Tuesday, February 24

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wow, woke up to the most beautiful clear morning, with this slight haze hanging high in the sky. Blue skies with low laying fog on areas of the island, but pretty much clear out. The sun making its way up over the mountains. On my way to work I stopped by the hydro and took a pic of town then turned around and took a pic of the sun rising! (hopefully I can post those and the rest I have). I also took a pic of a couple of the guys tearing the roof off the old store. Doesn't seem like it's taking them that long to take that building down!

It's a nice temp this morning, hanging at 37F. There is frost on the board walks, making for a "fun" walk down. I swear I got 3 cramps in different parts of my body from the walk down. I was sliding and skidding down the boardwalk like a little kid! LOL! The sun looked beautiful coming up this morning in that haze!

Fred is still out painting the hallway to the offices up here above the store. Really making it look nice now! Just has to work on the stairs here soon! I heard that there was a lot of mail that came in on that last plane yesterday. So I'm going to make my way down to the Post office and check my mail. My mom was already down there and back with the corp mail. I guess we got a couple new dolly/hand carts for the store. The ones we had were so old, I don't even know what happened to them. Back when I was a kid there were like 3 of them, the the store had one, but I think it finally broke. So we got 2 new ones so we can move boxes and stuff around.

The store opened at 10AM. I was about 5 mins late, I didn't expect the boardwalks to be so frosty! My mom had already gotten almost everything done in the office this morning. So I guess I'll just hold my chair down, work on a future store order (not sure what they need but I can get the basics ready) and answer the phone when it rings. I got one reservation for the hotel for this coming April. Yes, we book up early! That's why I always tell people to make sure to call in early! The dentist, his wife and assistant should be in today, that take 2 of our rooms for 2 weeks. The AK Marine pilot is in one room, Lisa and Duy have their room. The City had one guy come in yesterday who is going to be here for about a week, and NMF (National Marine Fisheries, I believe) has a guy taking our last room for a couple days. So as of today our lil 6 room hotel is full for the next week or so. I hope no one just shows up and expects to get a room.... And our Salmonberry Inn (the bunkhouse) is being leased out to Trident right now, and the front apartment is being taken by the Cattle Company manager.

The first scheduled flight is supposed to be here around 11:30AM, right on schedule this morning. Not sure what they are bringing this morning. All I know is my deposit that I mailed yesterday is going to make it out today! Not sure if the dentist is on this first flight or not either... hmmm...

Not sure what I want to have for lunch... Grilled cheese sounds good. Ended up not cooking that sweet n sour pork for dinner last night, we had king crab legs instead. I like mine with butter, the hubby likes his plain straight from the leg! Awesome dinner though!! We wanted bbq halibut but we have to order a new grill, ours didn't make it through the winter! We ended up having Stouffers French Bread Pepperoni pizza for lunch, not bad - but not exactly that great... I only really ate a couple bites and all the toppings :P

The plane is flying a lot today, I heard that a couple of the flights are charters. There are a lot of seagulls in the harbor today, especially out in front of town. Beautiful out there still, the sun is shining - offering little heat, but it still feels good! I left my big coat at home and wore just my sweater to work this afternoon :)

We have a couple guys up on the roof doing some repairs to the furnace stack and parts of the roof. I guess there are some leaks in places that they need to fix and today happens to be a perfect day to get up there and do it. Fred is moving along on painting the hallway, should be making his way down towards the stairs hopefully by later this afternoon.

Sounds like the store is staying busy today, I guess people are enjoying the weather and getting out today. I got a flyer from one of the school kids, I guess the school is having a fundraiser for one of their trips they are taking. They are having a turkey dinner with all the trimmings for $12.00 a plate on Friday, says they deliver, LOL!! Sounds like I don't have to worry about dinner on Friday!

Oh so I forgot to say I took my dog nail clippers over to my neighbor's house, she just got a 2yr old Min-pin female and her nails needed to be cut badly! I don't think that dog has ever had her nails clipped, she was so pissy towards me, snapping and growling. She's usually very loving towards me. Even with treats she didn't want nothing to do with getting her nails clipped. I have those quick guillotine kind, one quick motion and it's done and over with. I have styptic powder too just in case I cut the quick and she bleeds. So I got all four main claws on the front feet done, I'm going to go back later tonight and get her dew claws clipped. She nipped me once pretty good in the hand, I iced it and it barely left a mark, but she bit pretty hard. Poor girl... that must have been one of the worst moments she's had yet. She'll eventually get used to it hopefully. I have to go back and get her back feet someday. I'm only doing so many at a time so we don't have to try to hold her and scare her too much, that way she don't think of it as a miserable experience!

Well I guess the tramper is done filling up at Trident and the marine pilot is checking out of the hotel. So that opens back up one room for now. So that's good just in case someone shows up unexpectedly. I guess the Cattle Co is using the 4-wheeler to move their skiff around, I guess Trident is done working on it, so they are going to probably put that back in the water today.

I went down to the store and indulged a bit and got a Reese's peanut butter cups candy bar and a Cream soda. I try not to eat much candy anymore. I realized that as I was getting older and not spending as much time running around outside like I used to that it's harder to watch my weight. I've always been on the slightly heavier side, but after traveling to some warm places the last couple years - which required me wearing a bathing suit - I figured it was time to watch what I eat, which meant cutting out all candy and most pop that I drank throughout the day. I stopped munching on junk food and just try to stick to eating at lunch time and dinner, and I try to get at least 1-2/30 min total workouts (as long as I try to break a sweat) I like to get out with my dogs, I found that the easiest way. I'm a procrastinator when it comes to actually keeping a work out schedule, I feel accomplished if I at least stay at my weight now and/or lose any, but I hate putting weight back on. So far I've been holding steady for the last 6 months, but over the last two and half years I've lost a total of about 35 lbs so far!
It takes a life time commitment to change the way you live, and it hasn't exactly been that easy, but I just think about how it felt to not be able to fit anything that I owned because I was too big for it. Now I feel great that I don't fit anything I own because it's all too big on me now! Now one of my good problems is that I get to go shopping for new clothes!! I fit a lot of stuff now that I probably would have never put on before (either I knew it would be ugly on me, I felt too fat for it, it would never fit or I didn't feel comfortable at all in it). Yeah sure I love my hubby for the fact that he tells me he loves me and it doesn't matter what weight I'm at... I want him to support me in a healthier lifestyle and to help motivate me to keep up on watching cravings and what we eat, but I want tough love from him right now, and I don't know if he knows or even wants to be that way towards me. I will always love him though!
Right now I am at the lightest I have ever been in my whole life since like Junior High (I've been holding steady at 170lbs for the past 6 months, I would like to eventually lose at least 20-30 more pounds, how ever long that takes...) I have a couple weddings to attend this year, so I want to look my best for the pictures! :)

So, my dad brought me a copy of this awesome book. Its called "The Aleutian Islands of Alaska - Living on the edge by Kenneth F Wilson). Ken came here and my dad took him, my hubby, 2 of my cousins and me and we all went out whale watching and then went sea gull egg picking. My pictures is in his book! Pretty awesome book! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know a little about the Aleutians!!! Please go get that book, I am going to find a way to get myself a copy!!! I wanted to let everyone know about it!! (some people in Dutch/Unalaska should know what I'm talking about!!)

Well today seemed to blow by fast again. I think only thing I need to get is pop from the store tonight, I got everything I needed for dinner yesterday, I'll cook that up today. I have to used damn crushed pineapple, there are no circle cut ones in the can down in the store. Oh well as long as I have pineapple, brown sugar and vinegar for my sweet n sour sauce!

Fred is moving along great painting. He is already moving down the stairs. I offered him to try out that Paint Perfect thing I bought off TV. Perfect time to be able to check it out and see what it's all about! They say it can do ceilings good, so we'll see tomorrow! I'll be sure to comment on how things go with that thing! LOL... I only paid like 25 with shipping for it, I think shipping was like 7.00 too!! :P

Another plane came in right at 4:20PM, wonder what's coming in?? Ok well have a great Tuesday! I don't have any plans for tonight, nor do I know what is going to be on TV. Hopefully something good! Much luv, TTFN!!!

AGGRRRR... when am I going to be able to post pix with out it saying I'm not online.. how can I not be online if I'm on messenger???? so dumb.. oh well.. I will post all my pics one day :P


  1. That book is over $40 on Amazon! Wonder if the Grand has it? CB?? I'm too lazy to go over there. Not too lazy, really, swamped with college and trying to work out all the time!

  2. https://www.tvproductscentral.com/pedipaws/index.asp?did=445&refcode=ppaw2&gclid=CND55sqY95gCFSVM5Qod81a7lw

  3. I'm not a big fan of pedipaws... it stinks.. even if I do it outside with a face mask! I'm good with regular cutters, I make sure to use a good bright light source to see the quick and avoid it. The Styptic powder is just in case. I've only had to use it once on my lab when he tore a nail once. :)


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