Wednesday, February 25

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well what a windy morning to wake up to. It’s blowing a good 100+ mph outside today. There are a lot of boats trying to hide in our harbor. Woke up to hearing there was a boat beached on the North side of our island. Not a very great place to be in this kind of weather. The Bering Sea can carry tremendous 15-30 foot waves crashing on to the beaches, the ground swell can be huge on both sides of the island! The dogs went out this morning and didn’t want anything to do with being outside. They tried their best to hide behind anything they can find in order to do their business!

The ride to work this morning was kind of hilarious, well I kind of thought it was… So I get on the 4-wheeler and start to ride to work, riding straight into the hurricane force winds. I had a little box I was bringing down, right… well I know I was holding on to it good, but I only got to the library and it popped out of my hands and went flying in the wind down the road. I hurried up hit the brakes, engaged the park break and went running after my box. I almost made it back to my house, ran back to the bike. Just started to get going on the bike and my hat went flying off, so I abruptly stopped again and proceeded to chase my hat down the road, again almost making it the way back to my house! I ran back to the bike, and stuffed all the stuff I had into my coat and made sure it wasn’t going anywhere anymore! Damn it’s blowing like hell out there! I got to work on time, the store was just opening at 10AM.

Fred is almost done painting, he has parts of the ceiling to do and one of the walls (he has to wait until they repair the sheetrock first before doing that wall). That paint perfect was a piece of junk, didn’t work nothing like the commercial. What a waste! We had like 4 people try it out to see if it was just how we were using it, but nope, damn thing don’t hold much paint, and it don’t work good on a pole, the edge part doesn’t even get close to the wall, only the side of the painting thing, which is rounded and doesn’t go close enough! Oh well, doesn’t hurt to try junk, some of it is cool, while others like this paint thing is a piece of junk not worth getting!! LMAO! Figured I’d let everyone know what we thought of it….

This morning seemed to blow by. People talking about all the same info about that boat that beached on the North side of our island. I hope all the guys on that boat got off ok! The weather out there is howling! Temps have been 39F all morning, not bad.

Well, I heard there is a potluck thing at the school, but my hubby is already cooking me cheese sticks and he said he was having Dinty Moore. No need to waste what he’s already cooking at home, at least he was trying to be super nice and cook me lunch today! So I’m eating at home and passing up the potluck (sorry Darryl). I got a call from CB at lunch, I guess a couple big Jayhawk Helicopters landed in Dutch. I hope that boat crew were in one of those!

I had a very windy ride back to work, not as eventfull as this morning’s ride down, LOL. I got a couple checks in from the City, paying on their store and hotel bills. I’m going to get hotel billing done up. We had one guy who didn’t show up for his reservations yesterday, wonder what happened… The City office let us know that the guy they had in the hotel also checked out and left the key locked in the room last night on that last plane. So that’s 3 available rooms for now. I have to eventually make it down to the laundry mat and get all the quarters out of all the machines and get quarters back in the change machine. No rush for that, I just want to get it done. We made a check for the cash we bought from the post office, so that was something to do really quick.

Hopefully this afternoon blows by as fast as the wind outside! Today was garbage day, we made sure to get that out this morning. My hubby said he waited for the garbage guy to go by and he ran out and gave it to him, that way it didn’t just get blown away or all over the place! I was so surprised and happy to come home to the house looking spic and span! My hubby even got on his hands and knees and scrubbed our floor clean (we use Clorox clean up and a scouring sponge so we know it’s getting super clean!) Happy I didn’t have to do it this time (I usually do it). We got some Tupperware I ordered in the mail, and some more stuff for our dogs yesterday in all the mail that came in.

I also got my pink and white Plumeria cuttings from Hawaii ( that I ordered, I had a white Plumeria cutting that I brought home from our trip to Hawaii, but I think I planted it too early and the roots didn’t get established and it ended up rotting so I reordered a couple more cuttings (which isn’t the same as picking it up down there, but it’s good enough). I also have a sprouting coconut tree that I picked up when I went to Hawaii in 2007, it’s been growing good, other than the fact that in the last couple weeks it seems to be wanting to grow mold. I don’t over water it… and I’m worried that the mold is going to kill it… I don’t know what to do and the mold is like inside the coconut…. I think I’m going to try to re-pot it in new dirt…. I don’t want to have to order a new one and start over, this one is going to be 2 years old!

We bought some pineapples and brought them home, planted the crowns (top of the pineapple) and they are growing good still… getting huge… hoping they flower and make little pineapples soon, they say 18-24 months, and its coming up on that much time! I also have some Sago Palms that I’m trying to grow (seeds I ordered online off ebay). I also planted a red delicious apple seed from an apple I was eating one day, that’s like 2 feet tall (I don’t know crap about growing an apple tree). I never got my Bird of Paradise seeds to sprout, and I tried everything written out there! I have a cutting of a Braided Money Tree, but mines not braided because it’s just one plant… lol… but I still have one! They only ship them to the lower 48 and I’ve never had a chance to pick one up and bring it home, other than the cutting I got from a friend in Anchorage (thanks Laura!). Can say I try to have a green thumb, I just like to have plants in my house, makes it feel more comforting I guess (My mom has a lot of plants, so I grew up watering and taking care of them, her living room is like a mini jungle-which I think is awesome!). I hope I am growing my plumeria cuttings right… I think I messed up but I will try to grow them anyways :P I didn’t know that you’re supposed to put it in dirt and just water lightly and let it dry out and water again and dry out and roots will start. I’m used to putting my cuttings in water and waiting for roots… So I cut the bottoms and put them in cups in water… I just got done reading how to plant them and it says DO NOT PUT IN WATER to root… oh well, I know my last one rooted that way, but the dirt I had it in didn’t let it drain and it rotted. So this time I’m putting like sand in my dirt so it can drain better! I hope these root though… if not I’ll just order 2 more cuttings :P Trial and error I guess.. lol…

Our store manager got a small store order ready for me, so I am going to get that into our spreadsheet that I email in to our vendor in Seattle. I need to find more vendors, find better prices for stuff. I know there has to be a better way to get the stuff we need. The ones we have now are ok, just getting tired of dealing with different people all the time (either they quit or got fired or something) at the same company. I don’t like to deal with people who have communication skills between everyone who is dealing with our account sometimes… But it’s just part of the job that I deal with. I should be happy that we get what we do get in I guess…

Well I'm going to finish up the day here at work, get the paperwork done up end of the day and go home. Pretty quiet here in the office this afternoon, guess no one wants to be out in the wind! It's not blowing quiet as hard as it was this morning, but it's still blowing hard enough to pick up water off the bay and spray it everywhere, it take it at least a hundred feet or more up in the air and just blows like a huge wall of salty mist! Nothing really planned for dinner tonight... Think I'll just make some good 'ole halibut chowder to warm me up in this windy day, plus it's quick and easy! My freezer is slowly getting empty from all the fish I put away last year, I can't wait until the weather is warm and nice enough to get out and get the hand line in the water and pull some fresh halibut and cod out of the water! Nothing better than having the fish meat to be quivving a bit as your cooking it, can't get it any fresher than that, unless you're eating it raw (which I would never do)! Most of the fish in my freezer, other than the dry fish, was practically still alive when I stuck it in the freezer! Coming to the term "Fresh-Frozen". I never heard anyone use the term "fresh-frozen" before until we were watching Kitchen Nightmares one day and this one cook was trying to tell Chef Ramsey that his food is cooked, packaged and "fresh-frozen". Then thawed when a customer orders it. Chef said "what the hell is fresh-frozen, it's either fresh or it's frozen!!!" Then I heard Nutrisystem's commercials using the term "fresh-frozen". I agree with chef, yeah sure it was fresh when you froze it, but depending on how long its frozen, it can't be considered fresh!! Any comments???? :D

Ok, I'm leaving it at that... I don't have any plans for tonight, oh and LOL, so my mom just got wind of that old rumor of me and my cousin being prego (which we're not). It was so funny to see her trying to beat around the bush to ask me if I was prego.... LOL... I let her know that NOPE, No baby growing in my yet! I thought I'd comment on that, I told her that was "old news", LMAO!!!

Have a great Wednesday, TTFN!

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  1. see I would have been so mean. I would have played dumb and make her say it outright or hinted that maybe I was. But thats the evil showing. Yeah all the crew members were able to get off the boat.


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