Thursday, March 12

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well we had to wake up extra early this morning so I can get my hubby to work. His call out was for 7:30AM, but I set the alarm for 5AM so I can cook him breakfast. At about 5:30 we heard the tug rolling in the bay, those monster engines that run that tug were growing and I can heard it and jumped up and got on the radio. I asked the captain if he would like to me to wake the hubby and get him ready since they are here already. He said yes, so I woke him up and got some scrambled eggs and toast whipped out for him. By 6:03AM I was driving up him Trident on the 4-wheeler. It was clear and calm, not too cold; the puddles weren’t iced over so it’s above freezing! After dropping him off I went home and fell back asleep until 9:30AM

I didn’t want to get back up and kept hitting the damn snooze button until the alarm didn’t respond to the snooze, so I managed to convince myself to get up and get ready for the day. I got down to the office a little bit before 10 (wow I’m early today, put that on the calendar!); my mom had already gotten the charge slips entered in from yesterday. I had a couple projects on my desk that I needed to get done. One of my projects is to get my cousin’s taxes done up for him, super easy. He only has two w-2 and his PFD to report, he’ll be happy knowing he’s getting a pretty good tax refund this year! We also have these “we all need health care supporter cards, asking policy-makers to help support Alaska’s Community Health Centers” Our CHA Lorraine stopped by and dropped them off a bunch of these cards for us to help get people to fill them out and support our clinics! I will scan in a copy of one of the cards so everyone can see what I’m talking about. If you’re here in Akutan, please come up to my office and fill one of these cards out. Please help support our health centers!

The plane came in around 11:19AM, I heard there was some kind of medical emergency up at Trident and they needed to get someone off the island. So the plane is actually here earlier than usual. I heard a good amount of mail came in, I’m didn’t make my way down to the plane ramp, so I’m not exactly sure what came or gone on the plane. I’ll check my mail later today :)

Just before lunch time I ran home and got a coat for my hubby, then picked up my bro and dropped him off at the barge! I brought Tug with me, he loves to run and follow me when I’m on the 4-wheeler, I left the little ones in the house running around; we usually lock them in their “corners”. But I figured I’d see if I can trust them for 15 mins out on their own. Came back home and they were good boys! I had some Anchor’s brand Mozzarella Cheese sticks for lunch with sweet n sour sauce!

Got back down to the office early again, LOL – can tell my hubby isn’t around to keep me at the house longer! I have a store order that I need to get started, we have a freighter leaving Seattle tomorrow, but I have to get what’s going to ship in 2 weeks ready for our vendors. The weather is so beautiful today. It’s about 41F outside right now, the sun trying to make its appearance from behind the overcast sky. I love the way the Rosy Finches (tweety birds) can have such a loud sweet voice when they call and sing to each other. I wish there was a way to record them and get my cockatiels to sound like that, all my birds like to do is wolf whistle and scream and squawk! I have a couple learning CD’s that make whistling sounds to them and I play it on the stereo on repeat for them. I think they are slowly trying to get “Yankee Doodle” down! When they are happy you can hear them singing parts of it! So cute!

Today is my little bro-in-law’s 11th birthday today. Damn where did the years go? I still remember my mother-in-law when she was about to pop with him and when she brought him home!! And now he’s already 11! Damn a couple years away from being a teenager…… like I said where are the years going? I don’t know what to get him for his birthday, I told him to find something he wants and let me know and I’ll see if I can get it. I think we might just save up and get him a Wii with Mario Kart, he’s been proving to us that he’s getting more mature and responsible with handling highly scratch able, expensive Xbox 360 and game cube games. We cut him off a couple years ago because he didn’t understand that the reason some wouldn’t work was because they were damaged (scratched up) from not being cared for properly. Now he understands that those are important if you want to keep playing them and to keep them in perfect condition. So I think he’s ready for a Wii now, since he’s had an Xbox 360 since Christmas and he’s been doing really great with that. So that probably the next “big” purchase I’m going to be making here soon… lol… I’m hoping to be able to take him down to Cali when he’s a teen; hopefully he’ll be willing to get on some big rides by then, because anything fast scares the crap out of him right now! I hope he has an awesome birthday today though!

The plane came in again around 2PM, not sure if that’s part of their schedule or if it’s a charter. I wasn’t expecting them back until the second scheduled flight around 4PM.

I want to say thank you to everyone who’s been emailing and commenting me with their support. I know right, it’s my blog; I can write what I want. I really like margarita said and I have write it down again what she said: “This is your personal blog you may say whatever you feel if someone doesn't like it then they should stop reading and move on. If I am watching TV and something comes on I don't like I don't send nasty letters to the TV station I just change the channel....” I love that saying thanks!!! And it’s only true! And I’m really happy that if reading my blog makes you want to start you own blog. Go right ahead, but once you start to try to write personal crap about me that demoralizes my character watch the F out because I’ll get a lawyer to vouch on my behalf if I have to. Because I know that’s kind of against the law because I’ve heard of other people who dealt with it legally and won! So watch out what you want to say. Like I said I don’t make mine personal, I don’t put names to what I’m saying. I’m not pointing fingers at specific people. But if you feel that I was pointing at you, just shows you have a guilty conscience about what I said! At least I have the “balls” to voice what I think and not have to be worried about what people think, because if I don’t really care what you think, why you care so much what I think? HA HA HA…. If you don’t appreciate what I have to say, then don’t listen/read and go somewhere else! Don’t act like it’s that hard… unless of course you’re just jealous that I am one of those people who will not hold back what they are feeling and I let people know. I am blunt like that. I learned that I have to be that way from some of my friends; beating around the bush never really works. Have to be straight forward and willing to not let anything hold you back from how you truly feel. I never said I didn’t like Akutan as a whole, I just said there are just a couple nasty people who like to give us a bad name. I didn’t give us that bad name; I was just pointing it out. Not like I anything I said wasn’t something people didn’t already know, they just never put it in writing and voice it out like I did. Typical village drama, I swear they watch too much Soap Operas, they want to live in one!! Well they do a pretty good job at it anyways!

Here I can’t believe I let them get under my skin like they wanted, and I was about to make my blog private. I don’t have to and I don’t want to, and no one can make me do it… so I’m staying public so the whole world can see what life in a village is really like with no blinders on trying to make it seem pristine and untouched by the evils inside people. I still can’t believe I got calls bitching me out about how I feel and what I think. You can’t change how I think and what I feel about things, I am my own person with my own thoughts, dreams, and everything else that makes me who I am! I love my parents, love my in-laws, I love my family and I definitely love all my friends and acquaintances I make thru my journey in life! Oh, and Demetri Tcheripanoff Jr is my Husband, not boyfriend… so when you call me to bitch and tell me and my b/f to pack up and move, make sure you have your saying right. He is my husband and I am damn proud of that! And we’re not packing up and going anywhere. I was born here, raised here, and plan on living here all my life if I can! I plan on raising my kids here, I plan on being buried here (well I want to get cremated and have my ashes poured over the island so I can forever be home! But I think I have to get permission from our Orthodox church to be cremated… well see when the time actually comes… makes me think… am I too young to write a will?? Anyone know?? Isn’t it called a living will?) That way my wishes for being cremated will be granted and they won’t just stick me in the ground one day for the bugs to eat on me…….. That creeps me out a bit…. So quit trying to get me to go anywhere… if I do go anywhere it’s for vacation and I will always be back!! This is my home, this is my life, and I love it here and don’t have any plans on moving anywhere soon! So, I’m sorry, you’re stuck with me like a marriage – until death do us part!!!

My dad stopped up, guess he has a dive to do. Both my dad and my uncle Darryl work together in our family business, Pelkey’s Dive Service. If any of the boats need a diver either my dad or my uncle will go up and do a dive. I want to get my certification, well both my hubby and I would like to get certified so we can help and keep the business going in the family! I just want to go play with sea lions! :D

At 4PM on the dot the second scheduled flight was pulling up on the plane ramp. The dentist, his wife and assistant should be packing up and taking off tomorrow. They were some pretty cool people from what I can tell; I tried to BS as much as I could with them! They are only a couple years older than I am, probably why I feel connected in a way with them! Hope they had a great stay and are welcome back anytime! I think one of my aunties should be flying home today too from doctors appointments in Anchorage, most people fly out for checkups that can’t be done here on the island. Such as mammograms and surgeries and anything else they can’t deal with at our clinic. We have a pretty good clinic, filled with some pretty cool electronics that they use in the medical industry! You wouldn’t think for a small village of under 100 people that we would have something as sophisticated as some of the stuff they hold in that building! I’m happy that they are able to take care of most problems and we don’t always have to be constantly flown out for simple health care.

Like last year in August, my hubby got the tip of his index finger chopped off from this jacked-up/rigged lawnmower we were borrowing (that’s a whole nother story on its own!). And he ran down to the clinic and the nurse we had here at the time was able to clean it up and sew the tip of the finger back on. They were able to deal with him the whole time here without having to be sent out. And in like 7 weeks his finger had healed up and he was back at work again. The finger actually healed pretty nice! He’s lucky to be able to keep it; it chopped his finger right across the nail sideways, shearing off the whole tip and most the nail bed. Only thing now is that he don’t have full feeling in the tip because I don’t think the nerve ending reattached, but at least he still has his finger and the nail is starting to finally grow nice over it to where you can barely tell it happened!

Well I’m hoping my hubby should be getting off work around the same time I get off work. I need to go shopping down at the store and find what I’m going to cook for dinner tonight. I ended up going to the cafĂ© for dinner last night, I actually had something different!!! I ordered beef chow mein, and the hubby had ham and eggs (I don’t know why he wanted breakfast for dinner, when he knew I had to wake up and make him almost the same thing in the AM!)

Gee I think this is enough for today… I know I could probably find something else to write about and keep going… but I’ll leave it at this today :D OH YEAH… Chef Gordon Ramsey is gracing my TV with his sexy hot headedness towards the idiots he has to deal with. You would think that since Hell’s Kitchen has been out for a while now (this being like season 5 or so) that people would understand who Chef Ramsey is and what he’s looking for in a cook. I don’t know why people who don’t know what the hell to do are even doing on that show, I guess to add to the drama that sucks us into reality shows! I don’t care, I love Gordon Ramsey, and if he asked me to be with him… sorry hubby, I might just leave you for the chef (only chef Ramsey though!)… But my hubby appreciates him just as much as I do… but I don’t ever want to be with anyone else but my hubby. He still gives me butterflies in my tummy… ever since we were 12 and no one can take away the love I have for him!!

Well, superstitious Friday the 13th tomorrow. Hopefully the effects of the full moon have worn off by tomorrow. And I hope everyone has a great day, knock on wood and all that other good stuff ;) Again, thanks for all the support, I know right... it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to! Have a great Thursday night everyone!! Until tomorrow, Ta ta for now!

Pic posted is one of the cards that the clinic wants us to fill out to support our health centers. I scanned the card with the pic of my mom and my cousin! Well once it let me post it I will... it's being a pain right now..


  1. LOL, must be nice to be able to do personal business while at work.

  2. not hard to keep notes over the day and write it all in no time! Plus, I write most of it at lunch at home and email it to myself, keep notes and finish it at the end of the day, then post it...
    if your that jealous, I can always wait to go home and post from my hubby's laptop. Not like it's hard to remember and write down what all happened.

    As for my cousin's taxes... how hard is it to take my 5 min "coffee" break and add up some totals and get simple taxes done? (I don't drink coffee or smoke cigs, so that doesn't take me away from my work like some people....) so yeah.. what else you have to say anon?

    What jealousy and envy will do to people... you know?!?!?!

  3. lol April...people will hate. no matter what. They bitched about CB doing the same thing. If you ignore them...they tend to go away!! HUGS chicky!

  4. Yes, it sounds like soap opera drama! lol With the way things are going here in the lower 48, your lucky to be insulated from it all! About the wills, by all means make one out, a living will is if you are still alive, but may be on life support, and wether you want to be kept alive or not.
    Have a good weekend!

    A link for living wills>>>>>>

  5. April, you are never too young for a will. You actually need two. One a regular will giving what property you have to those you want to have it, and the other a living will. A living will gives instructions for your wishes should you be too ill to do so. If you do not wish extraordinary means used if you should become ill or badly hurt, then the living will states your wishes. There are many sites online where you can download a form. Please try to find one that will be legal in Alaska. A simple will, bequething your possessions to people can be hand written and notarized in most states. Darryl may have a living will form! As to doing personal stuff while at 'work'....well, not to put too fine a point on it but your job seems to be pretty much round the clock. I am sure that if the corp were to call you in the middle of the night and need something from the office you would go lickity split....can that be said of your detractors?

  6. actually yeah I have to work 24/7 if my mom isn't around because we have people who check into the hotel at all hours of the night!

    and I doubt anyone else around here would go to work past 5PM! Unless they work at the Roadhouse!!


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