Wednesday, February 4

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's my oldest niece's birthday today, she's the big 09 today!! LOL! I hope she gets the stuff that I ordered and mailed to her! We woke up and the weather is not that bad this morning, kinda nice out. Slight sprinkle coming out of the clouds, the skies look cloudy, but it's clear out. Temps are in the high 20's. Looks like a good day for the first scheduled flight to make it in maybe....

Dante is doing great with my other two boys. Him and Roscoe love playing keep away and chasing each other around the house. Dante has been being a good little boy going potty on the pads (both #1 and #2!). Proud of him, he doesn't like anything about going outside. He follows me everywhere, he's starting to respond well to his name when I call him! Once he learns his name and to come, then I'll get started on sit, lay down and shake!

We're going to have taco snacks for lunch. They are Jose Ole brand, mini tacos. I like them with ketchup, or taco sauce! I cook them in the oven, but they taste great deep fried! We used to have them at the cafe back in the day when I was growing up. My sister Ivy said she's been searching Anchorage and can't find them anywhere, except on certain nights at Tudor Rd Bingo (she said they give like 5 with the dinner plate or something like that)

Not too busy a day. Ran out of general account checks, then we found out that the ones we ordered had been sitting down in the store with the grocery bags!! We have lots of payroll checks though, once we got that order in we ordered the gen. acct. checks. Nothing too great mail wise. We got some more grocery bags in for the store. I made sure to order a whole bunch this time. Seems like we're always running out. I gotta get the paperwork caught up with in the computer. I've been slacking on it, waiting for a "rainy" day I guess. It's raining enough today :P LOL!

First plane arrived at 1:15PM. Not sure what exactly is coming in, but at least I know mail will be going out! I've been trying to introduce Dante to everyone who comes up to the office. So far we bought some cash from the PO and made them a check, and I cashed a couple checks - one person putting money on their store bill. My mom mailed a backup copy of our bookwork to our account, who will do our audit for us! Thank goodness we do everything on the computer and it's easily to send copies to our accountants in Anchorage, instead of trying to see if they have time to fly out here and do it. When they do usually have people who have time to make it out here it's scheduled in July or August. So we'll have someone fly out to do this fiscal year's audit 08'/09'.

I snacked on some Animal Crackers... leading back to that question - are they just really sweet crackers or just cookies by another name? A rose still smells like a rose if called by any other name (or something like that). Always reminds me of that movie Armageddon - the part with Liv Tyler and Ben Afflec before he has to leave when they were out on their picnic (everyone should know what I'm talking about, so yeah). LOL... always reminds me of when I was a kid eating on them, how it still comes in the little circus box with the little line handle!

I have to get a store order out today... pronto! Freighter leaves next Friday, the 13Th (wow.. FRIDAY the 13, first one for 09!). I hope Eva (the store manager) is sure about this list of stuff she gave me that we only need. Looks like a small order this week. Basics: milk, bread, eggs - then some other little items we need like bacon, krazy glue, can fruit, etc... I need to get the invoices for what shipped last Friday, that should be coming in this weekend. We have some ice cream coming in! Other than that, nothing really exciting.

I think I'm going to make a stir fry tonight. Just have to get steak meat(I like top round or top sirloin) and a bag of oriental veggies (I usually just like broccoli, carrots, onions, and watercress-chestnuts{whatever they are called}). I should have rice at home. I like Niko Niko rice, two cups of water to one cup of rice, 25 min low boil and it's perfect! I like to rinse the rice out a bit until the water comes out clean (gets the starches cleaned off). I don't measure when I cook stir fry, I measure by how it smells. But I use oyster sauce, Chinese 5 spice, lemon pepper, garlic pepper, onion powder, soy sauce, lea & perrins, and a touch of ginger. I always like to shake a little bit of Johhny seasoning salt on everything (almost like how I like ketchup on almost everything!)

I figured I'd post a copy of my business card.
I scanned the front and back of it. :) so here it is :P

Well only thing I'm looking forward to on TV is Dog the bounty hunter and PPA (Philadelphia Parking Authority) which are all new on A&E tonight. Other than that, nothing much planned for this evening. I love just sitting around watching the pups play and trying to make sure that they don't pee where they aren't supposed to!

The store seemed pretty busy today. I hear lots of people coming in and out. Eva even had to come up to get some more change for her till! That's a good thing though, one bad thing, we had to give away all our expired yogurts (it was give them away or throw them away, so we let people have the choice to take them if they wanted.). Hopefully we don't have anymore waste like that. USDA won't let us keep anything on the shelves that's expired, so we make sure to keep up on our stock. (if we do will either sell it for like $1.00 or less or just give it away).

Ok well, the weather has gone to crap a bit this late afternoon early evening. I don't think the plane is going to come back for the second scheduled flight. At lunch hour I gas'ed up the corp bike with the last of the gas in the jerry jug, need to go get 5 more gallons from the city sometime! So now there is about 3/4 tank, was running on empty when I drove home at lunch time! Today was garbag day. I hope they picked up our garbage, I dont know if my hubby got it out early enough. If they dont, we usually stick it in the little wood dumpster thingy they have by the library (which is just down the boardwalk a bit). I'm going to try to find a good map of town and mark important buildings (incase anyone comes over here, they can't get "lost" -LOL) I'll be sure to keep an eye out for something.. I know I have some maps here in the office. but they are huge and posted on the walls.... maybe a pic of it... we'll see.. I'll post it one day ;)

I think the weather is forecasted to be shi**y like usual, but it's been nice lately... weird weather let me tell you! Temps at 3:40PM is hanging at 36F. Looks like it's lightly raining outside, it is completely fogged in now. Not really much wind at all, yet.


  1. That was so cute about Dante having his back legs on the potty pads but peeing on the floor. Hey, he's trying. Jose Ole is a popular brand, perhaps your sis can ask the local grocery store in Anchorage to stock the brand- can't hurt to ask. I am enjoying her blog. I make nachos by putting refried beans on top of tortilla chips, put taco seasoned meat on top(cooked of course), top with pickled halapenos and mexican seasoned cheese and nuke. Pretty darn good and easy. And don't forget the salsa/hot sauce on the side. Yes, I am a world class cook- LOL. Hey, don't forget that sometimes breakfast can be good for dinner- some ham and eggs and tater tots- oh your husband is just going to love me and my ideas....

  2. I love having breakfast for dinner! it's one of the easiest meals I can whip out in 15 mins! Scrambled eggs, hasbrowns, sausage and toast! I like to make that for him before he has to go to work. Easiest hot home cooked meal I can get out fast that he likes!


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