Thursday, March 26

Thursday, March 26, 2009

So this morning isn’t as bad as it was yesterday, but it’s still blowing the snow around, but the fog doesn’t seem so low today… I can see across the bay today! The temps this morning don’t feel too bad, in the low 30’s, hope it starts to warm up and turn to spring… Let the dogs out for a walk, there was a good 4-5 inches of fresh snow on our porch. Dante don’t like anything to do with having to walk in the snow, so he didn’t even leave the door frame today. Roscoe and Tug ran out and enjoyed the new snow drifts, they eventually did their thing (potty) and came running inside… so cute I think Tug thinks he’s an oversized Chihuahua!! That or I wonder if he ever thinks “when are they going to get my size?” LMAO!

I walked down to the office, not too bad a walk. I didn’t really see anyone on my way down. I got down to the corp./store building and said good morning to Eva, our store manager, then proceeded up stairs to the office. I entered in the charge slips from yesterday, got a couple phone calls. 2 were wrong numbers, one was automated and there were at least 2 calls for my mom. Nothing too important, I was expecting hotel reservation calls… we’re supposed to have a couple people come in today. But it all depends on whether or not any flights are going to make it down any time soon with that Mt. Redoubt blowing its top. I heard there were 2 big explosions this morning, sending ash 65 thousand feet in the air… we should be far enough away not to deal with any of the ash fall or anything, winds from that direction and that far away are rare around here. Only way it affects us is with the plane flights being cancelled and no people or mail getting to move, well the people can always take a boat-the mail can’t…. Unless we send like our letters with someone to drop in the mail for us when they get over to Dutch… but that isn’t the best way, sometimes people lose stuff...

We went to the café for lunch today. I had my usual and the hubby had a chicken burger. I portion control and only eat about half of everything and take the rest home, that way I don’t over eat. Then we went home and I bid on some shirts I liked at like 2 mins and won them for like 4.50 a shirt with shipping – not bad for all new with tags. I don’t know there is just that little bit of excitement you get from bidding on something last minute and seeing if you win it or not… I’m not into bidding wars, I put my max amount I want to pay right at like 2-3 mins left and bid once. I like “Buy it now” items :)

Went back down to the office, the hubby decided he’s going to cook steam bath again today. So that will be something to look forward to after work! Tonight an all new Hell’s Kitchen on Fox tonight @8PM, YAY!! I got a couple calls I was waiting for, people reconfirming their reservations since they are still stuck in Anchorage since all the flights are cancelled due to that volcano blowing up, up there. They are still going to try to make it down here whenever the planes start to fly again, then weather permitting to get to here from Dutch Harbor!

So I started to enter paperwork into the spread sheets again when my mom asked for help with the Xerox machine. It’s been printing these lines in the paper and we have to go in back and find the toner and drum replacements so we can figure out which one is making the lines. The machine isn’t telling us to replace any of them yet, but we don’t like the lines in all our copies. So after screwing around with both the toner and drum units, and dusting out the Xerox machine – getting coated in the black powder, making sure I didn’t breathe any of it in. After about 15 mins of screwing around with it and changing parts in and out, we finally got it to make clean copies. My mom couldn’t stop laughing at me, I had black smudge marks on my face from moving my hair out of my way. I went in the bathroom and washed up then vacuumed up the rest of the black powder on the carpet. That stuff can get messy! I went back to entering paperwork into the spreadsheets, until end of the day. Then I got all the paperwork counted up from the store, then do up my daily sheet for the office, then go off to steam bath!

I don’t know what I’m going to make for dinner tonight… I was thinking about making handmade cheese burgers with Easy Fries (microwave) on the side. I think I have buns in my freezer, and we still have a bit of lettuce left over from tacos last night. So I think I might just get a 1# hamburger meat and a couple Easy Fries from down in the store since I have everything else we need at home. I love using my George Foreman Lean Mean Fat reducing Grilling Machine for cheese burgers! It lets all the grease drip out and cooks it from both sides!

Well not too bad a day today… Didn’t seem to drag along like yesterday did… Well I hope everyone had a great Thursday! I lost count of how many weeks it’s going to be for my blog… I think it’s going to be 9 weeks now since I started blogging, and I’ve been enjoying writing in it every day! I can’t wait until summer when there seems like more to write about! Well, until tomorrow, TTFN!

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  1. How many days without a plane is this April?
    And What is the record amt days?
    Oh, AND THANK GOD they Finally got rid of Lacy on Hells Kitchen!!!
    This is the third time I have had to post because of that word vertification for comments not letting me post. I took mine off after a few days because a few people complained about the difficulity posting comments. Just a thought.


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