Sunday, March 29

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well today is still as crappy as yesterday or worse! Blowing snow from the WNW, constant white out conditions, blowing a good constant 30+MPH.

I was expecting to sleep in again today, but my cell phone kept ringing. Everytime I answered it I was asked for a David... damn Trident people, how many times I have to tell the person from that same phone number (a local cell number) that I am April and I live in the village and that my number isn't some David guy's and to stop calling me at weird hours of the morning. I wasn't very nice... I don't even think I was fully awake... but what a way to "wake up on the wrong side of the bed and ruin a morning... so we got up and took the dogs out - which they didn't really want to do with the blowing white out snow conditions, Roscoe did his "potty" on the porch, he didn't even really go far out the door..... bet he's waiting for nicer, warmer weather too just like me! We don't even take Dante out when it's snowy and cold... he'll go on his pads :P

We didn't really do much today. Sat around the house and watched a lot of TV, there were some good episodes of Plant Earth that I don't remember seeing before, and mostly re-runs of previous shows we've already seen. Other than that, nothing much on TV today.

We got "native" for lunch. Had seal oil, dry fish and tea with slices of the homemade bread I made the other night... I'm out of dried Red salmon, and only have dried humpies (pinks) left... not sure what we're going to make for dinner tonight. Find something in the cupboards/freezer/fridge to whip up....

Well back to work tomorrow.... have a great Sunday night! TTFN


  1. I still get tons of calls on my cell for various people. Ive had the number almost a year now!

  2. Spring weather seems worse than winter weather in the Aleutians. Can you count on a more stable April weather wise? Do you have any spring bulbs flowering yet..crocus, daffoldils etc?


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