Thursday, March 19

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well today is a lot better than the last couple of days. The weather isn’t exactly clear and it’s still cold. The wind has died down considerably and the sounds of seagulls serenading each other fill the morning air. Temps are in the low 30’s this morning. The dogs ran out and enjoyed their morning outing, Dante still won’t go outside when there is snow!

My hubby cooked us bath last night, we didn’t end up going until about 6PM – an hour later than we usually go… so late bath for some people. Felt really good on a nice cold day like yesterday. We ate at the café, got my usual and a chicken burger no cheese for the hubby to go and picked the food up after we got out of steam bath. I went and returned some movies I borrowed and dropped some of mine off to one of my cousins. By the time we got out of bath and ate it was kind of late to be getting creative with cookies in the kitchen, so I’ll postpone that until tomorrow. Maybe I’ll talk the hubby into making me some peanut butter or oatmeal cookies!

I got down to the office and entered in the charge slips from yesterday. I got the letter to Terrasound written up and faxed off to them, giving them permission to put a tide gauge on Akun Island. They are working with NOAA to map out the hydro graphics of Unimak Pass. Or at least that’s what their letter said. I got an email about new postal rates starting in May, so I printed that out for future reference. All I have to say is I highly recommend people go out and buy a bunch of “Forever” stamps – they will forever be first class stamps no matter if the rate changes! So go out and get some now, stamps are going up 2 more pennies on May 11, 2009.

We had Jose Ole Mini Tacos for lunch today. Nothing too big going on at lunch hour…

Got back down to the office after lunch and got the invoices in for what’s coming in this weekend. So I got right on pricing that and getting a copy down to the store. There were a couple things I guess that we’re missing down in the store that I need to order right away: dog food for one and some salad dressing. The dog food is the most import thing that I need to get ordered! I wasn’t told that we were out of bagged dog food. So I made sure to get a hold of a couple vendors and see if they can throw it on our next order.

I got us everything we need for Sloppy Joes tonight. Excited and can’t wait until 8PM tonight for the new episode of Hell’s Kitchen, I love Chef Ramsey! I have to get baking tonight and make some cakes and cookies! It’s starting to get beautiful out, but isn’t warming up much, but the sun is out and the sky is blue with the occasional snow flake floating around. Still low 30’s out.

Well I hope everyone had a great Thursday! TTFN.

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