Friday, April 17

Friday, April 17, 2009

Well today is another cold and very windy day! If I didn’t have the park break set on the 4-wheeler it would have for sure blown over the bank on to the beach! We are having strong 45-55MPH sustained winds, gusting higher from the North, blowing super cold air from the Bering Sea. No precipitation, the skies are scattered with some clouds with patches of blue sky and the sun is peeking from around the clouds. The dogs ran out and didn’t like the wind, but did their thing and ran back in…

I was putting my gloves on when the wind decided to steal one out of my hand and started to blow it across the road. I chased it and caught up with my glove and put it on my hand so it couldn’t get away and jumped back on the bike. My hubby sat in the doorway giggling at me as I was running for it!

I made my way to the office, where I saw my mom and Eva were already there opening up the store for the day. My mom isn’t going to be in the office today since we can be officially closed for Russian Good Friday… but I decided to come in and get some stuff done up … like pricing the store order and making sure everything is ready for our auditor!

After entering the charge slips from yesterday into the charge book, I got to finishing up pricing what we have coming in on the freighter, made copies and gave them to Eva. I make 3 copies for the store: one stays in the store’s clip board, one gets the “stickers” from the pallets put on it and gets filed back up in the office, and the third is just to have for the stock person. The original gets filed in my desk with the billing from our vendor.

So I heard that the ferry might be tying up at Trident dock in the AM instead of our City dock: one because of the weather, and two because I guess Trident is going to send like 100 people over or something like that, which really makes me debate again whether or not to go, I hate traveling with that many people (especially when they all start to get sea sick and the ferry smells like puke or that’s all you hear)… Plus the muddy walk/ride to Trident that early in the AM makes me debate even more about going. I don’t want to get all muddy before getting on… And I really hate the thought of leaving Dante at home… so we’ll still see how I’m feeling… I don’t think we’ll be going… it was a nice thought… but we’ll be traveling next month – we can wait! But I’m going to try to find a way to get some kulich over on the ferry. I heard my hubby’s Uncle Paul is making the trip down and back… so I have to make sure to make one for him to take home with him!! I’m hoping I’m making enough for everyone…

For lunch we had grilled cheese and my hubby had soup with his. I worked out for about 45 mins last night… I did one of my belly dancing videos and my abs, hips and shoulders are feeling it today! But I think if I’m feeling up to it and have time, I might do another session tonight, maybe yoga. I realized that watching what I’m eating isn’t going to help me lose that last 10-15 lbs and that I’m going to have to get serious about my exercise routine.

Back at the office this afternoon was pretty quiet. I had one lady from Trident come down and cash her check. I also had the 2 older girls in our school come down and cash-in their smaller bills for larger ones. The school kids should be leaving on their week long excursion around the state either tonight on the ferry or tomorrow when they are heading back North. My mom and I were talking about doing fundraisers maybe every month or something when the ferry comes in and save up for their trip they are planning next year, they would like to take the kids down to Washington DC. I loved when I was in school and we went to DC!! OMG, we did so many fundraisers it wasn’t funny. I swear every other weekend or so or sometimes in between traveling for sports (volleyball & basketball), we’d have a spaghetti fundraiser or serve sit down meals in the gym. And we would all pitch in and “take orders” and go back to the kitchen and then bring it back out and serve it to them. We’d set it up with certain people controlling certain tables, like they do in big restaurants. We’d make some pretty good food too, making sure you left full! They don’t really do that anymore. I miss the way it used to be. I miss the way it was when I was in school. I feel these kids are missing out on some of the activities that were presented to us because of how many kids were in school when I was a teen. At least they still get to travel a bit…

Well today is my cousin Kay’s birthday, she is our Post Master at the Post office! I hope she has an awesome day and I hope she knows I love her lots and thank her for being a great listener – you can tell we’re related… when we start talking it’s hard to shut us up most the time, or for someone else to get a word in!!! LOL Luv ya KK!! I made her this super cute card on my computer, printed it out and gave it to her!!!

Well our internet at the office is still out, we have people trying to get on the roof today to spin our antenna back the way it’s supposed to be facing and push the reset button for us. I wish they would have installed it closer to our window so we can just do it from there! We just have to get the ladders and have a couple people so someone can hold the bottom since it’s still blowing pretty good out. Hopefully our antenna isn’t broken… would hate to have to wait for a replacement to have to be mailed out with the way our mail has been moving. I believe we’ve been averaging a plane every 10-12 days or so… wonder when the winter weather is going to decide to leave and let it warm up and get nice out?!?!?!?! Ok so we had them go up on the roof and push the reset button and the lights came on, but we still aren’t getting online, so we’re going to call GCI and see what’s going on!

Well my hubby decided that since we don’t have anything planned for this evening that he was going to cook steam bath tonight. Sounds good to me… relax and get my muscles feeling good, then work them out again, but a slower workout this time. Belly dancing can be dangerous if you push yourself too hard… it’s so easy to pull a muscle the wrong way, especially since you are using muscles that you rarely use!! It feels really good though. I wouldn’t mind trying out the “stripper” pole routine, I always laugh and tell my hubby we should put it in the living room because that’s where I work out! He was like “what if people see it?” LMAO!!! I heard that gives you a great workout, and I’m open to most exercise routines that add a bit of sexiness to it rather than just sweat and aerobics! But with yoga, I figured it would be an easy credit to earn in college since I needed to fill one more credit to reach a full 12 credit load. So I took it my first semester and was in for a surprise when I realized that it challenged me and I would be sore, but I stayed in great shape and never gained the “freshman 15!” I loved how it made me feel… not only physically but spiritually -I guess that’s how I can put it.

I had a couple different groups of Trident employees come down to cash their checks, the only problem is that I don’t accept Trident Employee ID cards, we only cash checks with a government issued identification that has an expiration date: like your driver’s license, passport, “green card”, or state ID. I guess they must cash/break down their checks with just their Trident employee ID because they just came from the City office and they want to cash their checks, but their real ID’s are back in their rooms at Trident. I’m sorry but it’s our policy that I have to have your ID, and we do not cash other people’s checks for other people either, you have to cash your own check. Never know if someone stole someone else’s ID and their check… that’s happened before up at the cannery! Most of them walk back up to Trident, and then come back down with their identification and cash their checks. Before walking out of the office they always seem to ask what time we close. I realized that when they took our door to paint it they took our hours sign down. So I printed a new one and stuck it up by our door so people know this is the Corp office and our hours! Then I also tacked up the sign letting people know that if you write a bad check and it bounces you are going to be charged a $30 dishonored check fee from our credit services company!

Well I feel happy with everything I got done in the office today. Not only did I get all the paperwork arranged and ready for the auditor, I also helped my mom clean the office up a bit. I giggled at our auditor when he called me and asked if we had a dress code. I told him yeah, casual and comfortable! LOL!!! I then laughed and told him “no, we don’t have a dress code.” Although it was nice of him to ask, I told him to just dress comfortably, no need to get gussied up here in the village! Out here, these are places you come to relax and not worry about how you’re dressed (although I seem to make sure I’m put together well most the time :P, jeans work great for me!!). My brother has been talking about putting his suit on for Easter, he likes to look nice in church! I when I was a little girl I used to get an Easter dress every year to wear to church and I remember being all proud all dressed up in my white dress! I don’t really dress up anymore like I probably should like I used to back in the day… but I guess you can say almost everything is different these days! Sad to see some things change, like how people act and what we used to do, and there is nothing you can really do to change it back… Like I said I guess there was just more to do when there were more of us kids back then, the adults had to find stuff to keep us occupied since there were so many of us when I was a kid! I believe we raised hell more than the kids do now!

Well I have steam bath to look forward to. Not sure what I am going to make for dinner tonight. I feel lazy to have to cook anything, but I hate starving! So I will look around for something. I know I got kulich to bake up tonight, but can’t eat just bread… I will find something… even if it means riding up Trident to get lettuce to make tacos… on wait shit… a boat bought up all the hamburger meat in the store… so scratch that idea… :P Hmmmm.. I guess I’m just going to have to find something… if not I’ll eat a can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meat balls and the hubby can eat whatever else I can find that he might find appealing…

Well today was a pretty Good Friday for being Russian Good Friday, LOL! The weather was crappy, windy and cold… but it’s clear and dry so can’t complain there! I hope everyone has a great Friday night and an even better weekend! I hope everyone who takes the ferry tonight has a safe and not so bumpy ride, for I will be sleeping soundly when the ferry arrives around 4:30AM!! Sorry CB, I’ll for sure be seeing you next month!! Make sure to pick up your kulich though! I will find someone to send it over with!!

Well until sometime tomorrow, TTFN!!

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  1. Thinking of you it is lightly breezy and sunny here with temperatures in the 70's. I'll enjoy the spring weather for you.


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