Friday, April 24

Friday, April 24, 2009

Well today is kind of on the cooler side. The weather is blowing about 10 MPH from the south, over cast skies. It feels like it wants to rain, but it has been dry all morning. It’s pretty clear out, but it looks “hazy” over towards Akun. We played some catch with the pups and let them do their thing. Then I got ready to go down to the office.

Not as busy a day, but still busy. Almost finished up I hope, all is going pretty good! I joked with them about making their reservations to come back in a couple months to do this year’s audit! I don’t know if they want to be thinking about that when they are still working on getting what they are doing done first! Next year will go even more smoothly after taking some pointers on how to make their job a little easier by just filing stuff a little differently. Not a problem for us! I have been trying to make things easier for us to categorize, and they are making that way easier for me by showing me what they’d like them to be grouped up in! They are really happy with how well I get around on Excel!! We had a pretty good system already, but doesn’t mean we can’t update and improve a bit with the technology that we are already using these days! Pretty exciting to be getting everything on the computer instead of all hand written! As long as my back-up copies are tucked safely away in a secure and fireproof place I am happy!! Can save a lot of space putting everything on a disc and storing it instead of paper stored in boxes!

Well for lunch today we made tuna sandwiches. Nothing too exciting, I forgot to get sweet pickles, so it was pretty plain with just mayo, salt and pepper. My hubby got a call earlier from his best friend, who told us that his g/f’s water broke this morning! So yay, she should be going into birth anytime soon! They picked my hubby and me to be the godparents (Krusna’s) to their baby! As far as I know they said they weren’t going to look at the sex of the baby and let it be a surprise. But they really want a boy… and a couple people have told me they were having a boy, but like I said I thought they were going to wait. They didn’t say anything to us…. So hmmmmm… I am trying to think up strong but cute nic names for us to call their baby for the rest of the baby’s life! Like I call my sister Ivy’s baby Cupcake, I used to call my sister Shannon’s little girl (my first god child) Trinity, but I started to call her Kadie like everyone else since that’s what she knows – I need to try to call them and get more involved in my nieces lives! I love sending them stuff at least! So they know Aunty April is always getting them cute clothes and stuff!

Well the weather after lunch has gone to crap. The fog has dropped and it started to sprinkle. It’s that foggy kind of rain that seems like you don’t have to be out in it long to get soaked, even though it’s not like it’s big rain drops! I like to think of those mister/foggers at the grocery store that spray the produce, it’s like that! There really isn’t a wind, but the fog “creates” its own wind. There are some pretty good waves in the harbor even though the weather seems pretty calm. Here I was thinking we’d get a plane today, not anymore!

So this afternoon went by pretty smoothly. For some reason now our phones are ringing really quietly and my mom’s phone isn’t ringing at all… I know they were cleaning out the stock room up over in the store, and our phone connections are along a wall in there, hopefully no one or nothing bothered those connections. Either way I think we’ll call the phone company and see when they plan on sending a tech out this way so they can check out our phone system. Our internet still isn’t working, so we have to call GCI again and see if they did turn it back on or not. They said they accidentally put a hold on it, then they supposedly took it off and our internet was supposed to start working again, but we still don’t have a connection here in the office. Which kind of sucks when it comes to getting our business emails checked! At least the internet is working at my house, well it’s in and out but more in than out!

I cooked us up a pizza last night for dinner. I got everything for stir fry tonight, simple meat and veggies over rice with a little oriental flair to it. There really isn’t anything good on TV and we don’t really have anything planned for today. I am definitely looking forward to the weekend!!

Well I hope everyone has a great Friday night!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!

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