Friday, March 27

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wow, what a beautiful morning to wake up to. There is about 2 inches of powder snow coating everything from the mountain tops down to the beaches! The sky is a beautiful light blue – not a cloud in the sky!! The sun is rising up over the southern part of the harbor, seagulls and other sea birds singing to each other, chasing one another –looks like they are having fun. Since there was snow out we didn’t even attempt to take Dante out, but Tug and Roscoe loved it! Oh, today is the 9th week of me writing my blog! Yay!!

I had the 4-wheeler, so I rode down to the office this morning. A chilly 28F out there today, the sun is blinding, but I can feel some heat from it! I got down to the office and I guess the furnace is having some problems and its super cold in our office today. We have our maintenance man working on it, so hopefully he can get the furnace running before lunch. So I ran back home on the bike and brought my space heater down so my mom and I don’t have to freeze in the office. My mom was entering in the charge slips when I got back, so I finished them up for her. Then we tried to get the Corp’s Home Depot account registered online, but it was saying we were entering the wrong info... that doesn’t make sense… so my mom said she’ll just sent a check or call them and pay over the phone… since the mail here isn’t moving fast enough for companies waiting for their payments. Today is a beautiful today for the plane to be flying! There isn’t really a breeze in the air, it’s clear out with no clouds or fog – and the sun is getting higher and higher in the sky. The plane came in at 11AM, nothing but a plane load of mail is what I heard. I’m waiting for a bunch of stuff I ordered to be coming in by now! I think today is only the 3rd flyable day this month!! At 11:30AM, our maintenance worker said our furnace should be on and working again – so we should be getting heat and warmed up by this afternoon… at least it won’t be freezing up here over the weekend!

We ended up having chicken nuggets for lunch, bought a box from the store and baked them in the oven. They have enough grease in them that they don’t really need to be deep fried! I don’t really like them, but I’ll at least eat 6 of them… the hubby is cooking so I’m not going to complain! Another plane came in at lunch time, I got a couple of my orders in on those planes so far, but not everything I’m waiting for. My hubby let me order some clothes I wanted as an early b-day gift, and those came in too! Yay, everything fit but one really cute shirt (it was just way too small for the size that was stated!), so I gave it to my sister-in-law-she said it fit good but a little tight… so I told her she can wear it at home for her man ;)

I was late coming back to work; I didn’t notice the time flying by as I was going through all the clothes and other junk I ordered. By the time I noticed that it was 10 after 1 already, I hurried up and called down to let my mom know I’m sorry I spaced the time off and was on my way! I dropped what I was doing and hurried out the house, stopping by the City office to give that shirt to my sister-in-law. It’s so beautiful out, and there are actually a lot of people out today! Not used to seeing so many people out, they must be tired of being cooped up inside for the past couple days! On my walk down I got a call from a lady who’ll be staying in the hotel with us, seeing if she needed to pack her hairdryer or not and if we had a fridge in the room or not. We don’t have hairdryers, sorry. But we do have mini-fridge, microwave, oven and all cooking utensils in every room!

After getting back to the office I turned off my space heater since it was nice and toasty in the office and the furnace is working now. My mom had gone and checked the Corp’s mail, nothing too exciting. A couple bills, some payments that I can get entered to the right accounts (hotel, store and building lease), and this small box with some kind of parts that one of the guys must have ordered. Poor I heard my lil bro-in-law went to the plane, anxiously awaiting the UPS box that has his Wii in it. He wants his own and wants to return mine to me so he doesn’t have to worry about breaking mine… LOL… that’s good that he thinks like that now, before when he was younger he would have probably broken it by now… or at least scratched or lost the games. But he’s more mature now at 11 and knows how to treat his own and others property, learned that if you want to use it you have to keep it useable! But I heard he went down and it didn’t come off either flight and well I heard that at the first plane he was all excited and happy watching the mail come off the plane, then when he realized it didn’t come in he broke down into tears and ran home disappointed… poor… I don’t know if it came in on the second plane either, but I know it should have been here by now! Just wait and see I guess…

Well after getting the checks entered onto my daily sheet and put away in the safe, I started to enter paperwork back into the spreadsheets again. Taking my time… gives me something to do I guess…? Eva got our next store order ready. I have to get that out by next Wednesday at the latest, we needed to do a meat order this time around, and everything will ship on the 10th of April and be here a week later. I can’t believe how fast this year is already moving by, it’s already the last Friday of March… my 26th birthday is sneaking up on me……..

At 3:30PM another plane came in, I heard there were only people and their bags… I know they should have a couple weeks of mail sitting over there before the volcano started to act up, not to mention what all must be sitting around in Anchorage. I hope my phone bills make it out, those are like the only ones I do still mail and not do online – their stupid pin doesn’t match what I have and calling them and waiting for 20-30 mins isn’t worth it… so I’ll just mail it and hope it gets there fast enough!

I went to the store and got us cereal for dinner tonight. Lucky charms and Frosted Flakes…. Good enough… I don’t feel like cooking tonight or eating at the cafĂ©… so cereal is good :) The afternoon seemed to go by pretty quickly today… the weather is still beautiful! It’s about 34F out, and warmer in the sun! The snow on the boardwalks is all melted, but it’s still sticking to the ground. Well I’m going to get paperwork done up and head home and enjoy the rest of the day with my hubby and pups… oh yeah TGIF!! Have a great weekend everyone!!! TTFN

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  1. three planes today that is the most I have seen you blog about April.

    I know what you mean about eBay items not quite being perfect, but it is fun to do!!!

    Have a safe weekend


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