Tuesday, February 3

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wow.. so what a difference the weather is from going to sleep last night, waking up this morning, and walking down to work. Last night it was crappy, blowing like hell and snowing hard. Woke up to pour down rain. Dante is not even attempting to be going outside to potty yet, but he has been going on the pads every time so far (other than when his back legs are on the pad and he happens to be peeing on the floor, but he thinks he's on the pad.. lol). Then when I walked down to work at 10AM, it was beautiful out, the sun was shining and there wasn't even a breeze. Just all the sudden calm out... I don't know what the weather wants to do.

I brought Dante to work with me. He is so tiny and quiet that no one even knows he's here! He's been sleeping on my coat under my desk, getting up occasionally to drink, eat and potty. He likes to watch what my mom is doing and follow her around. My mom got a deposit done up and I've been working on December and January store billing. I pretty much got billing all entered in, printed out, enveloped up, now they are just waiting to be delivered. I usually stick them down in the store and people will pick their bills up when they come down to shop. For the businesses, we mail their bills.

We had a couple cancellations for the hotel, and then a couple hotel reservations came in for those rooms like right after the other people cancelled. So that worked out pretty good! My mom and I made like 5-6 checks for the Post office, buying their cash so that they can make their deposits and get their paperwork done up!

We ate at the cafe for lunch. I decided to have my usual french dip, and my hubby went for his usual chicken nuggets. All my pups were definitely happy to know that we were having that for lunch, it means they get some left overs to do tricks and beg for. I have to start to teach Dante stuff, right now learning his name and to come. He won't go near my husband for nothing, unless he's holding something tasty in his hands! I don't know what I want to cook up for dinner. Some days I hate having to cook, but then I get tired of eating the same stuff at the cafe. Hmmm... they were having lasagna rolls for the special today... maybe go back down and have that for dinner.

The weather is warm today, 39F! The sun is out, blinding white in the snow. Partly cloudy skies, almost like someone splashed milk over the light blue of the skies. I heard the plane is going to try to fly back to back flights this afternoon. Can you believe that the one flight that brought Dante over yesterday didn't even make it back to Dutch!! It had to fly all the way to Cold Bay! And my mom and aunty were going to fly to Dutch for my cousin Sophie's funeral. If they went they would have ended up in Cold Bay last night! I love hearing and seeing that plane flying around here, too bad it's going to be retired once we get that runway going on Akun island!

I'm going to try to get working on my taxes now. I got my booklet in and all the paperwork that I needed finally came in the mail! Oh I weighted Dante this morning, he is exactly 5 lbs! Roscoe is tipping the scales with 9.5 lbs of muscle! He doesn't seem that big though! But he has some good sized muscles and can hop at least 4+ feet into the air (no forward movement, just straight up). I'm not sure how many planes we had already, it's only 3:30PM and we had 2 since after lunch so far. Not sure if they are moving mail, people, or what.....

We ended up having the lasagna rolls. They came with a salad, and 2 pieces of cheezy bread! It was pretty good! It's lasagna rolled up not laid flat. Kinda like a cinnamon roll.

Pix Posted are:
Looking straight off my porch, just before I walked to work. Beautiful out!

Looking at town from my front door. That's the corp's 4-wheeler I get to use at lunch (company vehicle...lol)

Roscoe and Dante in the "corner" (9 panel doggie play pen located in the living room)

Me holding Dante in my jacket, getting ready to walk to work!

Dante resting under my desk! And another after he woke up... :)

The goose on the ramp, they just took his empty kennel out and put it on the ground. My cousin was just about to come out, she was holding him in her coat for the 20 min plane ride! Thanks Kay!

Dante, Roscoe and Me!


  1. busy day. Cant wait to see pics. K what is a lasagna roll?

  2. I Am Very happy That Dante is enjoying you all so Much. I only had him for a few hours and even though I had a busy night last night I still found myself missing the little guy.
    And Yeah, What is a Lasagna Roll?

  3. like regular lasagna, but instead the pasta laid flat, it's rolled. With all the cheeses and meats and whatever else you put in it all in the center. Like a cinnamonroll, but with lasagna.. lol! It was pretty good! Had a salad and 2 cheezy-bread sticks! for 13.95. We should have only got 1, that was a lot of food!!

  4. lol so cute, i knew what y0u were talking ab0ut but of course my fat ass is a f00die! so lol...i would know :) love ya and im glad hes doing so go0d...really g0tta beef him up now because dante makes roscoe lo0k big! lol

  5. Your pics and story are wonderful April. Dante is adorable and great companion for sure. Im so glad you got him home safe and sound and that he is able to go to work with you. We are supposed to warm up soon but its only 4+ out in Northern Illinois. Crazy weather year for sure.Many hugs and ty for your blogs and pics. CJ

  6. I stole the pic of KQA out your front door! It's now my background on my work computer! Love you!!

  7. can you take a pic of a lasagna roll next time. Id like to try one. Im sure my kids would love it.


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