Wednesday, February 11

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sun rise this morning from my office window...

What a beautiful morning to wake up to! The sky was pink and barely any clouds. Then when the sun started to rise up over the hills on the south part of the harbor, we had a little bit of dark clouds bunching up in the sky colored a pink/purple color. It’s 37F out and clear out. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailors delight. So, since the sky was red/pink this morning, I wouldn’t doubt that there is bad weather on its way again. We always have a calm before the storm!

We’ve been getting used to going to sleep early in order to wake up earlier. Makes getting out of bed in the morning so much more easier. Roscoe and Dante love sleeping in the bed with us at night. They are so cute when we wake up, they both will crawl up and lay right next to our faces and try to be as close as they can get until we get out of the bed. Then we’ll take all the pups straight outside to do their thing. Dante is getting interested in what Tug and Roscoe are doing outside, he’s learning what “potty” means, and he hears us tell Roscoe that when he’s outside. So hopefully once it warms up more I’ll put a harness on him and let him start to explore with his brothers!

Garbage day today, so we made sure to put the garbage out before heading down to the office. I brought Dante down to work with me today. Nothing much happening in the office this morning. I got the charge slips entered into the charge book, store opened at 10. I posted our signs saying we're closed for President's Day. I have to get payroll done this Friday, we do it on Friday’s when we’re closed on Monday’s. I also posted a sign for a Temp Stock Helper for the store. Someone to help bring items from the stock storage area, which is upstairs above the store, and bring them down so that our stocker can price them. Our stocker we have would do it, but she has arthritis in her back and it hurts to be carrying all those cases; so, we’re getting someone to help her. At least it’s another job opening available I guess, better than firing someone we’ve had for a long time!!

I heard that there is a cold/flu going around and it’s originating from the Trident plant. I wouldn’t doubt that for a minute, for how many people they have up there in such a small space. Not to mention that they have people from all over the world working up there, so you never know what they are bringing with them when they all come back. I already heard that our Post Master is sick, I figured she’d be first since she deals with plant employees first down at the Post Office, then I figured our store clerk, me, and the girls down at the city office and probably everyone who works at the clinic and maybe people at the cafĂ© (if there are a lot of sick people eating there). Since we all have to deal with money, which can also be a carrier for cold/flu viruses! So I wasn’t too surprised to hear that our PM was sick. I’m just hoping that I’m taking enough precautions to try to stay healthy! I do have a stomach ache a bit though… and a headache…. I can’t get sick - I have to take care of the office!!!

We had grilled cheese and soup for lunch today. I’m slacking like hell with cooking that kielbasa… I want it… but by the time we realized we didn’t cook yet it was already 9PM! So we ended up eating Lucky Charms cereal instead :P I’ll make sure to get my butt into gear and start dinner at 6:30 tonight so it can be done by 7PM!
We had 2 planes this morning, just before lunch like usual! A little bit of mail came in, I’m not sure if they are moving people yet or not. They are flying both planes today, usually it’s just one plane that’s flying.

Still nothing much going on in the office this afternoon. I got some more paperwork entered into the computer, I have a deposit I can get done. We should have another freighter getting ready to leave Seattle this Friday, so we’ll get getting more stuff in next week. I think we’re good on orders for now. Always finding stuff that we need to order… Got a couple phone calls in. Mostly people calling for hotel rates and reservations, then the usual wrong number. I swear I get at least 1 wrong number call a day! I have some hotel billing that I can get done up, maybe vacuum up a bit and clean up the office some more. My hotel house keeper checked in with me and let me know that all the rooms are clean once again, just in case we have anyone who comes in. We don’t have anyone currently staying with us right now (other than Lisa and Duy).

I don’t believe there is going to be anything interesting on tv tonight. New Dog the bounty hunter and PPA (Philadelphia Parking Authority) on A&E is all that I can think of… hopefully there is something good on… if not I’m gonna see if I can find a vhs tape and transfer all our vacation video’s on to one media. I should actually send them in to get them digitalized… who does that Ritz? Hmmm makes me wonder now… I want to get a digital video camera and sell the camera we have now (it’s still practically brand new, we bought it before going to Hawaii in 07, then took it with us to LA) but I’d like to have everything on the computer so I can make DVD’s with this video making program I have on my computer! I don’t know how to get my videos from the camera to the computer…. I don’t know if there is away…. Play it on the tv and have my digital cam set to record and record it that way… LMAO!!! I’ll figure it out…. Having a copy on VHS is fine for me right now :P

Hmmm…. So I hear people must be talking about me… ha ha ha… want to hear the rumor about me? So I guess I’m pregnant… I didn’t know that! New news to me… Just to let everyone know the truth… Nope… not pregnant…. Sorry to burst your bubbles…… Funny when you actually get to hear something that’s being said about you, it’s like no one wants to admit to who said it, but someone said it! And man does word spread faster than a wildfire around here!! I just wanted to make that straight! 
We’ll see what’s being said tomorrow :P ha ha ha… ok well have a great Wednesday!

Below is a pic of town that we have in the Corp office. I have marked buildings of importance. The boardwalk is outlined in pink. The yellow star is the City Office Building. The pink Paw print is where my office, the store, and Post Office are located. Green Paw print is the bar, blue paw print the school, The church is circled, My house is marked! The big building 3 buildings to the left of my house is the library, reccenter, museum, arts n craft building.

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