Thursday, February 5

Thrusday, February 5, 2009

Woke up and walked the two older pups, Dante still doesn't want to go outside. Maybe when it warms up later this year! The wind is blowing a good 15mph from the SW, gusting up to 25 at least.. The sun came up at about 10:05AM, I was a little late walking down to work. I didn't hear my dad knocking at my door trying to let me know he was taking the bike this morning so he can get a dive done. I didn't notice the bike gone until I walked out of the house. So I asked my mom and she told me that my dad took it. So I walked down to work today :) Brought Dante, I can't see leaving him alone at all right now. Very crucial to bond for this first week, at least I feel it is!

I'm not sure that the plane will fly today. Seems like it might be a little too breezy, but you never know. It's not that bad. It's about 36F out this morning. The board walks are dry, with little patches of frost and ice, but pretty easy to walk on today. I got my invoices in for the freighter we have coming in this weekend. So, I'm going to work on getting that priced up and get copies down to the store. That way they know what's coming in and how much space they will need for everything.

I guess our order of key blanks got sent up to Trident, and they just brought the box down to us today. They said they had it since some time last month. We've been needing those, we ran out of a type of key (kwikset I believe). So now we are stocked back up on key blanks. I go down and use the key cutting/cloning machine. Pretty easy to use, just make sure to wear safety glasses so you don't get pieces of flying metal in your eyes! Key's cost 1.00, that for the key blank and getting it cut.

We have a couple people who are supposed to be coming in today for the hotel. That fills our all our 5 rooms! (LOL) Well we have 6 rooms, but one is leased out to Lisa and Duy, they run the cafe. So that leaves us 5 to rent out. We have 2 - 1 br apartment with a living room area, kitchen, 2 beds, microwave, coffee maker, tv, table bathroom, phone, sm fridge, beautiful bay view and little hallway w/closet that go for $130 a night. Then we have 4 efficiency rooms, that have a full kitchen, bathroom, 2 beds, microwave, coffee maker, tv, phone, sm fridge, table and those go for $100 a night. Rates are for single occupancy, a charge of $10 per extra person will apply. West side rooms will feature views of the town including the clinic, cafe, and "police" station in the far back you can see my office building and the store. East side views are of the new city building, the building we call the duplex, my uncle's house {which he used to rent to the city as the Daycare back in the day, I used to work there for a bit when I was 18 (they closed not to long after that, no little kids to watch no more)}, and if you look straight out views of the bay on both sides.

We also have what we call the Salmonberry Inn, or as everyone knows it the bunkhouse. There are 6 rooms with 4 beds in each room. There is a shower stall and toilet in each room. 4 separate closets in each room. There is a shared phone and fridge in the hallway. Rates are $60 a night (single rate) with $10 fee per extra person. We also have a larger apartment in the front: which has a full kitchen, full living room, a good sized outside hallway. Up stairs there is one room on the left with one bed and closet space. On the right there is a room with 3 more beds and closets. Down stairs has a good sized master bedroom with "walk-in" closet. One bathroom, washer and dryer. I'm not sure exactly on the daily rate, we usually rent it out monthly for 1600.00 a month.

In all our rooms the kitchens are fully equipped with pots, pans, plate, cups and utensils. That way if the cafe isn't open you can still cook for yourself ;)

I guess I was wrong about the weather not being flyable. The plane came in just before lunch hour. The City shut the power off for about 50 mins at 1:30PM. They found the break in the power line and are repairing it now, but they have to obviously shut the power off! I guess ANTHC has some people coming in to check out the water treatment building and AHA has some people coming to do a town meeting. Waiting for the second scheduled flight to come in for those people.

It's pretty nice out, my hubby is done working with the city for now since they found the break and the only thing left to do is cover the trench they dug up. Not like you need 4 people to do that. So he's signed up to help tear down the old store building that the Corp owns. The building is about to fall in on its self anyways, it's so old! One of the oldest building left standing in town! But we have a crew of guys who are supposed to get going on that sometime here soon. So in the mean time, he is out cooking steam bath today! Nice day for it. Something to look forward too after work! Only other things I have planned is to watch Gangland on History Ch and Hells Kitchen on Fox! and maybe clean up a bit... I'm a slacker on cleaning. I'm happy the hubby picks up that slack for me! I take care of the animals at least!! :D

Some of the elders are finally getting their checks (social security and what not) in for this month. So I've been busy cashing their checks and writing receipts for the money they put on their store accounts. I should go check the mail, see if I got anything in ;)

We had Marie Calendar Turkey Pot Pies for lunch today. I think we're gonna finish up the other hot dogs we didn't cook up and have chili dogs again. It's either that or see what the cafe has cooking up tonight......

All in all not too bad a day today. At least I felt busy all day, feels good to be busy instead of just holding my chair down waiting for something to come in! :)

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