Thursday, March 5

Thrusday, March 5, 2009

Well the wind was blowing, but the sky is blue and the sun is coming up over the horizon. Looking west towards town I can see the sky darkening, another snow squalling moving thru. The hills are lightly frosted with a powdery white snow from the back to back snow squalls. Feels a lot cooler today than the last couple days, temps hanging around 34F. I think it’s funny that it can be calm, blue sky and sunny, but then still be snowing/raining at the same time. Sometimes there isn’t a cloud in the sky and it’s snowing/raining! The wind is about 15-20MPH, with good gusts up to 30MPH, enough to make white caps in water out in the harbor. The dogs ran out did their thing and ran back to the door, guess they don’t want to be out in the cold this early, especially after just waking them up and pulling them out of the blankets and taking them right outside! Dante just loves to lay right next to me at night, Roscoe prefers his bed above my pillows. Spoiled pups! After getting back inside I made a call down to one of my close friends down in Washington, singing him happy b-day on his answering machine (obviously no one answered)!

The walk down to the office was interesting… I kept slipping on all the newly packed snow coating the boardwalks. I eventually got down to the office and it was pretty quiet all morning. I see that there are a couple checks in the till already, so my mom must have had people come up for cash. I entered in all of yesterday’s charge slips into the book.

To my amazement the damn plane actually came in! WOW, I heard that it took 3 tries to get up on the plane ramp! The weather out there is definitely not flying weather in my book, totally surprised me to hear that the plane was here, let alone the fact that it even took off from Dutch!! Sometimes it gets me just a little mad when they bring that plane over in this kind of weather, that’s the only one left (well that Pen-Air owns, they rent another one, they used to have 3, but 2 had crash landings over in Dutch and are parts planes now, pretty sad). I heard there was nothing but mail on that plane. I hope they aren’t thinking about making that second flight today! I don’t know what they were thinking coming over today anyways…

We went to the cafĂ© for lunch. I had my usual French dip, the hubby had chicken nuggets. I almost choked on my first bite, when the PA Darryl walked in and asked me if I was having French Dip. I just started to laugh right after he said that, my mouth full because I just took a bite. That’s funny that everyone knows what I’m having when they see me there!!

Well got back to work a little late from lunch hour. I got a bill in the mail and had to dispute it. I know for sure that I refused a couple Disney Movie Club shipments that came in when we were on vacation, and had them returned back to sender. That was back in December. Well I am still getting the bill in the mail. I called them in January and they told me to wait a bit longer. So I waited. Called back, they still haven’t gotten anything. Then they said that since I didn’t put tracking on it and it hasn’t come in yet that I’m going to have to pay for them. I don’t know what else to do but to pay that damn bill to save my credit score from dropping because they want to send it to a collection agency. Damn pissed me off… having to pay for something that I know I refused and had sent back. Stupid auto shipments, it makes me just want to cancel my membership with them…

Well nothing much going on in the office this afternoon, quiet just like this morning. A couple phone calls come in, nothing too important. The fax machine will ring, and then pages print out. Nothing too important, mostly notices to be posted.

I started to read a book, figured I’d get back into reading so I can try to help write my blog. I figured that by reading and seeing how an actual author writes would help me with how I word and write my blog. I don’t know where to start with reading books again. I used to always be a bookworm, reading for Battle of the Books in school (Jess and I were pretty good at it!) but after school I never really kept up with reading books, mostly just magazines. So I am starting with a romance novel, I used to be into those books where animals were your main characters, like the book Watership Down or any books by Brian Jacques. I also loved Enders Game by Orson Scott Card, and all the books that came after it.

Well we had some minor problems at the Salmonberry inn (bunkhouse). Trident is leasing it from us right now, and I guess they have some people down in the building. And I guess they just send some new people to go stay down there, and I guess one of the new guys pulled the shower on/off thingy out of the wall and the water wouldn’t shut back off. I don’t know what he was doing pulling that hard to get the water to turn on, but now since he pulled the thing out, the water won’t stop running in the shower. And now it’s kind of flooding it in there because the shower can’t keep up with all the water that’s coming out or something. So they had to shut the water off to the building and now we have guys trying to work on it to get the shower working again so they can turn the main water vein to the building back on. It was so hard to understand the guy who came up to my office trying to tell me what was going on. It took both my mom and me a while, with some laughing with the guy because we all didn’t understand each other. After all the laughing we figured out what we were all trying to say to each other and got people down to work on the problem. Hopefully they get it taken care of quickly! LOL… how hard it is to know how to take a shower??? Ah…. No comment…

Well, the day seemed to go by pretty fast. I don’t have much planned for tonight. We ended up having bbq ribs, au grautin and green beans for dinner last night, even though I didn’t really want to cook. Not sure what I’m going to whip up tonight. The hubby wanted rib eye steaks, but I don’t think we have any in the store right now. So I’ll have to find something else. I don’t know what to cook anymore… I got a couple calls for the school, I let people know that they had the wrong number, school is -2205, my office is -2206! I guess this morning’s flight had the new Dutch Harbor Fisherman newspaper on it, “fresh off the press” as people around here are calling it, since it is dated today! We usually get them a couple days after printing, usually never the day of! So that’s pretty cool I guess. Other than that, nothing really new happening. The plane is on weather hold, but I hope they don’t decided to come in because the weather is still crappy out!

Well I have Hell’s Kitchen to watch tonight on Fox! Well I hope everyone had a great Thursday! TTFN.


  1. Love your comments on your daily life. Also saw your comments on CB's and I agree. Sorry you missed the NW. Have to admit I was hoping you'd see them and get some pictures. Maybe they changed their mind or snuck in and out when nobody was looking. But as long as they're safe that's what's important. I love your dogs - they're so cute!

  2. Here's a book/author recommendation - Tamora Pierce's The Immortals series. I don't know why, but I think you might like her.

  3. I read romance novels all the time. Some are better written than others. Just reading will help you figure out the various ways an author can convey meaning. Good luck! Sorry about the NW. I guess they left DH really they probably got in and out in record time.

  4. thanks for a slice of your day

  5. oh by the way.. the halibut we catch can be between 10lb - 250lb+... I only like to keep ones 40lbs and over, the meat texture is better than the smaller ones! in my opinion

    I forgot to comment on that from the other day. :)

  6. Sounds like you had an eventful day April!
    I bet he will like getting a happy birthday song on his answering machine :D

  7. Let's see... a 40 lb halibut at $16.00 a lb- forget about it.

  8. oh yeah... I guess I made his day... his wife and him said they woke up, check the machine.. and was wondering who was singing.. then at the end heard my hubby and me saying happy bday! He said it made his day! Happy I was able to make him feel happy and thought of!! :D

    Oh and I have a Halibut Subsistance card, our tribal council applied for them for us, and everyone who is enrolled with our Tribe has one. It allows us to fish in "ANY OPEN WATERS IN THE US" for halibut for subsitance use. So the only thing I'm really paying for is the gas to get us out to our fishing spot! The card has no limit on it, so we can fish as much as we like. I like to fish for them and bring them in and share with people in town who don't have the chance to go out and get it themselves! Can't be greedy, I wasn't brought up that way!


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