Tuesday, March 17

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!! I tried to dress cute in green today; I even matched my eye makeup!

Well we woke up to another blistering cold day. The winds are constant and out of the North. Carrying with it the coldest temps we have seen yet this winter season! The temps are in the very low 20’s, dipping into the teens, and with that wind chill out there it’s even colder! Looks like winter doesn’t want to go anywhere just yet. There are constant snow squalls, but if you look up thru the snow you can see blue sky, and when it clears the sun blindly shines off all the snow. We let the dogs out, Dante doesn’t like anything to do with the cold and won’t even leave the door frame… he’s looking at us shaking like “ARE YOU NUTS?!?!”

We walked down to the office, what a cold and slippery walk. Didn’t really see anyone on our way down. Got to the office at 10, and finished entering the charge slips in the book. Then started to work on the store order that I started yesterday. I ended up getting one of the vendor’s orders done before lunch, so I faxed that out and will finish the second one after lunch. This morning seemed to go by really, really fast! We got some hotel reservations, our hotel is pretty much filled up for this month already and booking up next month.

Today for lunch I had cream of mushroom soup over toasted bread. Something simple, quick and easy to whip up during lunch hour. I’ve been trying to watch what I eat and how much I’ve been eating. I used to be one of those people who would sit down and scarf it all down and get terrible full because I didn’t give my stomach enough time to tell my brain that I’m full! So now I try to make sure our meals last longer than 25 mins to eat, set my fork down and try to talk and not just eat as fast as I’d usually do. It’s really helping me with portion controlling my food too and using smaller plates!

I got back to the office and finished up the second vendor’s order and faxed that off to them. Good now I know I have the orders for what’s leaving on the 27th of this month. Now I have to get my invoices for what just shipped last Friday (the stuff that is coming in this weekend). I was going to pull out an office supply catalog and see what all we need to order for the office. I’m not exactly sure, but I think we might be running a little low on time cards. So I will look around the office and take note of anything else that we might need to order…

My hubby is going to get our brisket boiling for me around 3:30PM, so dinner can be ready hopefully by the time I get off work. All I will have to do is sit down and eat :D I like mine boiled plain with the spices, no cabbage or carrots for me thanks. I’ll have boiled potatoes and cream corn (green beans for my hubby) to go along with our dinner. My hubby likes his brisket with ketchup, I eat it as it is! Ham is more of an Easter dinner… which is coming up next month already! Thank you thank you thank you CB for the brisket, and I know my neighbor is thanking you lots also!!

We were going to cook steam bath today, but we aren’t sure if the water hose was frozen or not, seeing that it’s really cold out. And the fact that dinner takes a while to cook, we decided to maybe cook bath tomorrow instead. Steam bath sounds good though…. It will still sound great tomorrow… steam bath sounds great any day!! :D

Well, the hallway and staircase is completely painted and now they just have to re-attach the hand rails and put the trim back up. It looks really good and we’ve been getting a lot of comments on how it’s really lightened the place up! White paint is a lot better than that dirty peach color that has adorned the walls up here since I can remember!

Oh, we decided to get my little bro-in-law a Wii for his birthday, I just had to wait for deposits to hit the bank and with our mail service, which took a while. The weather hasn’t exactly been flyable lately! So I decided to let him “borrow” mine until his comes in. I don’t use my that much, so I figured his should be in by end of the month or so, so I can go without it until then… :P I went down and set it up for him last night and stayed with him and a couple of his friends while we all played Mario Kart, taking turns because I only have 3 Wii-motes. I thought it was cute racing against those boys as we all took turns and made rules; i.e. whoever is closest to 1st place gets to keep playing while the other 2 Wii-motes are handed over the whoever is waiting to play, and a 5win/1st place limit -you have to pass the Wii-mote to the next person on the 6th race. It was pretty fun; we went home and cooked up our pork chops after hanging out with the boys.

Well I hope everyone had a great Tuesday. TTFN.

I have more pix to post.. when the internet and blogger are happy with me and let me post them I will :D


  1. Mario Kart is the bomb but I always choose Kong and Goldfish always whips my a** royal with Peach on her little pink motorcycle . . . . good times, that's a great game.

  2. Had a tough time uploading pictures yesterday and finally gave up. They are posting just fine today however.

  3. Looking good April, love the co-ordinated clothes! HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!!!


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