Tuesday, March 31

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well today isn’t too bad a day. The sky is over cast, the temp is 36F, a northerly breeze, and the ground is still covered in snow/ice. Not sure if this is flying weather today, not with the Northerly winds… I think the longest we went without a plane is about 18 days… then we’d get one plane in and another 12 more days later the weather would clear enough for another flight or two. Living here you get used to it… you can always try to find a boat to travel out of here if you want to go that way – I get sea sick on those big boats… so I prefer to fly…. We had 13 cents on our power stat this morning, so we ran down to the City office just after 9 to buy more power and run back home and put it in the stat machine… we didn’t want the power to turn off at 9:30, so we made sure to head down early today! Today is also garbage day so guess we can go put that out too…

Got down to the office and started to get some files ready for the auditor. I had to burn some of the spreadsheets I have on my computer since they can’t find what I entered in the journal entries on QuickBooks. So that was easy to get done. Then we went on a file hunt… I know there was this little “banker box” for checks that was sitting by the window with our binders holding our check copies… and now all the sudden it’s missing…. So we’re on the hunt for that box. My mom had already gotten the charge slips entered in from yesterday. So after helping look for files, which we found in the office next door, I started to work on the store order I hope to have out this afternoon. This morning seemed to blow by and it was already lunch time!

I went home and had cream of mushroom soup over toast… the hubby said that he’d help make lunch; since it’s so easy to do he can even do it… (How hard is it to heat up a can of soup and make toast?!?!) LOL…. Its cooled down to 32F out there, and the wind is picking up ever so slightly, still from the North. Feels cold out there!

I got back to work this afternoon and started right back up on getting the next store order into the computer and off to our vendors. I was waiting for a couple sheets still that they were busy filling out down in the store, making sure we order everything we need for Easter. We celebrate Russian Easter here too, which is usually a week after American Easter. We make “kulich” Easter Breads, which is white bread with raisins in it baked in coffee cans. Only problem is that they don’t make coffee in the tins anymore it’s all plastic these days, so it’s getting harder and harder to find cans to bake our kulich in. I know there are some people around here who will collect and save up their cans to use over the years! I think my mom might have some cans for me to use… if not I’ll make mini size ones in regular canned food cans! LOL…. At least they will be cute ;) After cooling the bread we frost them and put sprinkles on them then we’ll share them with everyone in town, usually a big one goes to a big size family, and the smaller ones to single people. When I was a little kid I used to love waiting for my mom to get done frosting them so I can go run around and pass them out to everyone! I still enjoy that today, but now I make them!!

I also started to work with the Story Corps Alaska on getting people to sign up to tell their stories! I hope to be able to get a good amount of people gathered and signed up. I need groups of 2 to fill 5-6 sessions a day. I have a list of sample questions for ideas for what to talk about. It can be a story about anything… anyone…. Whatever you’d like to say… It can be a conversation between you and whoever… or fishing stories… anything you’d love to share with the world!! Come on Akutan… sign up now!! They will only be here for a couple days starting April 6th!

I got our store order done and emailed off to the right vendors. A pretty good size order… This afternoon seemed to go by pretty fast. I got an order ready for our hotel. All new sheets, towels, pillows, bedding, shower curtains and anything else I knew we might need. I’m trying to get everything in white so that we can use bleach on everything instead of just powdered Tide w/bleach. Because that tide can be used on non-whites too… I want us to be able to use actual Clorox bleach in the wash loads! So I’m ordering us all new everything in white! Hopefully get that order out tomorrow….

I got us Hamburger helper Cheese burger Mac for dinner tonight. We ended up eating cereal last night for dinner at like 10:30PM…. I know that’s late, but we had to eat something and not just go to bed hungry! I’ll try to get dinner done between 7-8 tonight!

Not bad a day in the office… we had a handful of people come up to cash their checks. Made a couple hotel reservations for this coming month and for May. I helped my mom with anything she needed me with… and we got numerous calls today, way too many to be remembering what they were all for… I know a couple were calls for the Café... their number is -2260 and my office number is -2206... So it’s easy for people to get those numbers mixed up! I put a new toner in our fax machine, so we’ll be able to get incoming faxes now! We were out of toner and we couldn’t find where we put the toner replacements, but when we were looking for that box this morning I happened to run across them. So I made sure to put a new one in before end of the day!

Well until tomorrow, TTFN!!

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  1. The Story Corps process is pretty painless and Sharon and Kristine are wonderful so get lots of folks signed up! There is a lot of history that would be wonderful to preserve, and you get a copy of your interview on a CD afterwards. Say hello to the Story Corps gals from Steve!


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