Thursday, February 26

Thrusday, February 26, 2009

I think we woke up in the eye of the storm. Yesterday it was blowing at least 100+ and today a dead calm. Clear and sunny out, a chilly feeling 30F. The dogs ran out and enjoyed the beautiful weather this morning, all the boats (there were at least 20 or more that we counted) are gone today. I heard that it’s supposed to pick back up by tonight and be blowing at least 40MPH tomorrow. Been pretty dry storms, we got a little hail around 5, then had small snow squalls come and go, but none of the snow stayed on the ground long before melting.

Got down to work, entered the charge slips into the books. Bought the Post Office’s cash and made them a check. I had 2 people come up and cash checks, one of them putting money on their store account. The plane is actually here early, I hope they are bringing the Dentist’s equipment with them and any other mail that might be over there (not like I’m waiting for anything :P), It’s only 11:20AM and the plane is already pulled up on the plane ramp! Great day for flying today anyways!

I worked out last night (a 50 min yoga session) before cooking dinner, trying to get myself back into a routine again... After vacationing I kind of slacked off, but slowly trying to get back on the ball again. Well, I am going to have leftovers for lunch today! I made a pretty good size pot of halibut chowder last night! So at least I don’t have to worry about cooking or nothing at lunch, just reheat and eat! Hmm... Warmed up 4 degrees since I went to work this morning, just before going home for lunch it was 34F outside, clear with no wind, sunny, blue skies with tiny patches of clouds in like 2-3 spots. Actually a lot of people out walking around on the boardwalks today!

Well nothing much is going on in the office this afternoon. A couple more people came up and cashed their checks. I heard there was just mail and people on the first plane, I guess the Dentist air freighted their stuff down, so once people and mail are done, freight comes over. Wonder if their stuff will come in this afternoon or not? I got a box in the mail from my younger sis, she sent me all of Dante’s stuff that she still had with her from the lady I got him from; lots of cute clothes, a bag full of toys and some other doggy essentials! Was excited to get something in the mail! I looked over one of the Chihuahua books that the lady had; I already own one of them.

The second flight came in at about 4:05PM I heard it fly over, then 2 mins later it was pulling up on the plane ramp (I can hear it from my office). Fred finished the first coat of paint, now the walls are a beautiful bright white! I have a couple charge slips I have to look for and make copies and resend the bill. I guess I missed a couple of the slips when I did billing, the City won’t pay for their store bill if they don’t have the corresponding charge slip that goes with the total due. (I think I worded that right).

Oh Oh Oh… I forgot to tell everyone… Dante knows “Speak”!! He will bark on command now!! Didn’t take him long, every time he barked I’d get all excited and tell him “Speak!” and tell him he’s such a good boy. He eventually put two and two together!! YAY!! I’m so proud of him! He’s slowly getting “sit” down too! He comes to both “Dante” and “mouse” lol!! He’s pretty must adjusted to living with us, and I couldn’t be any happier with my little pups. Dante is super good at going on his potty pads, he doesn’t exactly understand that he’s supposed to potty outside, he just wants to play (even if he see/smells his bros peeing outside!) . I don’t mind him going on pads, as long as he’s going where I want him too!

Well I got some Hebrew National Kosher hot dogs for dinner tonight. I didn’t find anything else appetizing down at the store today that I wanted to cook up tonight. We have new episodes of Gangland on History Channel and Hell’s Kitchen on Fox tonight! Beautiful out so I might take my lab out for a swim, I know he’s been patiently waiting to get back in the water, even if it’s only for a couple throws then go warm back up at home on the couch (my dog of course, not me!)! LOL… it’s about 37F out at 4:30PM. This last hour of the day usually goes by pretty fast for me; I’ll be doing paperwork and on way home here soon!

Have a great Thursday night everyone!! TTFN


  1. We had a storm come through here today too. Very wierd, first it was rain, turned to sleet with thunder and lighntning! Now it's just icy out. That cool about Dante, he sounds very smart.

  2. try putting a potty pad outside....if he does use that for a few days till he gets the idea of peeing outdoors. then he should just do it like his brothers.


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