Wednesday, February 18

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday already... garbage day today... woke up the the weather is blowing hard from the South, really warm feeling out there about 46F! A heavy misty fog blowing in the air, no matter what you're going to get wet outside! The dogs ran out and enjoyed the warm weather this morning. Dante is still really wanting to walk with them, but he doesn't understand that they are going "potty" outside.

Got to work at 9:30AM. Entered the charge slips into the charge book, checked the incoming faxes. The store opened at 10AM today, on time! Quiet morning, cashed a couple checks. Had one person use their credit/debit card to put money on their store account. We accept credit/debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo on them both here in the Corp office and down in the store. We also take Quest Cards (food stamp card) down at the store.

Went home and had cereal for lunch. I didn't want to bother with cooking and the hubby couldn't think of anything. So we just had cereal :P. Stir fry for dinner tonight, well I'm just going to make meat and onions over rice.

It's started to rain pretty hard, big rain drops! Nice and warm feeling at 48F outside, most of all the snow on the hills has melted. Feels like a spring day out there! A pretty good amount of people out in the rain today, the store actually sounds pretty busy today. The guys painting the Cattle Co's office must be done, I haven't seen them all day today. I guess they want to re-paint my office white too. So I'm going to have to take everything off the walls and get all our stuff to the center of the office so that they can maneuver around to get the walls painted correctly. Hopefully they want to do that on the weekend...

I still have to get a deposit worked on... the weather sounds likes it's supposed to get nice tomorrow. We'll just have to see about that now... other than the little break forecasted for tomorrow, we have nothing but more crappy weather headed our way. How long has it been since we had a plane anyways? I lost count of how many days ago that was! Over a week now at least!

Well hopefully the day goes by as quiet as it's been. A couple phone calls for hotel reservations. The Dentist is coming out with his wife and maybe an assistant. They wanted to know what all is in the room and if they have to cook for themselves or not. I let them know the cafe is currently open, they sounded happy about that. I think I'm going to vacuum the office since I don't have any of the pups with me (they hate the vacuum!)

Hopefully there is something interesting on TV tonight. Getting tired of watching reruns of Dog the Bounty hunter and PPA (they used to play new episodes on Wednesdays, but lately just re-runs). I'm going to give my little babies a bath tonight, I gave my lab Tug a bath last night after I soaked in the tub! He loves the water! (probably can't wait for summer time to go swimming!)

Wow talk about a difference from this morning, at quarter to 8 the weather calmed down and is switching wind direction now. Its about 39F out now.

Well have a great Wednesday, TTFN

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  1. sorry your mom hasnt made it home yet. Sounds like a normal day at the office. Dante will get the whole outside potty thing pretty quickly. Have a good night!


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