Friday, March 13

Friday, March 13, 2009

Woke up to a beautiful morning once again, although it’s overcast, 38F feels good out there. I love the sound of tweety birds singing their bright and chipper songs loud and clear, I still can’t believe a bird that small can make that much noise, you can still hear them from pretty far away!! They help to give awe to this paradise I call home! The eagles screeching and flying around, goofing off with each other, probably waiting for breeding season to start up, ahh... Spring time… Dante loves going pee outside with his brothers! I still have to keep him on a leash or he won’t want to come back in! Roscoe and Tug know what “inside” means!

I got down to work early again, trying to make it a new habit to leave the house and get to work at least 5 mins before I’m supposed to be here. People always ask me if I’m ok because I’m here earlier… ha ha ha, that funny, just because I’m here and not home they expect something to be wrong. I’m just trying to be early, instead of walking in right at 10 or a little after, I feel it’s a good habit to have! :D

I entered all the charge slips in the book, and gave our store manager the cash for the store for today. I cashed a couple checks and a couple people put money on their store accounts before lunch time rolled around. The plane came in on time today, 11:30AM it was pulling up on the ramp. The dentist and his wife, the dental assistant, and a surveyor check out of the hotel, they should all be taking off on that first plane. There is a slight drizzle feeling like it wants to maybe start to rain, but right now it’s just the occasional rain drop falling from the sky. A small amount of mail came in, and one observer for Trident.

We had chili dogs for lunch today. So it’s going to be my neighbor and good friend’s birthday here on St. Patrick’s Day, and he’s Irish, so he really likes to celebrate his birthday with the traditional dinner of Corned beef brisket, cabbage and potatoes. Well only problem is, we don’t have any corned beef brisket in our store freezers at this time… so I did the only thing I could think and call the one person who instantly came to mind: CB!!!! So I gave him a ring at lunch and asked for a big favor, asked him to pick me one up in Dutch Harbor and send it over on the next plane… He told me that he will do it tomorrow, since we have until the 17th (weather permitting :P). Such a sweetheart to help me help make my neighbor’s birthday!! Thank you so much again CB!! I don’t know what I would do without someone like you!! I love your support, I love bs-ing with you, and I can’t wait until we can actually hang out!! I know we’re going to have a blast! So I will make sure to get pics of the brisket’s journey!! LOL!!

This afternoon I got a lot of hotel billing re-billed. I had to fax copies to some of the businesses. I don’t know if they ever got the ones I mailed to them, even though the address I have for them is correct, they claim that they never got them. So I’m making sure they are getting them this time by faxing them to their accounts receivable. I have to bill the company who sent the dentists down and the surveyors company, since they checked out I may as well get their billing done up since I have everything out for it!
I stopped by the clinic to pick up the dental assistant’s room keys, guess she left them there or someone dropped them off there, either way I went and picked them up. The dentist prescribed some toothpaste to my hubby to help with his teeth. He used to get it before, but his refills ran out and I guess only a dentist can refill it, and it seems like every time the dentist came in we were traveling, not this time! So, yay, he finally gets to get that toothpaste again. I think it’s like really high fluoride toothpaste. I’m just happy he’s finally being serious about his oral health and watching how much soda he really is drinking, which happens to be way too much!

At about 2:30PM it started to rain, finally… you can tell it wanted to earlier! Spring time rain!! But it only rained for like a good 30 mins then stopped and dried back up! I helped our store manager on some stuff we need to get ready for the next store order. As bad as it is, we have to order more soda… running out of the main brands: Pepsi, Mt Dew, Coke and Diet coke! My hubby also decided that he was going to cook steam bath tonight… damn we wanted to try to cook it while the dentists were here... but with our work schedules – me here and him with his dental appt this week, and the barge.. We didn’t really have time to go down and get it started up. But my hubby wasn’t doing anything this afternoon, so he figured he’s go cook and clean bath. So that’s something to look forward to after work!

I don’t know what we want to have for dinner tonight. I cooked meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans for dinner last night. I felt like cooking my hubby a good meal after he got off work! I picked him up at exactly 6PM; he worked for exactly 12 hours!!

Slowly getting people to get these health care support post cards filled out. I just need you to fill out your name, address, phone number, email, the name of our clinic: The Anesia Kudrin Memorial Clinic. Then once I know I have almost everyone I’m going to give them back to our CHA (community health aid), I guess she figured it’d be easier to have people fill them out up here than the clinic. As Darryl has put it, it’s harder than pulling teeth to get people to come down… speaking of which I’ve been meaning to go down there and get my blood work done up. You know, fasting glucose levels, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and whatever else he has planned for me! I will make sure to go in on Monday, I’ve been procrastinating it for over a week or two now…….. Guess I’m another one that it’s hard to get go in just for a simple finger prick and tests! LOL…..

Well I went around and did my apologies to certain people to make sure they knew I wasn’t trying to push their buttons the wrong way. This is way too small a place to be letting people have a grudge against you… way too small… so I made sure to go around and clear everything up (hopefully).

The second flight was right on schedule, it was here on the ramp at 4PM. A couple town people came in and a handful of mail. Steve is flying, we know all our pilots by their first name, and they are family out here! We have a certain love for our bush pilots that is unexplainable!! I can remember almost every single person who has ever flown the goose here to Akutan, and I have a great friendship, at least I believe I do, with all of them over all these years! I always depend on them to get my home when I’m traveling!! No other way to get here, unless I take a boat, which I hate doing, but sometimes you have no choice but to take a boat! I don’t mind as long as I’m getting home… or making it out on time!

Well it’s stayed about 43F out for most the afternoon. The weather has been clear, with the occasional sprinkle falling from the sky. There is barely a breeze whispering thru the still air. There are actually a good amount of people out and about on this Friday the 13th, the boardwalks are actually buzzing with activity, people and 4-wheelers. Most days you barely see anyone outside and you’d think you lived in a ghost town! There just isn’t enough people here to be at work and outside at the same time!

Well I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Really wish I could be in Dutch tomorrow night to enjoy the night out on the town with CB from Dutch Harbor Dirt, Alena from The Real Dutch Harbor, Cookie Dough from Just a Mom in Unalaska and her friend who came up from the lower 48! I know I’d have fun with you guys, make sure to have a drink for me!! Have a great time guys, take pix!! :D

Much love to everyone, thanks for reading and being interested in what I do! The stress of dealing with stupid crap was getting to me, so that’s why I went out and tried to clear the air from everything… over the last week I’ve lost over 8+lbs from stressing… I get that don’t want to eat and always feel sick feeling and I didn’t know how to get rid of it… so I figured apologizing to the people who I accidentally hurt and argued with over the last couple days would help me feel better. And I already do!! Thank goodness! Stress is not the best way to lose weight… but at least there was something good I got out of it :P And here I was almost about to go to the clinic to see what I can do to help battle my stress, because I know it eats at my body, that why I have ulcers (at least thats what the doctors said). They told me that my body is eating it's self because I'm stressing... at least I feel a lot better now and hopefully life straightens back out and goes back to the way it used to... nice and quiet without pissing off anyone!! LOL...

Ok well have a great weekend!! TTFN!!
A copy of those cards we are trying to people to fill out for helping support our Health Centers. I scanned the front and back of the card with the pic of my mom!!

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