Tuesday, March 24

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well today feels like one of the coldest days of the year! Woke up to 15F this morning, not a breeze in the sky, it’s clear out with a couple clouds. The sun looks as if it wants to jump over the horizon! I don’t think the thin layers of high clouds are going to let the sun’s rays penetrate thru today. The dogs didn’t really want anything to do with being out in the cold this morning, even though it was nice out!

I got down to the office and entered the charge slips in from yesterday. I got a couple calls confirming hotel reservations, cancelling some and making new ones. Then I got a call from Story Corp., I guess my uncle volunteered me to get everything started up for them… Like I don’t already have enough to do… I had a couple Trident employees trying to break their check down. I tried to explain to them that we cash them for 10%, but they kept saying “no, break down” and trying to hand me the list of names and totals. I tried to explain to them again that they are in the wrong office and that they want the city office. And they asked if they have to come back tomorrow, and I kept trying to tell them they were in the office that we cashed them not break down. They eventually got fed up with me… stood there and stared at me for like 5-8 mins (I thought it was really weird and I felt totally uncomfortable) before they eventually just left. I tried to point out the City building to them, but I don’t think they understood me at all!

So I heard the plane is on weather hold this morning, they didn’t come in yesterday because I guess no one was working at the airport over in Dutch Harbor since none of the bigger planes were flying in – So I guess that’s their reason why there was no need to have the airport open– all from that volcano erupting, which cancelled all the flights to Dutch Harbor yesterday.

For lunch we had cream of mushroom soup over toast. Quick and easy!

This afternoon I got a lot of paperwork entered into the spread sheets. At 1:20 PM the plane flew over and landed, pulling up on the ramp mins later. I heard there were 2 people and a bunch of mail. I wonder if I got anything good in… I’m still waiting on some Petco orders to come in, always good to get some good junk magazines in – keep me filled in on what’s going in Hollywood…

I cashed about 6 checks today, and there were about 4 new hotel reservations, 2 cancellations and 1 confirming their dates. Already getting hotel reservations for May, we are pretty open next month right now. I decided to bring Dante down with me this afternoon, really trying to socialize him and get him out of the house. In the house he’s Mr. Tough guy, all barking and standing his ground – but running from anyone if you try to grab him. But outside the house he’s all quiet and shaky, but at least he’ll let people around him. I try not to be holding him the whole time, or just hand him off to someone so he can get used to being around people other than just me and my hubby. So I’m hoping bringing him down once and a while - which I will hope make him a happier, friendlier pup!

Well I got us everything we need for a T-bone steak dinner, with baked potato, sautéed onions and frozen sweet corn (I can’t stand can). I’m kind of getting tired of eating French dips all the time. Plus can tell I’ve been slacking on my exercise and what I’m eating; I put a couple pounds back on. But I’m not too worried as long as those couple pounds don’t turn into like 10-15 lbs!

Well I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. I am looking forward to a couple new episodes of some “reality” TV shows after work. The temps got up to the mid 20's today. Only that one flight came in. Well... Until tomorrow, TTFN.

Some pix of sunset last night.


  1. lol poor Dante! some people are idiots. Its no use trying to help them. Yay something besides french dip lol. I dont eat canned food if I can help it. About the only thing canned is fruit. and that only rarely

  2. I was just wondering if the ashfall from Mt Redoubt is affecting your village? I hope not! Your steak dinner is my favorite. Here in Iowa, around july and august we have fresh picked sweetcorn! Nothing better than picked from the field and eaten the same day with lots of butter!


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