Tuesday, February 17

Tuesday, February 12, 2009

Woke up to a beautiful morning, red sky again this morning. Damn I hope the weather holds up to let my mom come home! My dogs enjoyed their morning outing, Dante is getting brave enough to put the harness on and go see what they are doing outside. Hopefully he learns that they are peeing outside and he can too!

I'll eventually get around to step by step how to make dry fish. Would be easier when the fish are actually running and I can take pics of the process.

This morning at work was the most stressfull that I have ever had to deal with in my 5 years working here. I am the only one in the office (with my mom being stuck in Dutch) and I have only one person who fills in for the store when our store manager is gone (she's stuck in Dutch too). And my store temp. decided not to call in and let me know that she didn't want to come in to work today. So the store is supposed to open at 10AM and it's 10:20 and I don't have anyone to open the store for me. I can't do it, I have the office to take care of. I can't be doing two things at once. Then on top of that crap, my hotel maid decided to quit. She left the room doors open (but claims she shut them, but they were wide open!) and I guess some cats decided to make our rooms home. My maintenance person ended up finding the cats in the rooms this morning, pee and all... and locked the doors for me. So now I have to post signs for a new maid... And we have people who are supposed to be coming in for those rooms as soon as the plane flys... and now I either have to go up there and clean it myself.. or hopefully someone comes up today and says they will take the job! I can't be doing the office, store and maid! I can't stand irresponsible people.... Wish I had more dependable people..... I can't do it all on my own (well I probably could I just don't want to).

I don't know how to deal with stress... my body gets sick from stress... that's how the DR.s said I got my ulcers. Eating myself from the inside out. I just feel like hiding away and crying for some reason. I get that sick feeling in my tummy, like I want to throw up. I get light headed and dizzy. And I just don't want to do anything. So I called my mom and had her calm me down and reassure me that everything is going to be ok. I don't know how my mom deals with the stress of this job, but she does an awesome job!

So after talking with my mom, and letting her cry and vent back to me about how she wanted so bad to make it home and now it's snowing - white out conditions. The temps are hanging in the high 20's. Damn I was hoping the weather would stay clear so she can make it home :( I got the charge slips entered into the book from over the weekend. I had one person come up and pay on their store bill this morning, another came in but I wasn't done entering the slips, so they said they will be back later. Because the store opened a half our late, my temp showed up at 10:30AM, I had a bunch of people sitting in my office waiting for the store to open.

I have to get a deposit done, but no real rush if the weather is going to go back to crap and not let the plane come in. I printed a couple checks and got the COD's out of the Post Office, building supplies I guess.

Going to have grilled cheese and soup for lunch today. Hopefully my afternoon goes better than this morning....

This afternoon went by quick and smoothly compared to this morning. The plane didn't fly today, but I'm keeping my hopes up so my mom and store manager can make it home. I ordered a bunch of Alaska flower seeds for my Grannie's memory gardens that her 3 living children are going to grow for her. She loved her gardens! Like I said before, she had these grapes that she would make her own wine out of!! Then I helped my younger sis find a place to order flowers from to be sent to the funeral home that her service is located at tomorrow. She really wanted to go down, but can't make it. She's happy that at least she's sending flowers, happy that I could help her with that!

Thinking about going down the cafe for dinner. I'm thinking about an egg flower soup, not sure what the hubby has decided on yet. See if they have a special today or not... temp is about 41F out now, still snow squalls then clears up then more snow squalls.... I hope the weather is nice tomorrow!

Other than that, I'm going to take a long relaxing bubble bath after we eat... shake off the day and get ready for tomorrow.... (thank you for the hug Kim, it was much needed!) TTFN...


  1. Just wanted to say I've had my own business for 16 years. Sometimes it can really suck...sounds like the day you just had. Hang in there. Things always improve...then they suck...then they improve...etc...We had a horrible friday the 13th...but today I laughed until the tears rolled down...I wouldn't give that up for anything

  2. Sweety take a deep breath. Might have to work a little OT but as long as you dont panic things will get done. Sending a really long distance hug. Take things one thing at a time. Hopefully things improve soon.

  3. Yep there can be a lot to do when holding down the fort, so to spesk. So this thought came to mind while reading, how/when do you find time to blog when there is so much to do???

  4. I make time to blog... it's my new hobby and way to vent, so you can say.
    I love being able to share my feelings, thoughts and what I'm doing... and I found it best to be able to take little 5 min breaks and I will write in my blog, then go about what I was doing... then later add more, then go back to what I was doing again.. then end of the day I usually post my blog.. but sometime instead of just saving it as a draft I'll publish it..

    But I make sure to make time to write down what I'm doing, I found that blogging makes me feel better... :) I love being able to share stuff and know that I'm not the only one dealing with the crap that life throw at us...


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