Sunday, March 22

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yay, we slept in today! Felt good to finally sleep in!! We woke up just before 11AM, and immediately walked the dogs. Weather is still snowy then clear then snowy. Temps in the low-mid 20's, the sun is out but offers no warmth - just bright blinding light. The dogs went out and did their thing then came back in, they don't like to play when it's cold out.

We didn’t do much today, sat around the house and watched a lot of TV. I did some wish listing and bidding on ebay. Trying to find the perfect dress for the wedding I’m going to this summer. Pink and orange is the theme colors, so I’m going to find something cute in pink and just have orange accents in like my hair or jewelry. :)

I fried us up some more alaadikax and my mom brought up some salmon fish pie. So we ate on that today. Didn’t really make any plans for any meals today, whatever we find to eat when we get hungry today I guess, plus all the alaadikax I just made!

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend. TTFN...


  1. I eBay a lot. my feedback is over 1000. I can find clothing from known brands (so I know they will fit). I also find useful but older teaching materials. I have had one bad transaction is all, a magazine subscription that never came through, but received a refund.

    Anxious to know how the bake sale went profit wise too.


  2. the school kid's bake sale had a great turn out, they made around $500 I believe...

    With what I made/send down I know I helped make about $300 of that for them! YAY!! Maybe we should do it again, but on a Sunday, so I can bake on Saturday instead of Friday. And maybe ask Lisa and Duy if we can use the cafe since they are closed on Sunday's. Would be cool to make fresh alaadikax infront of people!! It's an idea, but it's up to the school to make their decision on what they want to do... we wouldn't be cooking down there.. but using it to display the baked goods and fresh alaadikax!


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