Monday, March 23

Monday, March 23, 2009

Woke up to a beautiful but super cold morning. Temps are in the high 20s this morning. There is still a HUGE flock of sea gulls hanging out in the bay. First thing I did this morning was check on this dress I was bidding on for the last week or so… I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect cute pink dress that I could wear to a wedding, and I think I finally found one! The wedding is in July, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be prepared… plus it’s so hard to find the perfect dress that doesn’t show off too much skin but also not too conservative, I’m super picky… so I’m happy I finally found something that caught my eye.. And I happened to win it for $22 Euros! ($31.75 American). I love being able to find clothes that I know I fit and cute stuff online, since I can’t just go out to the mall like most other people! My hubby was walking the dogs while I was checking and paying on stuff that I was bidding on last night. Found a lot of 7 cute shirts I’m watching for my niece Kenzie which is at 6.00 with shipping right now, ends later today, so I’ll make sure to check that later at lunch or something.

Got down to the office and my mom was stuck on the paperwork from over the weekend. Things weren’t adding up, and I hadn’t been in the office since Thursday. So I looked over the last couple day’s paperwork and found some addition errors that she had made. I guess I hadn’t written the 1 in 1683.54 clearly and she thought it was only 683.54. So at least I got everything fixed up in our paperwork and now we have the right totals. My mom was really happy that I was able to find what was wrong and get it fixed up. Not good to be just missing a thousand, well it wasn’t “missing” – just simple addition errors, that’s why there are two of us who go through the paperwork!

After getting the paperwork worked out, I got all the charge slips from over the weekend entered into the charge book while my mom worked on payroll. After I got all the charge slips entered I started to enter paperwork in to the spreadsheets. I have a bit to catch up on, but it shouldn’t take too long. My mom got payroll done just before lunch time.

We had grilled cheese and soup for lunch today. The weather this morning was beautiful, the sun was out and shining and the sky was a beautiful blue, with barely a breeze whispering through the cold wintery spring day. Now it’s all socked in with snow falling lightly, and it will stay like that for like 30-40 mins or so, then go right back to clear, blue sky and sunshine. I heard that the planes cancelled. Not sure if it’s from the weather or not. I also got a call last night, I guess that Mt. Redoubt blew last night around 10:38PM or so, so no flights from Anchorage will be coming down this way. So looks like all the stuff I ordered will be collecting dust in Anchorage now instead of Dutch Harbor. It’s been what, like two and half weeks now since got our last flight in. This storm packing these Northerly winds almost guarantee that we won’t get any planes, then with the snow and wind… I guess you just get used to it after living out here for so long. I don’t mind too much, I pay most my bills online! If I didn’t me would either get them in way too late, or the payments will just sit here waiting to go out! Only thing that sucks is trying to send my deposits out to the bank because the Corp. doesn’t offer direct deposit…. So sometimes I get stuck with having my money sit here on the island waiting to go to the bank so that I can get payments made! :P Temps are up to the low 30's, still around freezing since nothing thawed today.

Well got back to the office and kept working on entering paperwork into the spreadsheets. Taking my time I don’t want to get a headache from searching and staring at the grid lines on the spread sheet. Not to mention I have it zoomed out a bit so I can see everything that I’m entering in so I know I’m not missing anything, so that probably adds to the visual strain on my eyes. But at least I get it done, it’s not hard to get all the info entered in, just takes time. So when I have time I make sure to catch up.

We had our freighter come in over the weekend. We got most of everything that we ordered a couple weeks ago. Really sucks not to know what they didn’t send until it’s too late to put it on the next order. Because I have to get my orders out in middle of the week and they ship on Friday’s, then I don’t get my invoices until Thursday the following week, and I have to get my orders out on Wednesdays. So they don’t give me enough time to be able to know what wasn’t shipped so I can reorder it for the next shipment. You’d almost think that they know I wanted to order those and if they don’t have it they should put the item on our next order, you know?!?!? But nope, they want me to send it in a completely new order once I find out that it isn’t available…… I need to find new/better vendors to order our groceries from…

My hubby decided that he’s going to cook steam bath today! Yay, gives me something to look forward to after work other than “reality” TV shows. I don’t know what we’re going to have for dinner. Maybe go to the cafĂ© and have my usual! Oh and sorry for not separating the lasagna rolls, there are two of them in that picture. Imagine a lasagna noodle, with all the fillings laid on it, rolled up and topped with a meat/tomato sauce and cheese! Tasted awesome! I could only eat one roll! I ended up taking the other one home!

Well have a great Monday night! I have some new shows to catch on VH1 tonight… other than that, I have a night filled with relaxing with my hubby and my cute baby pups! Take care all, and until tomorrow, TTFN!

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