time was actually 8AM, and the phone was ringing (my first phone call of the day), but neither of us wanted to move so we let the answering machine get it. As the answering machine clicked on, I laid in my bed, smiling and listening to my younger sister Ivy singing happy birthday to me! I’m happy I let the answering machine get it, now I can keep that message! We felt like we slept enough and decided to get up and enjoy the day!

We took the dogs outside to what looks to be a beautiful, clear morning. It’s slightly warm feeling and the sun is trying to come out, the water in the bay is flat calm and there is no wind! My sister-in-law is stuck in Dutch, so I called her telling her the weather was nice and I was hoping she’d make it home! The dogs enjoyed running around, as the seagulls, eagles and ravens all made the morning sound that much more peaceful and serene. We went inside and watched some TV until the store opened, so we can go down and get pop and something to eat!

When we got ready to walk to the store, I opened the door and was instantly disappointed in what I was seeing. I was wishing hard for no snow on my b-day… and it’s blowing and snowing/raining out, fog coming down all the way to the water and you can barely see anything and its only 10AM! What happened to what it was like 2 hours ago?!?! So we bundled up and walked down to the store, where I found pizzas and corned beef brisket. So we went home and ate the pizzas, for “breakfast” and decided to cook up the brisket for dinner! Today is also my BFF Karen’s little girl’s 3rd birthday too!! And her party should be later tonight… at least I don’t have to worry about where I’m going to get some cake from! I know I am not depending on my hubby to make it!!

So I got calls from all my immediate family members and some calls from people I didn’t expect all saying happy birthday. Feels really good to be remembered… a couple people I guess forgot or said they didn’t know until they heard other people say something to me. Today turned out to be a great day for me. Spending it with the ones I love: either by visiting them or by chatting it up on the phone!!

The weather has been up and down most the day, mostly up though! It’s been nice and warm feeling, clear and the air filled with the sounds of all the birds. I was wishing hard for the plane to come in, but I don’t think they will try, I heard they were on weather hold – not sure who’s weather now… My sister-in-law, her b/f, our auditors and a couple other town people caught a ride on Trident’s freighter boat the Eastern Wind – that ride should be about 4 hours. Temps have been in the low 40’s all day, until it decides to have a rain/snow squall go through!

Around 5:30PM we were sitting down to eat dinner and I was just about to take a bite of food, when all the sudden I jumped up yelled “WHOA”, almost threw my food across the table and went running to the window. My hubby was all like “What’s going on?!” All I knew was I looked up and saw almost my whole front window get blacked out and all I can see is the belly of the goose as it was landing. I swear if they get any closer they are going to land on my house! Then I turned around and told him, “Oh, sorry! The plane is just here!” I was hoping that they would bring some mail, since I’m waiting on so much stuff that I ordered to come in and since all the people who were going to fly over go on that boat, which should be coming around the corner and heading in the bay anytime soon. They are supposed to be here a 6PM. My friend Karen’s mom is supposed to be on that boat, so Mia’s birthday party is going to be postponed until 7PM.

We sat around at home watching the season finale of For the Love of Ray J, and another episode of I love Money 2 comes on, then we headed down to the birthday party. I don’t have any kids to take to the party, but doesn’t mean I can’t come and celebrate with my friends and their kids! All the older kids are gone on the school trip, so there were just the “babies”, 2 boys and 3 girls all 3 or younger! It so cute watching kids play, eat and have fun! My camera’s batteries were dead, so I sadly wasn’t able to bring it with me or I would have been taking pix! The lil party was over with around 8:30PM, and everyone started to clean up… they had some pretty good food that Sandra May and Karen had cooked up! I made sure to take a plateful home for later! (I swore I ate way too much today, but it’s my birthday, can indulge a bit!) After making sure I ate a piece of cake, we all talked each other into meeting up and going up to “the other end” (Roadhouse) tonight around 10. I figured why not and we went home and got ready.

At around 10 we called my hubby’s brother and mom to see what they were doing… I guess my in-laws were just about to call us to come up, and my bro-in-law was just on his way out the door, so we walked a bit faster and caught up with him. After walking in, I don’t think we were there longer than 2-3 mins. Long enough for me to hang my coat and open my A&W Cream soda, and I walked to the heater to warm up, when all the sudden EVERYONE in the bar started to sing “Happy Birthday” to me. I turned red and felt like I didn’t need to be standing near the heater anymore! We hung out until quarter to midnight. I have work tomorrow and I need to shower after leaving the bar, since they smoke cigarettes in there – so everything from your hair to your clothes down to your skin you smell like an ashtray! On my way home I stopped by my parents and wished my dad an early happy birthday, since his birthday is tomorrow!

We got home showered up and went to bed. Today was a great day. I loved every moment of it! Thank you to everyone who wished me a great day!! So until tomorrow, TTFN!
Us in a booth seat at the Roadhouse. I got a damn scratch by my right eye :(

Looking out the Bay

Looking towards town

The Goose taking off

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