Sunday, March 15

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Well we decided to “go out” last night and went “up the other end”, the Roadhouse (local watering hole). Made our appearance just after 10PM and stayed until last call at 12:15AM. Wasn’t too smoky up there, like I was expecting it to be. But it was fun mingling and BS-ing with everyone. I brought my own A&W Cream soda… I don’t drink beer… So I figured I’d at least bring me something to drink on. I actually “dressed up,” I felt bad sitting at home, knowing my fellow bloggers on my neighboring island were all going out. I figured better not just sit around at home while they are all out having a great time! So that was fun and something to do, always great to get that “home body” label removed from us once and a while! Since people think we never leave our house… LOL…. What I love being with my pups at home!

So we actually got to sleep in, only because we were up so late! Got the call out for the barge, first guy goes up around 4PM, then second guy at 8PM. Raymond is going up first, then my hubby. Yay, the brisket is on its way! Oh and thanks CB for picking up one for me too, your such a sweet heart!! We walked the dogs, Dante hates the snow! Its cold today, 30F out with a good 20MPH breeze from the North. Winter looks like it doesn’t want to go anywhere just yet!

I went down to the store and bought some canned red salmon so I can make some salmon patties. I have left over rice from yesterday’s dinner, so I figured I’d use it up today! I was thinking of making crab cakes for dinner, but I have a good plate full of salmon patties. But I still went and bummed some king crab legs from my parents in case I do make the later. So we’ll see when the time comes. I took of the plate full of cooked patties! I think they taste awesome with ketchup!

Well at 3:40PM we watched the Shuttle Discovery launch on CNN from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida. They said this is the 36th flight into space for the orbiter! Pretty cool watching what our space program can do. I guess they needed to send supplies up and they are replacing the lady up there with a Japanese astronaut. Makes me emotional every time I watch one of our shuttles get launched into space… it’s pretty amazing what we do, even though you’d think that since we’ve been doing it do long that it would have changed and gotten better, but I guess if it works great, no need changing things huh? You know what I mean?!?!?!

I don’t have much planned for today. A couple new shows to catch on VH1 (Rock of love bus, and the premier of Tough Love). I am going to run up and pick those briskets up from the guys on the tug and drop Ray off at work since I’m heading that way. Obviously no planes today, blowing too hard and it’s from the North – 2 facts that stop the goose from flying over here. I think I might get some house work done if I’m not too “lazy.” I have to vacuum/suction the gravel in my fish tank and give them a water change, but I have to look for the bucket I have for doing that – I don’t know where exactly I put it right now…

Well the barge call out changed – the tug will be here around 6, so Ray will go up when they get here and my hubby will go up 4 hours later (10). The weather is cold with frequent snow squalls, hanging at about 30F, but much colder with the wind chill. It’s gusting up to 40+mph from the north, with a constant 25MPH. I ran up on the 4-wheeler, took Raymond with me and dropped him off while I picked up the brisket. I took a couple pix :) I ran home and put mine in the sink then ran down the boardwalk to my neighbor. Who was extremely camera shy and asked me not to take any picture, so I respected that and put my camera away. I will cook mine on Tuesday, thanks a lot CB!!

So I’m going to get around to getting my crab thawed out, de-shelled and get my crab cakes whipped out for dinner. We still have a good amount of salmon patties left over, but I think I’ll send some up with my hubby to snack on at work! Other than cooking dinner, we’re just going to relax until he has to go to work. Then I will drop him off and probably come home and hang out until I eventually go to sleep.

So have a great Sunday night, and until tomorrow TTFN!
Salmon Patties

My Hubby "Boy" and Darryl from Notes from Akutan at the RH

Me enjoying my Cream soda.. my bro in law said the first pic I took that you couldn't tell where I was.. so I turned around and took this one :)

My mother-in-law Alice, my hubby and me :)

My only brother (the oldest out of the 4 of us) Tommy, my mother-in-law Alice and I at the RH
PS. Ladies he's SINGLE and looking, you can see my bro in the first Season of Deadliest Catch - He's on the Farwest Leader. His paperwork didn't get to production in time for them to print his name, but they did get release papers in time so they could publish him in any of the filming they did. So even though his name isn't on there, you can still see him!! :D

Carlos bringing the brisket off the barge.

I set it on the bike, but decided to hold it instead

Me riding home on the 4-wheeler with the brisket safe in my


  1. I love it!!! Telling the story with your Pictures!! You are really getting the hang of this!!!
    Poor Dante and the Snow. I know he hated it when I watched him here too. He is just so little that I think if there is an inchof snow it comes up to his belly!!! Giv him a big warm hug and kiss or me!

  2. So glad you got your brisket. Love the picture journey! We have a chi for the kids soccer team mascot. its so little. I hope when the pics for that come in I can post it so you can see the lengths this silly woman goes to for her kids.

  3. Happy St Patrick's Day April.
    Love to keep up with your life and glad you have the writing habit!!


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